Mod/Hack for increasing turn speed

Discussion in 'Clockwork Empires General' started by chawpped, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. chawpped

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    You know the button that doubles the game's turn speed? Is there a place where I can mod that button to make the game go three or four times speed? While beta testing, this would allow me to start new towns more easily with each new release.
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  2. chawpped

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    Hmm, found the button in the ui menu xml: ...\Clockwork Empires\ui\gameplayMainUI.xml

    Doesn't seem related to the actual function of the button though. Might just be the ui settings.
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  3. chawpped

    chawpped Member

    No luck yet. And I am out of bread crumbs to follow.
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  4. laendri

    laendri Member

    Only thing I have found so far is inside scripts/gameinit.lua
    VALUE_STORE[ "FastSimMode" ] = false <- set to true

    There is another line there that looks promising:
    VALUE_STORE[ "2xSimMode" ] = not VALUE_STORE[ "2xSimMode" ]
    but I have set it to 8x and didn't notice a difference.
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  5. Samut

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    My guess is the 2x speed is set within clockworkempires.exe, and the UI button just calls it. In other words, changing the VALUE_STORE value to 8xSimMode won't do anything,because that value doesn't actually exist in the code. Just a guess, though.
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  6. dbaumgart

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    This is essentially correct. And anyway the game speed is rapidly capped by what has to be processed, so there's no magic way to make it go faster by any extreme multiplier unless one removed all the game objects and had like 3 colonists doing nothing on a flat map.
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