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    Each of these minimods adds a new boss:

    Dredmor's Body Double is mostly identical to the relatively weak version of Dredmor from the standard 10 level (non-Diggle Gods) version of the game with only minor changes to make him slightly weaker

    Minimor is a pint-sized clone of Dredmor who appears on levels 14 and/or 15

    IMPORTANT: for some reason, I don't know why, minimor seems to cause stability issues unless his files are unzipped.

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    For some reason minimor seems to cause stability issues if his mod file is left zipped but not if it is unzipped. Can any of you figure out why that is. I think it may have to do with him having a lot of new sprites, but I'm not sure.
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    Still need help with that zipped files problem.

    (I was just reminded of it after installing Dredmor on my newest computer and forgetting to unzip this mod; level 15 was crashing practically every time I opened a door and this is one of the few mods I had installed that had things in that level I hadn't already seen spawn correctly)
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    Ok, now it's not working at all