Mines: Those Strata 4/5 Products

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    So, you can get some new stuff in strata 4 & 5, the ???s, remember? They don't depend on the beacon (the main ore, which you get at strata 3 and onwards).

    So what determines what you get? Some random rolls (ie: you can reroll mines repeatedly)
                   if chance == 60 then
                   --You get an SSR product!
                        orePick = state.SSRQualityProductTable[ rand(1,#state.SSRQualityProductTable) ]
                   elseif chance > 29 then
                   --You get an HQ product!
                        orePick = state.highQualityProductTable[ rand(1,#state.highQualityProductTable) ]
                   --You get a LQ product.
                        orePick = state.lowQualityProductTable[ rand(1,#state.lowQualityProductTable) ]
           --This is POTENTIAL special products
              state.lowQualityProductTable = {"sulphur","coal","chalk"}
              state.highQualityProductTable = {"hematite","malachite","sphalerite","native_gold"}
           -- this is for super rare neat/silly veins. They should pop a special notification.
              state.SSRQualityProductTable ={"logs","steel_ingots","obeliskian_block"} --Note to self: add something that lets these enable events somehow so they can be dangerous
    My Hematite mine was fortunate and popped Malachite for its Strata 4. Handy, as I went on to make Leyden Rifles which uses iron pipes and copper plates.

    As you can see, getting chalk is rather "easy" (16% of the time)

    You could also reroll until you get steel ingots (wow!) or stuff like logs... uh... yeah... but at 0.55% of the time, it'll be annoying. I could use a nearby gold beacon and then reroll so that that mine gets gold+chalk, for example...

    Note: "Discovering" your 2nd and 3rd product type takes a while, if it isn't found yet, each successful act of Mining in Mineshaft has a 5% (2nd) or 1% (3rd) chance to discover the new type.

    This is only based on depth, so you could load up all the modules (need Dewaterer, Ventiltion, Steam Distributor), use the Dig Deeper and go all the way to the bottom. However, if you don't have Chalk or Steel access, then you will not be able to dig below 500 feet, so no second roll.

    Stata 5 allows you to occasionally dig up one of the following:
    state.rareItems = {"bushel_of_bones","bushel_of_scrap_iron","leaf_fossil","serpent_bell","obeliskian_block","boxed_rare_painting","steel_ingots"}
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    Problem is that because of table.insert(state.specialProducts,orePick) you won't find a second special product on stratum #4 until you unlock and dig into stratum #5 since if #state.specialProducts == 0 and state.mineDepth > 200 and rand(1,20) == 1 then won't become true anymore
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    Yes, you need to be able to access Strata 5 to unlock the second one. But you can be digging in 4, as long as the mine is deep enough.

    Dewaterer + Ventilation => Progress below 200 (first roll)
    Steam Distributor => Progress below 500 (second roll)
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    Very questionable design in my opinion because once you reached level 5 and found the third product you can switch back to level 4 and get the third one anyway...
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    Well, stata #5 is slower per mining action. S4/5 both consistently give you: Coal, Beacon Item, RNG item #1, RNG item #2

    But #5 seems to have a chance of special random stuff appearing...
  6. I found an artifact or some fossils. Things that I still don't know how to use... (or if there is a use as of yet)
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    Yeah, you can sometimes pick up a :
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    I've picked up a ton of leaf fossils and serpent bells. I'm assuming we'll be able to research them at some point.
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    Edit: Deleted for containing nonsense...
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  10. Based on the description of the fifth level I was expecting artifacts and events as the major output of those mining operations :D ( K'n-yan? N'kai? are you there? )
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    In the future perhaps...

    We actually do have the beetle event (spawns a bunch of small beetles). So more can probably be added in that vein.
  12. jotwebe

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    Deep fishpeople - palette swapped to white-ish and without eyes!

    Fun fact: my auto-correct suggested "sales people" to fishpeople.
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    You probably can copy the beetles event and change it to spawn fishpeople raiders... haha
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    This game has needed mole people for a long time now.
  15. Cornuthaum

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    It'd be nice to not just, you know, get attacked by feral molepeople, but to sell them wonderful surface world goodies like eternally-glowing star spores, candles and kegs of gunpowder.

    (And besides, we don't have an Austrian faction in the game! What proud 19th century, victorian-esque game can have a political worldmap without Austria! The Kaiserliche & K├Ânigliche Maulwurfmonarchie calls to you.)