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    This is a special request from Daynab and his peeps on the SomethingAwful forums. It doesn't fix the borken levels of Warlockery (the GLGods will have to do that), but it DOES allow you to remove the Essence of Battle buff manually -- but it still nukes all of your mana when you do so. Basically giving you a hair more control, which I approve of.

    To use this, you must REPLACE the spellDB.xml file in your Dungeons of Dredmor/Expansion 2/Game folder with the file below. Don't forget to rename your original so that, just in case you ever want it back, it's there for you. :)

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  2. Essence

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    Good news:

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    There's another fairly serious problem with Warlockery. Arcane Capacitor does not always properly wear off after hits and can end up killing you as the result of an unexpected bug-induced overload. I've fixed my version. I haven't modded DoD or touched xml until today, but this bug made me look through the code and figure it out.

    The "No Charge DOT" spell applied on line 1792 in "<targetHitEffectBuff percentage="100" name="No Charge DOT"/>" is somehow not always getting applied. I do not have a deep enough understanding of how the game handles stuff to figure out why it is unreliable, but I've added a second on-hit effect as a failsafe by adding the line " <targetHitEffectBuff percentage="100" name="No Arcane Charge For You!" /> " after line 1792 to more directly/reliably remove the Arcane Capacitor buff. "No Arcane Charge For You!" is the spell the previous DOT is supposed to apply every turn.

    It has fixed the spell for me and is probably something anyone who wants to play with Warlockery at the moment should look into.
  4. Essence

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    Yeah. That first call pf the DoT should say

    <effect type="dot" spell="No Arcane Charge For You!" RESISTABLE="0">

    It's not working because the player is 'shaking if off' with a Magic Resist roll. :(