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    I'm working on a mod that adds skill trees related to the Metal Gear Solid series of games, along with items, monsters, easter eggs, insults, ticker events and iconic MGS rooms with classic scripted boss fights and sequences. There will also be a huge, hidden puzzle for you all to solve. As of now, this is what I have:

    Holding Cells - Level 1 - Screenshot (old)
    The room from MGS1 where you first meet meryl and the DARPA chief. Initially, Meryl is in one of the cells. You may climb into the other cell through the vents via a ladder just down the hall, which opens both cells and spawns a nude Johnny, unconscious at the edge of the room - animated and censored.

    EF Connecting Bridge - Level 2 - Screenshot
    The bridge from MGS2 that connects struts E and F to the Shell 1 Core. Specifically mined with Claymore Mines and lightly scripted so that Deepthroat warns you of them (via text) as you approach.

    Filter Chamber 2 Shell 2 core, 1F, Air Purification Room - Level 3 - Screenshot (old)
    The room where you first fight and defeat Vamp in MGS2. There is a platform a little south of the water in the middle that summons Vamp when you step on it. Vamp rises in the middle of the water, bows to you, then starts the fight. Periodically he will (forcibly) hop up onto the left and right catwalks to throw knives at you, then hop back down. When you kill him, he falls into the water and drowns. If you summon him, you will be locked in the room alone with him until he is defeated.

    Microwave Hall Endgame of MGS4 - Level 3 - No Screenshot
    The long, vertical hallway in the final act of MGS4, with several sections and microwave emitters all the way along either wall. Lightly scripted so that as you enter the first section on either end, message appears in the ticker indicating the sudden sensation of intense heat.


    Metal Gear Hunter Rogue - You have a bandana, a mullet, and years of experience wandering around aimlessly in hostile territory.
    "You are a master of combat and stealth. It's almost like you've done this sort of thing before."
    Starts with an Infinity Bandana

    Level 0: Cigs
    [​IMG] You hid these in your stomach before you entered the dungeon. Why?
    When used, will cloud your vision radius and drain your health a little, while allowing you to see and disarm traps much more effectively.

    Level 1: Dog Tags
    [​IMG] You collect the dog tags from slain enemies. Why? Because it's your hobby. Not good enough? Fine, they give you experience too.
    Automatically loot dog tags when you kill an enemy for 1, 2, 5 or 10 experience. You can also collect and craft dog tags.
    - You can combine 2 dog tags into a wearable pair of engraved Personal Dog Tags
    - You can melt 4 dog tags down into an ingot, and vice versa: you can create 3 or 4 from an ingot
    - There will be special dog tags, dropped by bosses or crafted using a special recipe

    Level 2: Dive roll
    [​IMG] Your whole body would probably make more of an impact than just your fists.
    When used, you will roll 2 spaces forward, knocking any enemies in your path out of the way and stunning them for a few turns.

    Level 3: Soliton Waydar System
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Activate or deactivate the Soliton Waydar System.
    Made in China.
    Toggles a permanent, non-removable buff that has 3 phases. For the first 5 turns it is in the 'Scanning' phase, while it boots up, boosting sneakiness by 1. Once it has finished scanning, it moves to the 'Clear' phase, where your sight and trap-sight radius are increased by 4, keeping the +1 sneakiness bonus. If you are hit it swaps over to 'Alert' phase for 10 turns, which reduces your sneakiness by 10, as well as your sight and trap-sight radius by 2. You can only turn the Waydar off during 'Clear' phase, and it has a 50-turn cooldown.

    Level 4: Tranq
    [​IMG] Fire your trusty M92F pistol that jams after each shot. It's a sleeper hold in a bullet!
    Has a chance to put the target to sleep immediately on hit, else makes them drowsy and delays the sleep effect by a few turns. Drowsy targets are easier to combat, and will be put to sleep immediately if Tranq'd again.

    Level 5: Emergency Rations subject to possible name change 'Snake Eater'
    [​IMG] In times where food is heavily guarded, you need to broaden your menu.
    Eat any of your items, and gain a random buff or debuff based on how tasty you found it.
    Aside from other results: Tasty Food and Gross Food, if you already have an Upset Stomach debuff when you use this skill, you might cure yourself of half the debuff by puking on yourself and nearby enemies.

    Level 6: Choke Hold
    [​IMG] Grab an enemy in a choke hold and use them as a human shield, at least, one that's made of monsters.
    A CQC move that puts you behind your target and locks you both in place for a few turns. While this effect is active, they take asphyxiative damage scaled to your Melee Power, and both you and your target will find it much harder to dodge. You, however, gain a huge bonus to your block chance while holding them.

    Level 7: OctoCamo Soon to be replaced by a Cardboard Box Polymorph
    [​IMG] Activate your OctoCamo to hide yourself from enemy view.
    Hug the wall? You ARE the wall! (Hug yourself?)
    Makes you invisible for 5 turns, but reduces mana regeneration by 2 for the duration.
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    White Blooded Scout Warrior - Who doesn't like ninjas? You have sharp wit and a sharp set of skills to compliment any sharp blade.
    "You're a ninja with metal stuck all over your face, what could look cooler?"
    Starts with a Stun Blade

    Level 0: White Blood
    [​IMG] It's not really white, maybe it's called that because it makes you so pale? Or, maybe something to do with your white blood cells? In any case you heal faster.
    Permanent stat bonus of +5 HP and +1 HP Regen.

    Level 1: High Frequency Steel
    [​IMG][​IMG] Upon contact, your sword will resonate at a very high frequency, which makes it hotter, and also attracts dogs.
    Every time you hit or block with your sword, it has a chance to become hot, or white-hot if it's already hot.

    Level 2: Ninja Combat
    [​IMG] You have a chance to pull off some extra attacks in combat.
    Stun Punch - When you strike you have a 10% chance to paralyze the attacker for 1 turn.
    Ninja Reflect - When you dodge an attack you have a 20% chance to knock them back.

    Level 3: 'GRAYFOCKS' Cloaking System
    [​IMG][​IMG] Activate your armour's invisibilty module.
    Makes you temporarily invisible for 5 mana until you cancel the buff, which drains 1 mana per turn.
    Additionally, when you are hit, there is a 10% chance your armour will malfunction, sending electrical energy (in the form of +3 voltaic damage) through your body and triggering invisibilty for 1 turn.

    Level 4: Focus Slice
    [​IMG][​IMG] Concentrate a single slice on an enemy in an attempt to detach a limb.
    A single sword swing that aims to amputate one of the target's arms, giving them the debuff 'Disarmed'. If the target falls victim to a second Focus Slice, they will become completely 'Armless' (replaces the 'Disarmed' debuff).
    If you cast Focus Slice while your blade is white-hot, you will slice the enemy in half, giving the mighty Separation debuff.

    Gun of the Petriots Wizard - Why carry a heavy crossbow around when you can pretend your finger is a better one?
    "Who are the petriots? Better question: Who cares? Not you, because you already have their powers!"
    Starts with an Imaginary Crossbow and some Imaginary Bolts

    Level 0: Bang!
    [​IMG] Shoot a bad guy with your finger!
    You yell "BANG" really loud and point your finger at the target like a gun. The target will will notice this, and it will most likely scare or confuse them.

    Level 1: Manipulation
    [​IMG] Wake up, Neo. The Dungeon has you. Wait, no... YOU has the DUNGEON!
    This time you actually HAVE access to the Petriots' system. You can screw with things from a distance:
    - Objects like doors and levers will be used
    - Animals will have their weapon's safety locked on for 4 turns - some damage types will be reduced by 3
    - Constructs will go haywire and shut down for 4 turns due to a System Overload
    - If used on a Construct already suffering from a System Overload it will be temporarily rebooted under your command for 4 turns
    - No effect on Vegetables, Demons, Undead or others

    Level 2: Close Quarters Combat
    [​IMG] Enough of your judo!
    Deals 5 crushing damage and paralyzes for one turn, with a chance to knock the enemy to a nearby random tile. If the enemy has their weapon's safety on, you will snatch it from them in the process, temporarily buffing your damage.

    Planned: Nanoclockwork Suppressor
    [​IMG] The war is over, but we still have a score to settle.
    Injects a corpse with a nanomachine suppressor in an attempt to revive them - so you can kill them again!
    This seems impossible when I think of it, but i'll work something out. Will also debuff living monsters.
    Refer to the ending of MGS4, Liquid revives Snake with a nanomachine suppressor injection, for the sole purpose of a final battle with him. (God I love that fight)
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    What about a secondary cast of Soliton Waydar System which deletes the radar, but making it not removable so the non-action thing is deleted, and if you don't want to alert the "guards" you have to escape or lose some seconds to deactivate it.
    Also uhm, +2 regen on the first level?
    Aside from that: cool!
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  4. Alternate idea for the Waydar: It's not removable or activated by the player. Instead, it alerts the enemies and gives you the debuff for a while when hit, then after the debuff has timed out the Waydar automatically re-activates (you going stealthy again) after X number of turns that you haven't been hit by an enemy.

    Collect Tags sounds tedious. I'd suggest a toggled ability that automatically targets corpses to destroy them and spawn the tags. The player's autoloot settings could snag them afterwards if so desired.

    Choke Hold sounds awesome. That is all.

    Ninja Combat sounds OP, especially for a level 1 skill.
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    That's exactly what it's trying to do at the moment. Casting the alert phase spell (even manually) doesn't do anything due to some unknown bug so that's next on my to-do list.

    Is that under or overpowered? I'm guessing over... I don't get much time to test the balance of these skills

    That's exactly how it is now, besides being un-removable, and I don't want to force the player to keep a permanent downside if they really don't like it.

    It IS pretty tedious, this is actually a much better idea, thanks! :)


    At this point I'm just adding skills as I think of them, hopefully there will be a couple of skills between White Blood and Ninja Combat. I haven't actually seen the Ninja Counter move actually take place in my playtests, and if I can't get it to work I'll have to remove it, but if I fix it do you think I should reduce the paralyze chance?:eek:

    Thanks a bunch for your comments guys.:D
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    Update v0.3
    • Bought and actually completed MGS3 - now I can actually add Big-Boss related abilities and rooms
    • Fixed a problem with the Cigs ability being permanently locked after the first time you use it - no idea why
    • Updated the Dog Tags skill to be automatic rather than manually used on corpses
    • Completely rewrote Soliton Waydar - It is now now a ability instead of a removable buff
    • Added a new phase (Scanning) with artwork to the Soliton Waydar
    • Fixed Tranq always putting targets to sleep
    • Made OctoCamo actually use invisibility instead of a huge boost to Sneakiness
    • Modified Ninja Combat to be less overpowered and moved it further into the skill tree.
    • Added the ability Emergency Rations and it's varied results.
    • Added the ability High Frequency Steel
    • Added the ability 'GRAYFOCKS' Cloaking System
    • Added the ability Focus Slice
    • Added the item Stun Blade and made the White Blooded Ninja start with it
    • Added artwork for the Stun Blade and the Imaginary Crossbow
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    So, it is possible to debuff a target and then debuff it with another debuff that removes the first debuff (lots of debuffing involved here)?
    Also, yes, I think +2:life_regen: for lvl0 is a little too much, but aside that the skills look amazing.
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    It is entirely possible, it just involves a little more work than you'd think at first. And testing, a lot of testing, and failing.

    The public have spoken! I'll try dumbing it down to +1:life_regen: and see if it's worth adding another +1:life_regen: to a later skill.
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    Oh god I love you, and I'll totally steal this from you learn from my failing and such right now-
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    Dog Tags is pretty OP for a rogue skill..
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    Update v0.4
    • Request: White Blood now has only +1 HP Regeneration instead of +2
    • Made High Frequency Steel occur more frequently
    • Fixed the Soliton Waydar giving both Clear and Alert phase buffs if struck while scanning
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the Dog Tag item from spawning
    • Added CQC - A melee skill for the Gun of the Petriots tree that slams your target to the ground
    • Added the Microwave Hall from near the end of MGS4
    • Added a SECRET BOSS
    • Added a SECRET ITEM
    • Added a SECRET ROOM to one of the existing rooms
    • Added a few RIDDLES and PUZZLES related to the SECRET ITEM
    • Renamed the mod from Metal Gear Hunter to Dungeon Gear Solid
    I cannot update the main thread with this info because I hit the maximum character limit for my post. What do?
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    Half of the rogue skills give a way to improve exp, I don't see that bad. It's also thematically perfect for such a low skill level.
    Hell yeah! Ask to Daynab to change topic title when you, and him, have free time. ^^
    Essence could delete his first post, and you could use your second for more skill detail (not that the actual needs it, but I see a lvl0 only ability and I expect more for this mod) and for the changelog, if you want it near the download.
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    If he wants to that's fine, but for now I think i'm just going to continue using the changelog until I have a downloadable version closer to release then make a new thread under the new name.

    Peoples, should I try and make a skill that temporarily transforms you (like the diggle thing) into a walking box? The Metal Gear Hunter skill tree is already full up so it'd have to replace another ability.
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    Yeah, yeah, now please just continue doing a magnific job steal my job. :life_steal:
    Anyway, I think that this box thingy can replace Emergency Rations, since there are already some of this kind of ability in different skill trees, but there aren't sneaky-oriented polymorphs.
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    I was going to replace OctoCamo, since it's somewhat overpowered (no mana cost for invisibility?) and at the same time potentially useless, especially with the better invisibility skill in the White Blooded Ninja skill tree.
    Actually, no, my main reason for replacing OctoCamo is because I recycled it's artwork twice already and it looks lazy as it is.

    Let's see, what have I done since last post, uhhh...

    Update v0.45
    • (un)balanced the new boss - not making this one easy to defeat
    • Made some new artwork
    • Made a preview for the steam workshop - VIEW
    • CQC no longer affects the caster when throwing
    • Improved the usefulness of Emergency Rations
      • Chance for a random buff is now 75%
      • Tasty result has a 50% chance to reset a random spell cooldown
      • Gross result has a 50% chance to stun you for 1 turn
      • If you eat something while you have an Upset Stomach, the buff is removed and you vomit on those around you, decreasing Dodge Chance by 4 and dealing Acidic & Toxic damage, scaled slightly by your health.
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    Update v0.55
    • Made a fool of myself wasting my time with an item bug
    • Added different types of Dog Tags
    • Added Dog Tag related crafting recipes
      • You can craft 3 or 4Dog Tags from 1 ingot
      • You can melt 4 Dog Tags down into 1 ingot
      • You can transmute a basic Dog Tag into a Gold Dog Tag with a Solution of Gold
      • You can tinker 2 Dog Tags together into a wearable pair of Personal Dog Tags
        • Bug: Automatically gives the wearable dog tags artifact stat boosts - how do I prevent this?
    • Created a text database adding names, adjectives, nouns and that kind of stuff.
    • Added 24 Enemy Insults- mainly quotes from the series, including:
      • I don't approve of your methods!
      • Enemy sighted, requesting backup!
      • Whaddaya say to one last showdown?
      • Dungeon Gear only has room for one!
      • 12 shots... this time, I've got 12 shots.
      • Now I'll show you why they call me "Revolver".
      • My name, is Adamska. And you?
      • Hm. Just a box...
    • Added 36 Random Narrations- these funny messages rarely pop up in the event ticker at the top left
      • It's the harrier!
      • I need scissors! 61!
      • I just can't leave this thing up to you any longer. I'll do the fighting! You can just go home!
      • I was a North American Fall Webworm in my past life. Those were the good old days...
      • Don't even think about using auto-fire, or I'll know...
      • That's Dungeon Gear! It's already active!
      • Hold it! Time to change the disc.
      • Whose footprints are these...?
      • What? Where is your data? Where is it saved? There's no memory card...
    • Added about 20 Random Name variants
    • Created artwork for the Infinity Bandana and the Dog Tags

    Update v0.56
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    Why not also "!"?
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    I asked myself the same question.
    There's already a red ! appear above their heads whenever they see you, so it would be a small waste, sadly...
    I may add the classic '!' sound when the radar goes into alert mode, that's a long while down the to-do list though.

    Thinking about it a second time gives me an idea for an ability I really, really, really shouldn't be tempted to add...
    Did you know in some of the MGS titles if you shoot the '!' or '?' above an enemy's head it pops and makes them brain-dead (or something like that) for about a minute while bubbles float from their head?
    Anyone who reads this sentence is now duty-bound by dungeon law to slap me if I create this feature.
    Update v0.57
    • Added: [​IMG]Imaginary Bolts - and made the Gun of the Petriots spawn with some.
    • More sprites for Vamp
    • Fixed Personal Dog Tags being given random stats. Thanks to r_b_bergstrom
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  19. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Deleting my first post to make room for more changelog now. :)
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    Oh yeah, I really forgot about that by the time of my suggestion :D and I think it's assolving its role: a big, red-pinkish ! on the head of enemies that become aware of you.
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