Megacrafts Mod (v0.1) fixed crashes, new recipes

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  1. zaratustra

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    Megacrafts Mod
    by Zaratustra
    additional crafts by Ruigi

    Anyone has full permission to include this mod in any mod collections and re-packagings, provided they give credit in some form.

    This mod adds crafting recipes for previously uncraftable items in both the regular and expanded DoD.

    A few of the items require crafting levels of 6 and 7. These can only be crafted in special crafting rooms found deep within the dungeon (beyond level 7): they look like regular crafting rooms but with added bookshelves. (Better layout suggestions are welcome!) Standing in front of the anvil or workbench in these rooms will grant you a temporary boost to craft skill.

    Full list of craftable items:

    v0.1 update:
    - fixed denim issue
    - Balanced some crafts (thanks Ruigi)
    - Added tinkering craft items as level-4 tinkering recipes (hopefully will not step on Clockwork Knights' foot)
    - Added Doul's Possible Sword as a level-7 smithing recipe
    - Added three thrown items to alchemy recipes
    v0.2 update
    - Added three recipes by Ruigi, as he's taking them off Clockwork Knights
  2. Is dhoul's possible sword craftable?
  3. FaxCelestis

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  4. zaratustra

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    I added a link to all craftable items added. If you want any others that wouldn't be unbalanced, feel free to suggest them.
  5. mamga

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    Have you considered adding recipes for some of the wands?
  6. Essence

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    I love it when people do something that I wanted to do but didn't have time for.

    F**KING GENIUS!!! I just +1'd so hard I left a mess on the floor. Very, very cool.
  7. zaratustra

    zaratustra Member

    Every wand is craftable already, aren't they?
  8. I love crafting stuff. I wish crafted items weren't always the same. Like maybe a small chance for a added bonus or elite bonus etc.
  9. J-Factor

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    Items that are artifacts are given random bonus attributes when they are crafted. The number of random attributes is equal to their artifact quality.

    For example, the Flail of Pleiades is a quality 7 artifact. Every time you craft one it receives 7 random attributes. You can look up artifact qualities in the game files or on dredmorpedia.
  10. i meant for generic weapons. It makes me wana make more and find more materials kinda goes with the clockwork mod too.
  11. mamga

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    None of the expansion ones are craftable along with the tesla wand, stony wand, bony wand, wand of laser and handy wand. I myself had some ideas for the wands but it was never enough content to make into a half decent mod. plus some of them are weird. What regeants would make a bony wand? or a gelatinous wand?
  12. Kazeto

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    I think some of those are craftable if you get the Clockwork Knights mod.
    I don't know if all, though, and I'm not sure if it's compatible with this mod.
  13. Lefty

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    Some of the wands have had recipes added to bookshelves this patch - defiantly wand of tesla and tentacular.
    know this because they were causing a crash. So might be best to hold off adding wands.

    Really good idea to have a special crafting room that adds bonus's and I like the way this mod makes crafting viable for longer. With this and clockwork knights, gonna need a bigger bag.

    Might be an idea for the maker of this mod and that of Clockwork knights to collaborate and sort out any crafting recipe clashes, as quite a few people will want both.
  14. J-Factor

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    I've added this mod to Dredmorpedia (plus the new official wand recipes).


    I noticed the 'Coat of Denim with Rhinestones' icon isn't appearing for your crafting recipe. It seems you've mixed up the case of the word 'with' - in your recipe it's 'With'. This may cause people to crash if they randomly find the recipe.
  15. Lefty

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    Thats handy J-Factor. Nice site there btw.

    Haven't spotted any obvious clashes with this and CK, and adds alternate ways of making some items, so its probably compatible Kazeto.
  16. kino5

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    My Diggle God, you just made my day.
    I'll try this as soon as possible, and also compatibility with CK. If there's any problem, I'll let you know.
  17. Ruigi

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    Excellent mod! I will remove the crafting recipes in my mod that conflict with yours and I will post a link to your mod on my page.
    Armored Mage robe and Archmage robe should be structured differently.
    Archmage robe should have armored mage robe as an input
    Boilerplate armor and helm should have heftier requirements, like full platemail or embossed plate (no aluminium)
  18. Repulsion

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    I love you! this mod is amazing.

    Edit: I do have one question, though. How do you get some of the crafting materials? The self-sealing stem bolts, slotted bronze disks, and the aetheric power cylinder, and all the other ones such as that?
  19. Those are from the clockwork Knights mod.
  20. mamga

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    Ahh, now i see. Still getting used to the newest patch i suppose. Plus I've never actually used clockwerk knights since version 1.3 I should probably get on that.