Maxlevel and money-usage?

Discussion in 'Realm of the Diggle Gods' started by Catstyle, Dec 20, 2011.

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    So, a friend let me try out Realm of the diggle gods this week. :)
    I love it and are probably going to buy it the next payday.

    Now the issue here is, I am level 29, at the 12th floor.
    Got 2 more skills to max out, and I do think I am hitting maxlevel before going to 15,
    I also sit on around 500k gold and have no idea on what to use them for, instead of going to shops I started doing lutefish out of boilerplates and such instead. ;) expensive fish.

    Whats going on after the level cap?
    Should I still use named items to the museum?
    Should I save money for higher score at the end, if it even counts in after that.
    Or should I start racking up named items from shops to get exp from?

    Playing on the middle hard difficulty and hardcore (permadeath).
  2. Catstyle

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    Oh, also I havnt picked the 2 last skills in Artful dodger, (bah I wish I had picked assasin or something else)
    Due to my friend tells me the skill Transdimensional dodge keeps making him move to wierd or hard locations. ;o
    Said something about it hopefully being toggle but not atm.
    Should I skip a point into that perhaps?
  3. Catstyle

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    On another sidenote. ;o
    whats up with the lutefish god? at level 1 he wanted 100+ lutefishes..
    For every level beyond that it required atleast 200 (once he wasnt satisfied until 400 lutefishes)
    I did skip giving him it at level 10 11 and 12, shall see if hes still as hungry on 13.
  4. lccorp2

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    Each lutefisk is 0.2% chance to get an item, up to a maximum of 500.

    For each 125 lutefisk given, the reward artifact will have one bonus stat added to it.
  5. Catstyle

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    Cheers for that info, guess I shall start saving to 500 then drop em all instead of doing 300+ in each one of em.
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    i assume the game factors your gold into your final score so dont go around burning it in junk.