Master of Orion

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Haldurson, Jun 27, 2015.

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    MoO1 was a nearly perfect game in its time. I played it back then without ever even knowing there were patches made to it.

    MoO2 was better all around since it was the same game with much more options.

    MoO3 sucked more than a... (Crude jokes removed before I get banned.)

    MoO3 played like a spreadsheet. It was every bit as fun, and turned a great game into something you would not play on a bet.

    MORE however is the most recent revival of the series, although not really since it was made by a separate group. But it is certainly a spiritual successor to the first two games. Look for the kickstarter if you want details. Or you can just click the link here.
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    I backed M.O.R.E. -- I'm hoping it will be a good game. I think it's behind schedule now -- I haven't read any updates on it in a while.
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    Yeah. I backed it as well and am wondering if they are going to finish it anytime soon. They plan to release DLC for it later, but I have not heard of any plans for any in particular, so they may have a problem. Or perhaps they are just waiting until later this year where sales of a newly released game would be the highest of all year.