Massive Sagacity/Magic Power/Mana Regen increase

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by burninglegion64, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. I just cleared out a monster zoo using primarily nightmare curse. While fighting the monsters, my max mana changed quite a bit, going down to 0, and eventually increasing to about 200. After the battle, I looked at my character screen, and noticed that my sagacity, magic power, and mana regen had increased by a lot: . I'm not complaining about this development, but I doubt it was supposed to happen. My skills are Necronomiconomics/mathemagic/blood magic/ burglary/unarmed/alchemy/artful dodger, with level 3 in alchemy, level 3 in blood magic, level 2 in Necronomiconomics, and level 2 in artful dodger.
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    Ooo, might be a nightmare curse bug. I'll test it out, see if I can reproduce it consistently.

    <s>EDIT: Reproduced it. The only skill that matters is Necronomiconomics. It happens when you go to zero max mana, I'm not sure if the timing matters, but it makes your mana regen equal to your sagacity. It may only occur if you level up during the time where you have zero max mana, I'd have to test more.

    But I believe, the higher you stack the debuff, the more mana you get when it wears off. Maybe only during level ups though, as stated. I need to find a monster zoo to properly test such a thing though.</s>

    EDIT2: Confirmed, depending on how many stacks of Nightmare Curse you have upon LEVELUP, you'll potentially gain thousands of mana/magic power/mana regen/sagacity.

    So, Nightmare curse stacks + level up == ridiculous god mode. (No other spells or skills matter)

    And a fun picture.
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    Weird, I stack like 50+ and bring my mana regen way below negative before leveling up, but nothing happens.
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    Did you let the stacks wear off after you leveled up? Or did you clear them with a potion/wand? Or die, heh.
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    I let it wear of naturally. I was using God Mode (external hack to freeze the HP) to do the test so I can't die. All for educational purposes of course.
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    I did the same thing when testing this :p. Froze my HP value to keep myself from getting completely raped in the zoo so I could get enough stacks XD.

    So, if you could, explain the exact steps you used, that didn't work.
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    Wasn't much really.

    1. Froze current HP/MP
    2. Spam nightmare curse non stop til leveled. All the magic stats are either 0 or highly negative.
    3. Wait til everything worn off.

    Could possibly be that I froze current MP. I am not entirely sure how to cast without it.
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    No, I also froze MP, and I was able to replicate the bug with the same steps as you. The most effective way of making this bug noticeable without cheating is to get a ton of mana increase items and a lot of levels to decrease spell cost, then you can stack curses pretty easily before getting reset to 0 mana. Of course, that takes a lot of time to test though :p, didn't feel like looking for mana items for testing.

    Try it with a monster zoo, if you haven't. That seems to produce results. I couldn't really do much with my stats until I encountered a zoo, before that it only really increased my stats a teeny tiny bit, and shot my regen over 20.
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    So the nature of this bug is that the game notes how much you have lost with Nightmare Curses, and then when you level it resets your attributes to their new rating and then adds everything you lost with Nightmare Curses?
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    Weird. My magic stats remain on 0 even at level up.
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    It still subtracts them due to the debuff, but they changed in the background, the correct way to "word" the occurrence upon level up should be uh...

    Stacks are applied, it saves original value, a point at which to stop giving you back stats. You level up, said value changes, and the stacks search for the old value, unsuccessfully and never stop giving you stats from the debuffs. ^^ Makes sense when you think about it.