Mass Bolts of Mass Destruction?

Discussion in 'Realm of the Diggle Gods' started by Velorien, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Velorien

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    You know all those complaints about hidden rooms and inaccessible monsters behind walls in the expansion? It seems the No Time To Grind Mode has been rebalanced to account for this very issue. I just walked into the first room of Floor 2 and picked up my FIFTH Bolt of Mass Destruction.

    Am I just the Anti-George Bush, or have BoMD spawn rates actually changed in the expansion?
  2. Borodin

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    Haven't found a one. Played through to level 7, started a new character, now on level 4. Wife played another character to level 3--also found nothing.
  3. Velorien

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    Ah, just the RNG toying with my fragile sanity again, then.
  4. Godwin

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    See my thread here:

    I have not had any official word on it, but it seems that if the game randomly creates X (whether room or item), you're a lot more likely to see X in the nearby area. This in contrast to the 80+ hours I poured into the game prior to 1.08 and RoTDG.

    It's maybe the RNG toying with all our sanities again, although I have frequently observed similar behaviour in RNG's.
    Especially in older pc games it used to be the case that if you clicked or pressed enter twice in a row real fast, you were almost guaranteed to get the same outcome again. As if the regenerating of a new number took time and if that time hadn't elapsed the old number would be used again.
  5. My last game was spent in a "normal"-size dungeon with the DLC active, and I found two piles of 3 BoMDs each. That was quite a surprise...
  6. Essence

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    With Wandcrafting + Tinkering, it's now possible to regularly make your own WMDs. Is good.