OS X Lion Manual save games don't work + buzzing audio

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Lan Mandragon, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. Lan Mandragon

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    Hi all!

    I'm running You Have To Name The Expansion on my Macbook Pro with Mac OSX Lion via Steam and I'm having two major issues:
    1. Manual save games don't work. When I try to load a save game it kicks me back out to the main menu. Autosave save games work fine. I have Steam Cloud disabled and usually play with Steam in Offline Mode if that matters.
    2. There is often a loud continuos buzzing noise during the main game. It seems to be attached to the music that is playing. Often you won't hear it on the main menu, then when you start a new game the buzzing will start, then when the level music reaches the end and loops the buzzing stops again. Is this perhaps a corrupted music file?
    I didn't have either of these issues while playing Realm Of The Diggle Gods.

    Thanks for your time,
  2. Daynab

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    I have absolutely no idea with the buzzing sound (I'll talk to devs) but try reinstalling to see if that fixes it?
    For the saves, since you already don't care about SteamCloud, put this in the DoD launch options: -nukesteamcloud
    You will get a message saying it will delete your saves (and it probably will) but then any new save should be safe from it.
  3. Lan Mandragon

    Lan Mandragon Member

    Thanks for the response. I played with the game a little more after I posted and found only one of two save games I had wouldn't load. Then I tried playing while Steam was online and it flashed up a "syncing" dialog and the other save started working. This is despite the fact that Steam Cloud is globally set to off in my Steam client. I've had issues with save game loss with some other games too, so I wonder if Steam doesn't disable Steam Cloud entirely when it should.

    I still have the issue with audio buzzing, but it's quite intermittent and doesn't always occur. I've noticed some occasions when the buzzing is occurring that it stops as soon as I step away from the starting staircase, as if playing the footstep sound effect is fixing it. I'll try reinstalling if it really becomes a problem. Thanks!