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  1. Borodin

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    Just trying to get a handle on the equation involved in this. The MR Bonus modifies the base rate, which is determined by the difficulty level, but I've not seen any difference in regeneration when the bonus was -3, or +6. What sort of curve are we talking about before the bonus makes a difference?
  2. Sniktch

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    it's a flat rate - 1 point per X turns. In Going Rogue, the base for Mana regen is 8; every point of bonus reduces that by 1. So 7 mana regen means 1 mana per turn. And 1 per turn from regen is the hard cap on both life and mana.
  3. FaxCelestis

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    ...which is funny, because regen (either kind) caps at ±25 (or at least it does on DM, so maybe it's a 32 bit variable, since 25+7=32).
  4. Null

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    It does? I'm rather certain I've had it possibly above or below +- 25
  5. FaxCelestis

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    I made a recursive buff that added +1 HPR and +1 MPR to see how high it would go. It capped at +25.
  6. Kazeto

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    Did you also test it for negative values the same way, FaxCelestis?
  7. Wootah

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    Wish the game gave out more than +1 life/mana a turn if you had more more than the difficulty level value.
  8. FaxCelestis

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    Yup. Same thing.
  9. Wi§p

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    Someone had an idea that any :mana_regen:/ :life_regen: above 1 :mana:/ :life: per turn would roll over so.. 9 :mana_regen: on DM would give 1 :mana: per turn and an additional 1 :mana: every 4 turns or so. Not sure how balanced it is, but I certainly found it interesting ^^ Since it could make the Master of Arms and Shield Bearer tree's bonus :life_regen: very useful with high :life_regen:.. and the same thing for wizards with Ley Walker and high :mana_regen:.
  10. FaxCelestis

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    I was actually surprised it didn't do that normally. I'd like it if it did do that.
  11. Wi§p

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    Yeah, I do like the idea myself as well.. For balancing though, how about every :mana_regen:/ :life_regen: that rolled over one regen per turn would increase the number of turns needed for regen.. so that if you had 9 :mana_regen: on DM you would get 1 :mana: per turn, but instead of an additional :mana: every 4 turns, it could be increased by 2 (every rollover) to around 6+, on GR it could be increased by 3 to around 9+ turns. Just because it is a bit easy to max out your regeneration, and should be a bit harder to get 2 regen per turn, and 3 regen per turn.

    I hope my example is clear enough.. since my explanation was pretty bad ^^

    Edited because my numbers were off slightly..
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  12. Essence

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    That's interesting, because Qi Infusion (QiGong 4) sets your mana regen to -99, and it sure does stay there. :)
  13. FaxCelestis

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    Maybe it's a limit on how many times a particular buff can stack, regardless of stacksize conditions.
  14. Borodin

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    Explanation was actually pretty good, and I like the suggestion.
  15. Wootah

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    I don't think the math is very hard implementation wise, you would just divide the total :life_regen: by the difficulty modifier to get how much life you get per turn, and then use the modulus (%) value of :life_regen: with the difficulty modifer to calculate how often you get an additional 1 life per turn as it is implemented now.
  16. phasmy

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    It's kind of silly how some buffs increase your mana regen by an absurd amount. The Ley Lines buff gives like 10 Mana Regen but it's mostly worthless since you'll have mana regen from gear to bring it down to 1 mana regen per turn anyway...