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    For some reason, I got it into my head that I want to try a run with the tankiest build that it's possible to make. I won't use a single equipment slot or skill point on damage output (well, unless I need to spend that point to get to a skill that helps me tank better). I'm not at all concerned with whether such a build is actually viable. I just want to try it.

    What my goal would be is a character who can get hit by any attack from any enemy in the game, and take zero damage. That's the ideal, anyway. I suspect that that's simply not possible in the actual game, or at the very least would require some incredibly lucky item drops.

    Anyhow, I could compromise on some stuff. For example, if it's more feasible to make a build that could dodge all physical attacks, but not feasible to make a build that could tank all physical attacks, I'd be interested in knowing that. I'd also like the build to be as reliant as possible on things I can use all the time. In other words, my stats, stat boosts and resistances from equipment, and stances I can keep up indefinitely. However, if there's an ability that can really help me out but won't be active all the time, or a skill tree that can keep me stocked in consumables that will give me huge resistances, or a useful stance that I'll only be able to maintain part of the time, then those would be great to know about too. Lastly, since it's probably impossible that I'll actually be able to negate all damage, I probably ought to have a fair bit of health too, and some healing options.

    Right now, I'm almost certain I want to take Dual Wielding, Shield Bearer, Master at Arms and Demonologist (just for Celestial Circle). I'm pretty certain I want Smithing so I can make sure I have good armor and shields. That would bring me up to five skills. Besides those, I'm considering Unarmed (does it still do anything while dual wielding shelds?), Fleshsmithing (Knit Tissue and Meatshield), Artful Dodger (dodging, obviously), Werediggle (it has some nice resistences, but I've never used the skill before so I'm not quite sure how it works), warlockery (for the magical shield), Alchemy (keep stocked in useful potions), Battle Geologist (has some potential resistances) and Berserker Rage (resistances and potential armor absorption). Perhaps also Ley Walker to help me sustain any magical protection. Any skills I missed? Which do you think would be the most valuable?

    I'm a pretty novice Dredmor player, so there's lots of stuff I don't know. I've only gotten to floor four of the dungeon, but I just want to try this build for a lark. Any help you could offer on making this silly build work would be appreciated.
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    You get the bonuses from Unarmed when using only shields. I don't see why you'd want to take Dual Wielding, though.

    Anyway, in my latest melee run, I had a :block: and :magic_resist: of over 100 (which doesn't fully mitigate damage, I know) and a :armor_asorb: of over 35. That was without thinking much about it, so I think it should be possible to tank most damage in the game.
  3. It's possible to negate all melee damage if you have 100 :counter:, which is possible with Swords, Dual Wielding and Daggers (for the stance). :dodge: isn't too bad either, but if you want to avoid all melee attacks you need more than 100, because enemy :edr: reduces your :dodge:.
    If you don't go down that route, :block: and :magic_resist: aren't bad options, but I doubt it would be possible to reduce all damage to 0 with them, since many enemies have high special damage. Getting that many resists would be hard, but I suppose it could be done using Archaeology and some luck.
    Reducing all spell damage to 0 would be more difficult, but you could pull it off with 100:reflection: and :magic_resist:. However it would probably just be easier to silence everything using Magical Law's Gag Order or something. Just make sure to stay stocked up on booze.
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    With the right encrusts you can make some pretty amazing resists.
    Alchemy can cover you for :resist_putrefying::resist_toxic::resist_acidic: on chest and glove, :resist_conflagratory: on pants gloves and chest, and :resist_conflagratory:,:resist_hyperborean:,:resist_voltaic: on necks and rings! Couple with tinkering and you can get :resist_voltaic: on shields.
    Or with Smithing and get: :resist_existential: on weapons, :resist_transmutative:,:resist_aethereal: on necks and chest.

    That pretty much can cover you.
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    The inherent problem with trying to build resistances for everything, is that you need to have all the resistances at the maximum of the damage you'll receive, from monsters who only deal one type of damage. What I mean is, it's not uncommon for an enemy to deal, say, 10 :dmg_conflagratory:, and it's not a big deal to work up 10 :resist_conflagratory:. But you're at the disadvantage of having to build all the resistances while the enemies only have to "focus" on one damage type, so it's pretty unlikely you'll succeed through that route.
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    I believe berserker has a level that buffs several resistences, plus spell deflection.

    Magical law has a buff that greatly increases magic deflect but ithas a high upkeep.
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    What gorbax says is true, but building up most resistances is fairly easy if you are a crafter/encruster.
    After that you might be short on something like :resist_righteous: but for the most part you are still pretty tanky.
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    Alright, thanks for the advice everybody.

    Well, my assumption was that doing that would double the stat bonuses from the Shield Bearer skill tree, but apparently it doesn't work like that with shields? I guess that makes sense, since using a shield and a mace, for example, shouldn't qualify as dual wielding. So I guess Gaslamp just made shields not count for dual wielding, which makes my idea moot. Ah well. Frees up a spot for a different skill, I guess.

    That would probably be a lot more practical, but silencing all magic users is just too far removed from what I'm trying to do with this build. It sort of straddles the line between defensive and offensive, and since I'm intending to focus solely on defense even that seems like too much of a compromise.

    Thanks for mentioning it, though. Honestly, silencing is something I need to start taking advantage of in general. I haven't really used it in Dredmor up until now.

    Hmm. I wonder how many of these crafting skills it would be worth taking. I guess I'll have to browse through some of the recipes to try to figure it out.

    Well, I could try using potions and stuff to augment my defenses. Or have spare gear that offers particular types of resistances, then put it on when I come up against an enemy that deals that type of damage. It seems like those should be fairly viable tactics, but maybe there's something I'm missing.

    Well, I'll probably also have three points of :resist_righteous: from Demonology, since I don't plan on going beyond the third skill in that. I guess if I got high enough level that I'd run out of everything else I might wind up being forced to spend more points in demonology, but I doubt that my character will survive long enough for that to be a concern, frankly.

    Again, thanks to everyone for all the tips. I'll probably compare the all the skills I'm considering again and then make my character. I'll let you guys know how it goes (probably pretty badly, given my skill level).
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    You forgot the tankiest tank skill: Killer Vegan. You get tons of :life: and :burliness: from it. If you blaze straight through the Killer Vegan skill tree first, you'll have around 110 HP, and can melee through the next four floors without any difficulty.

    Piracy also gives you some nice :caddishness: bonuses, which gives you :life: indrectly. Plus, lots of :counter:.
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    I think honeybunch meant the taking 0-damage-kind-of-tank, not the lots-of-health-juggernaut-so-you-don't-really-care-about-damage kind.
    (hence the whole discussion about resistances)

    for maximizing raw health, the following build is ideal *opens .txt file that has been on my desktop for two weeks*

    Killer Vegan
    Master of Arms
    Big Game Hunter

    for a total of 217 :life: when they're all maxed
    swapping out Piracy for Fleshsmithing allows for 223 :life: with the Meatshield buff
    (edit: 215 without it)

    The fact that this build includes Smithing, and as such allows for the Omnipotent Pork Sword and Gaga's Glaze encrusts to be made, is really helpful.
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