Make the inventory's capacity unlimited

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  1. Arron Syaoran

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    1. I would honestly hate an auto PD-sending mechanism. I have OCD as to what and where items go in my Pocket Dimension. I also tend to stack multiple items on the same tile there.(one for bolts/thrown, one for Dredmor-ready Potions, one for future gear, one for backup gear, three for the different kinds of ingots, one for powders, one for liquid reagents, one for tinkerer mats, one for gems)
    If the auto PD-sending mechanism were to ever be implemented, I would like it off by default.

    2. If you thought inventory management was hard, then you've never played Diablo 2 before. I spend 85% of that game running back and forth collecting gear and selling them because I insist of making use of every item that drops(if it's junk I sell it)

    3. The solution is more Brax Shops per floor. Period. Or maybe a Item Deposit area that is sell-only. Like the opposite of a Vending Machine. Something that you can sell any item to, and will never see that item again.

    Edit: 4. If you run into a monster zoo, drop an item on the ground before engaging the zoo. This way you'll be sure to get that monster zoo drop(unless you have autoloot on). I always shift-click a floor item to my inventory if I want it in my inventory quickly. Works well with Burglary's Five Fingered Discount and Brax shops too.
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    Huuuh Makes less stacks of items. Basic solution that works fine for me. I drop everything I'll sell to Brax on top of the room and then a stack per crafting tree, that leaves me enough place for random gear I'm not sure what to do with.
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    IDEA: Could any of the code used to make the multi-level skillbelt be reused to make a multi-level item belt?
  4. A couple thoughts:

    1) There's the ability to send items directly to the lutefisk cube if they're on the ground (alt+shit+click) but it requires you have the cube open. (though it's easy to hotkey). If the abilities like this could be expanded a bit it would probably make things easier.

    2) Auto-crafting items on pickup would be pretty handy here, because it would make turning junk into lutefisk faster.

    3) I've seen some games (Torchlight sort of, Dragon Age explicitly) that have an option to flag things as junk to sell later, which then just takes one press of a button. If you could do something like that with idk ctrl+alt+shift click and send an item to a junk heap to sell later it'd probably make this a lot easier as well.

    Although none of that seems especially easy to implement.

    One thought that might help that IS really easy to implement would be more things like grinding cheese that just turn similar but non-stacking items into a varying amuont of some generic base item. If you included some sort of generic food pill or soylent green or something that you can turn any food into, and similar things for various other materials that tend to clutter (eg weapons, potions) it could make things a bit easier. Like you could break weapons into something that sells for a similar amount of money but stacks. (Idk call it "Shimmering Essence" or something)

    Though it'd make the lutefisk mechanic more powerful since it'd be easier to produce lots of lutefisk. (although it's not like shrine rewards are gamebreaking or anything...)

    That could be pretty easily done as a mod. (...probably already has been?)
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    Unlimited Inventory means almost as much time shuffling through your inventory looking for something you can use in your current situation. It also means almost always having the right tool you need to defeat your current situation, which also reduces the difficulty pretty dramatically.

    That said, I could still get behind an extra two rows that can only be used for crafting equipment (and the sort button automatically sends crafting items into those rows first). Crafting is more of a slow process, not an immediate opportunity cost.
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  6. FaxCelestis

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    My relevant post:
    Emphasis mine.
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  7. Bohandas

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    A couple of other things that might be changeable to partially the same effect as making the inventory unlimited since the inventory system apparently isn't changeable:

    -do away with toolkits as a necessity for crafting (or alternately make them usable at any time after the character has picked one of the appropriate toolkit up, regardless of whether they still have it in inventory)
    -make it possible to sell items anywhere
    -make it possible to send items to the pocket dimension without going there yourself
    -keep the pocket dimension constantly in the system's memory (and keep the current level in memory while in the pocket dimension) so that it doesn't have to be reloaded every time you enter it (and vice versa) and possibly crash the game
    -Eliminate the need for movement within the pocket dimension; make it possible to grab things from and drop things onto any square in the pocket dimension without actually having to be adjacent to it.
    -make the pocket dimension larger so we don't have to stack stuff unless we want to; Optimally it should be at least the size of an entire No-Time-To-Grind dungeon level but with no interior walls
    -The entire pocket dimension should always be visible regardless of the player character's sight range; just like Monster Zoos are.
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  8. Monkooky

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    If you could make it possible to craft from the pocket dimension that would also be great
  9. Bohandas

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    you mean while not there yourself?
  10. Haldurson

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    Besides storage, and accessing the wizardlands/diggle hell, that's currently one of the purposes of the pocket dimension -- for crafting. At least that's what I use it for. You can't drink potions, use skills, or zap wands, but you CAN craft, and you CAN use the lutefisk cube.

    I myself have an organization system that (Actually) I've tended to diverge from on occasion, but the general guidelines work for me. It varies based on which (if any) crafting skills I have for a particular run, whether I've found a lutefisk cube yet, and how far into the game I am (I'm anal about selling or 'fisking anything that I won't ever use, but the balance of how much gets 'fisked as opposed to sold varies the further I am into the game, as money becomes less precious, plus mods determine sometimes whether something ought to be 'fisked, or saved or sold).

    Here's my general guidelines, but keep in mind that (as I said) I try to stay flexible based on the various circumstances, and how lazy I happen to be at the time: It's NOT meant to be a bible, just an example of one possible organization method.
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  11. Monkooky

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    I meant have any item in your pocket dimension count as if it was in your inventory for the purpose of crafting. Make it so I don't need to root around in my stacks to find the materials I need.
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  12. lizardwizard

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    Bohandas, you're not going to want to hear this, but it's just not viable or necessary to pick up everything you see on every character.

    If you mean while in your pocket dimension, that's a great idea!
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  13. Bohandas

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    Must everything be pigeonholed?
  14. Vitellozzo

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    It's a no-no for me: the game difficulty is set to have the inventory restricted the way it is: having infinite space means having every single potion, bolt, wand and throwable for every situation, and this removes the dangers the dungeons offer to you.
    No need of thinking: just carry everything, and in every situation there will be an item you'll need. Healings? Distance damage?

    And anyway, saying "even dwarf fortress does that" doesn't means anything: first of all, dwarf fortress is NOT a roguelike game, since you get out the dungeons (which are not even the most important thing of the exploration), and aside that, dwarf fortress has much different inventory/equipment/health/items/MAGIC (read as not-magic) than every other game ever. The last thing is also the most important: with no magic whatsoever, no need of picking everything; there are just no ways to blast lighting from afar on the heads of your enemies, and no way to magically heal both your legs and your torso when drinking from a bottle - just getting high.

    And, as Fax and lizardwizard told you, just stop picking everything, suddenly no more cluttering problems and no more time lost behind the items - which I have to tell, it's really little if you have at least a minimal way to arrange everything in the pocket dimension.
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  15. Aphlox

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    2. If you thought inventory management was hard, then you've never played Diablo 2 before. I spend 85% of that game running back and forth collecting gear and selling them because I insist of making use of every item that drops(if it's junk I sell it)

    If I ever saw someone doing this playing D2 it would make me want to cry.
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  16. MrEntity

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    Once they added the pocket dimension the inventory became effectively unlimited. For example: I carry every (non-crappy) potion, bolt, mushroom, throwable, food, and liquor on me at all times. This generally fills up my belt and about half my inventory. Then I pick stuff up and make trips back and forth to the pocket dimension to deposit them when I'm full. I am always fully prepared. There is NO need to make decisions about what to grab and what to hold anymore.
    Also since the pocket dimension there is no actual need to hold all that stuff at all times (unless you're concerned about monster zoo items (which is the only reason I bother)) because if you need something mid-fight you can just pop into your pocket and grab what you might need for the next 30 turns then do it again and again and again.
    The inventory is, at this point, effectively infinite. You can hold everything you ever find without particular issue. Putting in a modifier to click or a send-to-pocket-dimension button would only alter the game by making it slightly less tedious. It would not affect difficulty at all.