Make Mysterious Portals count as traps for navigation.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by West, May 6, 2013.

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    First, a bit of background. I had an Egyptian build going, found a Mana Torus in a fountain, got +2 mana regen on my Archaeology hat thanks to Krong, stole a metal orby staff and Cloak of Sagan from Brax... all on floor one.

    I was convinced I was about to have fun on a bun all the way to Dredmor.

    Then I used the mouse to move into unexplored territory on the second floor. The automatic navigation walked me right into a mysterious portal, and before I even got a turn to use an invis potion or teleport I was 1-shot by the Muscle Diggle on the far side.

    This was a far more deadly trap than any quantum caltrop or acid mine, and autonav walked me right into it. I'm all for taking responsibility for my own actions and the numerous resulting deaths, but this really felt like it was outside of my control.
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    I second this
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    There should be an exception for it you happen to click on the portal when it is not in the fog of war. Same with satanic displacement glyphs.
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    I usually don't have this problem because I WASD my way through the dungeon. Clicking seems kinda Noobish IMO.

    Edit: Fog of war is made up of 70% Dust, 10% Cobweb, 15% lack of light and 5% Blood of Monsters.