Mace Skill Knockback bug

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by KotHN, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. KotHN

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    If you kill an enemy and the knockback goes off, it pushes everything on the floor back to where the enemy would have been knocked back to, corpses, items and all. Unfortunately this includes the Satanic Displacement Gylphs. If you enter one that has been moved, it takes you to the correct corresponding glyph, and re-entering that one will take you to the spot that the original glyph once inhabited. In other words, it will teleport you to a spot just a few squares from where you entered the original. Not a huge deal, just thought maybe the glyphs should be immovable. Also, sorry if this has already been mentioned.
  2. DaPatcho

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    Is there also a bug where the knockback only procs on death? So far that's the only time it procs for me at least :\
  3. KotHN

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    i've had it proc multiple times when the enemy doesn't die, there's just no animation, so sometimes i get confused, especially if there's a zoo or something
  4. Countmore

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    It's not just mace knockback, but every other knockback skill as well.
  5. DMT

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    Hilariously, you can also use knockback skills to knock the shop pedestals outside of the shop area, allowing you to pick them up without paying. If they are located against a wall with space available behind you can knock them right through the wall.

    If you then re-enter and exit the shop, however, brax sets his demons on you. :(
  6. pauyasfyla

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    I also found that it teleports the monster right in front of you behind the monster behind it, though you'd think all of the monsters would just be knocked back one square. So it's kind of this before knockback:


    and after:

  7. Countmore

    Countmore Member

    You can also knock them through doors.
  8. Omnia0001

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    Knocking traps onto monsters is funny too.
  9. Solstice

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    As a useful trick, if you ever come across an item trapped under a shrine/monolith/etc, using a knockback skill on it can sometimes bump the shrine and the item into different squares. :)
  10. totori

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    You can use this method take any items in the shop.