Lutefisk God broken?

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Daiug, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Haldurson

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    300 sounds good to me.
  2. I don't see the sense in offering lutefisk to the lutefisk god anyway. I always ended up transforming all my inventory items that I didn't need or that I could spare into lutefisk just to recieve an enchanted spear, although I was using swords/axes/whatever.

    This has led me to just ignoring lutefisk at all. I rather sell all my spare items to Brax now. I receive enough epic items by doing quests anyway
  3. Kablooie

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    My current build includes burglary, and every 40+ steps or so I generate more lockpicks. Takes no time at all to get stacks of 100-200, which I convert into lutefisk.

    I don't know about the balance they're striving for *shrug*. I think about 1 out of ten items I've gotten, if that many, were useful. Still, once I get the Cube, it's Lutefisk City.
  4. Daynab

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    I've actually been playing mostly without lutefisk except for testing, haha. I don't really enjoy the whole inventory fiddling thing though it's certainly better than it used to be. But I find the rewards generally aren't worth the hassle.
  5. LonePaladin

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    I just use the Horadric lutefisk cube to store spare booglutefisk.
  6. TheDiscordian

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    After playing around with things it seems that the more 'fisk turned in at once the better the reward. If you turn in smaller stacks you'll end up with a crappy to mediocre reward after 200 to 300 'fisk. If you turn in a stack of 500 all at once the item will typically be pretty impressive.
  7. J-Factor

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    I'd like:
    • 1 positive attribute per 50 lutefisk with no cap on the number of attributes
      • Long term investment with a potentially great payout
    • No weapons/armor as rewards - only jewelry
      • Friendly to all builds - saving up 500 lutefisk and then being given the wrong weapon type is silly
      • Lutefisk God believes in pacifism?
      • Opposite of Evil Chests (which only contain weapons)
    • Remove unlimited lutefisk exploits (lockpicks, spores, etc)
  8. Daynab

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    You know, I would actually like that idea. I'm not for the "no cap" thing though since if you get 5000 lutefisk by floor 5 it's a ridiculous item you're going to get. But maybe 10 attributes cap (meaning max is still 500) but making all rewards jewellery would be a cool idea considering it's already hard to find.
  9. I agree the current lutefisk variant needs some polish.