Ludum dare 23

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    Hey guys !

    Do you know about Ludum dare ? It is a Game jam: you're given a theme and you basically have 48 hours to make a whole game from scratch, music sounds and all.
    Ludum dare 23 just finished and now its time to play the games done !

    This was my first one and here is my submission:

    The game is kinda tough I guess. Hope you have fun !

    PS: if you have a mac or linux, the game is not really playable sorry.

    Godwin if you read this: I DID inspire myself from your avatar to make the hero : P
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  2. Daynab

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    Was actually looking forward to what people have come up with. I'll check out your game tomorrow. Glad to know someone who participated!
  3. Godwin

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    Awesome dude, I'll try it out immediately!

    Then you have been inspired by my favourite game of all time: Ultima V ^^
    Awesome :)


    So I played it twice now, first time 1 monster captured and scond time two and leveled up.
    First time I went left and after dropping down got ganked by hellspawn.

    I really like the idea of the game!! I love how the monsters hip-hop in their zoo. One thing I'd like to see added is some kind of visual cue so that I can shrink them. You'll learn quickly enough, but things can get confusing if you aren't high enough level yet anyway, and dodging bullets can lead to more spawns and then keeping track of which one you hit how many times while dodging bullets gets... chaotic :p
    But it's nice, fun, very well done, working perfectly etc.
    Amazing blob, very good job!
    Is there a prize you can win or so?
  4. blob

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    Thanks a lot Godwin !
    You're right it does get too chaotic. If I was to work on a updated version I would first control better the spawning of monsters so that you dont have them respawn when you re still fighting in the same screen. I want to add a visual cue for capturing boss monsters ( there is 2 in the game, one is hidden ) but I was wondering for normal monsters. I m hoping that if respawning is less crazy, a visual cue is not necessary for normal mobs. I d like it that player has to keep track and learn how healthy each monster is by himself.

    Also I want to add the possibility to crouch so that you can dodge bullet without running around all the time ( and causing more respawn).

    There is no prize except pride: Ludum dare is the biggest internationnal game jam in the world I think. This year I competing with 1400 games ! (and last year people like Notch were participating.)
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    Tried the game, it's pretty sweet! I like the idea. It's really brutal too haha. Those floating skulls are annoying. They remind me of those sun dudes in mario games. I got to the knight boss, couldn't beat him.

    Adding crouch would really be nice I agree.
  6. blob

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    Thanks !

    Agreed for crouching ! Especially if you get to the devil.
    Yeah. Those skulls repop a bit too much, since you have to run away to avoid them.
    Good job on finding the undead knight ! A lot of people miss his hidden lair. If you capture him, he proudly gets the center place of the Terrorium.

    I cant seem to be able to make average difficulty games! My main video game in developpement might be even harder.
  7. Daynab

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    Send me a PM or something about your game when you're comfortable talking about it or showing it off, I always like checking out games of people I know.

    Anyway, re: Ludum Dare, I'll probably delve into it and see what I can find later today.
  8. blob

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    Oh its no secret! Here's the developpement blog:
    I am not sending games yet but I am hoping to give the game for free OR pay what you want ( with minimum of zero ).

    Game is an homage to metal slug, contra 3 and gunstar heroes. Heavy action, random humor and a sociopath alien on a world conquest.
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  9. jadkni

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    The concept is pretty cool. I don't think the difficulty is that far off, with the ability to crouch and maybe a visual indication of enemy health it'd be just right.
  10. Daynab

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  11. blob

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    Thanks jadkni. If the game gets enough attention maybe i ll take some time and polish it a bit more. The thing I am missing the most to make the game fun is a bit of RPG elements. NPCs and dialogues would make it feel less lonely and repetitive.

    Daynab, that's amazing. haha ! going to try that right now.
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