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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Artifex 28, Jul 28, 2011.

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    Save scumming in DoD is so pointless since there's a mode to play no-permadeath. :/
  2. Artifex 28

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    Yes, I still think Fungi is extremely weak. Only useful skill is the spores to gain mushrooms - and the resist that goes with it.
  3. Ratha

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    I have to argue against fungal being any degree of weak. Boring? Yes, its fairly boring to have to plant spores on every corpse you run across.

    Lets examine what you get with fungal arts:

    You get resistances just by taking the skill, plus the ability to farm mushrooms which can: create throwing weapons, semi-instant healing items, instant mana replenishment, invisibility, life steal, armor absorption, and other physical/magical resistances. It almost entirely replaces the need for most potions, and most food.

    Not to mention that its a huge source of income. The least amount of money you can get per mushroom is 11, with the average being over 40, and the maximum being over 100 on the hardest difficulty. Thats an average of 40 gold per kill (not including the one that sells for over 100)

    And if you level it to level 2, you get a very low cooldown pet which easily gets you through DL1 and DL2.. and DL3 by taking hits for you. The fungal arts skill pretty much gives you the best things of every single skill tree by its second level. The only thing fungal arts does not do is give you the ability to teleport, and the ability to do huge direct damage.

    Weak? What other level 1/2 skill lets you do all that?
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    @123stw Yeah, you sounded rude and hostile based on what you said. Sorry if you weren't meaning to be.

    I probably won't ever play an archer char. I just was surprised it took so many bolts to hurt anything.
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    Okay, now. I noticed this whenever I sell stuff to Brax. I'll give an example first. I had a stack of dwarven ingot presses. Then when I went to sell it, he bought them all, leaving me without any. And I had to actually delete that game because I couldn't find any other presses.

    There should be a way to only sell SOME of a stack; whether it's splitting the stack, asking how many to sell (with the included option of "sell all"), or some other method I may have overlooked.

    I was about 2 hours into the game, and it really sucked to have to delete the world. I'm not evn sure if this is the right topic to post this in.
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    You can split stacks by placing them inside crafting containers. However, you can't split certain items (notably spores, lockpicks and crafting equipment).

    It's not worth the bother to try to sell duplicate crafting equipment. Just let them stack with your existing ones and let the little number in the corner be a kind of score. I once got 10 presses by the time I reached Dredmor.
  7. 1wolffan

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    Oh, that's actually a fun idea. "How many kits can you acquire?!"

    I usually sell stuff like mad (literally everything but food and ingots/ores) in the first few levels just to have enough gold to buy some of the better things hidden in the shops. But it IS only 43 gold for the kits. Besides, you can easily toss them in a hoardratic (spelling?) cube.
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    alt click will split stacks. Doesn't work on crafting kits though.
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    I'm sure this has likely been mentioned elsewhere. I don't know if it's a bug, or a suggestion. It might be also overpowered.

    You can feed pets potions and fungus. Why don't they take effect?

    Sure make lower level pets more viable on difficult levels. It'd deplete your potion and healing supplies, so I don't think it so overpowered.
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    I think it has to do with giving monsters buffs. Pets count as monsters, they just fight for you. It's probably not coded in the game. Even the healing mushroom whose name I can't remember right now is actually a buff (medium? regen) so it doesn't work. BUT you can feed them food though and it will heal them pretty fast.