[List] In-Jokes, Third-Party References, etc.

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    I hear ya'll like references...
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  2. while we're calling these out, apparently Null is now The Sphinx, from Mystery Men (he's -terribly- mysterious!).

    (from the DLC announcement)
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    Thank you for the laugh.
    And the reference.
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    Any ideas on the description for the aluminum tube ('This is irrefutable evidence of Lord Dredmor's nefarious plans')?
  5. I think I read somewhere that the Aluminum Tubes are a reference to these: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iraqi_aluminum_tubes

    Also, the Diary of the Whills tome looks like a reference to the Journal of the Whills, which was a plot device that George Lucas kept trying to incorporate into the Star Wars movies (seriously, though... what the heck IS a Whill?).
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    "You aren't sure how, but you know you can use it to prove the nefariousness of Lord Dredmor's plans. Every single one of them."
    If you don't know how to make it sound funny, make it sound insane so that people will chuckle at the weirdness. :D

    Though it would be easier to make funny if you actually used aluminium tubes to create Bolts of Mass Destruction.
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    I remember quite specifically that I wanted aluminum tubes to be the main ingredient but I guess it got lost somehow. Balance, probably. Damn.
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  8. Someone should get to work on documenting all of them. Would be nice to have a complete up-datable list.
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    The Prince is a reference to Niccollo Machiavelli.

    He wrote a book called The Prince.
    He said that a ruler was better feared than loved.
    The mushroom's description is "A mushroom that is better feared than loved", or something like that.
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    Shrike's Ring and the Transmitter of Pain reference... Dan Simmons' _Hyperion_ books?

    The Shrike was basically the avatar of a machine god who impaled organic beings on a giant tree of spikes.

    If that's the case... there should be a Cruciform Parasite necklace that adds life regen but has a sagacity penalty. :)
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    The length and breadth of such an endeavor boggles the mortal mind. You know not of what you ask!
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    Apologies if anyone has beaten me to these:

    Shield of Caketown, particularly its flavour text ("This is madness! No; This ... Is ... CAKETOWN!"), is a reference to a spoof PG-rated 300 trailer by Black20, that was rather popular around the time of the film's release. You can find it here. It's arguably better than the 'actual' spoof, Meet the Spartans, and a whole lot shorter to boot.

    The flavour text for Starry Orb and the item Cloak of Sagan are both references to Carl Sagan's stellar (pun intended) science documentary series from a good few decades ago, Cosmos, which continues to be a very popular programme despite being years out of date in many respects. He refers numerous times to "billions and billions of stars"

    The Cat Ears 'helmet' could be a reference to any number of things, but I would suspect due to their colour they're possibly based more on the 'original' Catwoman from the Batman TV series with Adam West.

    I could be wrong here, but I would think all of the Hyperborea stuff is either based on Greek mythology or Lovecraft - considering the bronze items and the style of the Lutefisk god, both are possible.

    The room containing The Tome of Fire and Ice and a selectable buff is, perhaps, a rather obvious reference to George R.R. Martin's multi-million selling fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, from which the show Game of Thrones (with millions of viewers) is derived.

    Plumber's Alembic (spelt wrong knowing me) is a reference to the Mario series of games, in which a fat Italian plumber quaffs copious amounts of psychedelic fungi.

    Parachute Pants and the related achievement, You Know What Time It Is, are both references to the ever-popular "Can't Touch This" song by MC Hammer.

    Here's Johnny, the achievement for fully mastering the axe tree, is a reference to Stephen King's The Shining, most notably the Kubrick film version with Jack Nicholson, a famous scene from which involves the main character cutting through a door with an axe as he's gone a bit nutty.

    Turtle Power, the achievement for doing the same with the shield tree, is a reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    My Humps, which you gain if a Thrusty kills you, is a reference to a rather crappy song by... um... someone. Black Eyed Peas? Fergie? And no, you're not getting my "lovely lady lumps".

    The Humanoid Typhoon's picture is perhaps a reference to the story of William Tell shooting the apple, though this story is prevalent in many cultures in many different forms.

    It Tastes Like Pennies, the achievement for mastering Blood Magic, is to do with blood being described as having a "metallic" or "coppery" taste, though if it's a quote I can't say where from.

    Gettin' Ley'd, for mastering Ley Walking, is something that's not happening to me.

    The icons for a number of the Berserker Rage effects/skills are references to the infamous "Ffffffuuuuuuuuuuu" rage face.

    I Tink, Therefore I Am is a pun(e) based on the Latin phrase "cogito ergo sum", in other words "I think, therefore I am"

    Respect Mah Authoritah (for being killed by a Muscle Diggle) is likely a reference to something Cartman has said in South Park.

    Sir Mix-A-Lot, for making 1000 potions, is a reference to a great man, one who understands the problems with female-oriented magazines. And he has great taste, too. And if I need to clarify, then you're obviously too young to understand.

    Loyal Soldier of the Empire - and please, correct me if I'm wrong on this - is a possible reference to the Warhammer franchise, though I'm not certain which of these is more likely; it's either a reference to the steam/clockpunky Empire faction in the fantasy board game, or a reference to the Adeptus Mechanicus in the 40k setting.

    With regards to themed rooms, two are blindingly obvious. Any revolving around cakes are references to Valve's Portal series, and those with gaslamps are references to our hosts, lords and masters at Gaslamp Games.
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    You don't say? He's gone a bit nutty. :)
    I need to watch that movie.

    Got to respect the classics. :)

    By the way, my friend who is a big Warhammer 40K fan says Loyal Servant is probably not a reference.

    Also, your whole post seems familiar. It's as if I've seen it before... Are you on another forum that talked about this game, perhaps?
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    I'm on Rock, Paper, Shotgun under the same name, but I don't really discuss games elsewhere.

    Megadeth, an enemy type, is a reference to a metal band called, um, Megadeth.
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    Conan the barbarian was set in Hyboria, I assumed that Hyperborian was a mix of Hyboria and Hypothermia.
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    You forgot to add the description to the final skill of the mace tree to this

    Hammer champion
    Oh, it's hammer time. Your mace-based melee attacks are enhanced and you have a chance to deliver a Pedantic Beating which stuns your enemy.

    WHFB's Empire is not that much steampunky (even though it has a few steam-driven machines, steampunk is more over the top, isn't it?) and even less clockpunky (if at all). 40k's AdMech is not much possible either, IMO. However with Clockwork Knights mod the complete clockwork powered armour and clockwork weapons, it makes a slight possibility to refere to Space Marines' power armour and to human (Ork and Eldar too, to some extent) chainsword or chainaxe weapons. CK mod even mentions Codex Astartes in the description of one of the jump skills.

    And btw, it is a wargame, not a boardgame. There is a slight difference. :)
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    Surprised nobody mentioned the song of ice and fire references. As if the book isn't enough, the description of the tome in the room is a pretty dead-on description of the books. Also the first skill in the Swords skill "Stick them with the pointy end" was one of the characters first lessons in swordplay.

    But there's waaaay more references to all manner of things than I can count or remember in here, its great.

    Edit: Oops, I didn't read the last page before posting apparently, somebody beat me to the punch.
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    I was just going off memory, so I've missed many things out.

    Ooh, you're a pedantic diggle!

    Steampunk can be quite over the top, but not always. I think the image itself looked a bit Empire-esque. But it won't be 40k - that's Imperium. Argh. That's what you get for writing an insomnia-fuelled post.
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    Could also be a reference to the Offspring song Come out and play (you gotta keep 'em separated).