[List] In-Jokes, Third-Party References, etc.

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    A couple I haven't seen mentioned yet (on page 13 now)

    Mass Pitting Mechanism Above, when you pull the lever a horde of monsters falls into the pit. This is a common simple method of dealing with enemies in Dwarf Fortress. Retractable bridges operated by levers. It's not uncommon for players to actually store enemies in this way, and train their military dwarves with them, or the tactic can be used to split large groups of monsters into smaller groups that you military can handle more easily as they wait in their barracks next to the pit...

    One of these two codes: Darzarporgorjo or Twymagnuzgorkol starts you out in a Starship Enterprise shaped set of rooms.

    The mushroom creature called Toady with a tooltip indicating their love interest is in another dungeon seems to be a cross between a Super Mario Brothers and Toady One reference. Toady One being the driving force behind Dwarf Fortress. Mushroom called Toady, and dungeon instead of castle. Confusing, and perhaps intentionally so.
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    I can think of three possibilities, and in order of what I think is most likely.

    1) Bea Arthur was a marine in WW2. Yup, she drove trucks with the Women's Reserve. This would sortof make her into an amazonian in the eyes of some, perhaps.

    Bea is portrayed as an Amazonian Bumbleperson so they might have just carried the joke a bit farther and including the other Women's Reservists alongside. Additionally:

    "On a Marine qualification card that included a section titled “Talent for furnishing public entertainment,” Arthur is credited for “piano & organ 13 years” and “contralto-orchestra.” Her “active hobbies” included hunting with a .22 caliber rifle and “bow and arrow.” "


    Bea later in life did not admit to serving in the military.

    2) Possibly a reference to killer bees, (africanized bees.) These bees originated in Brazil, which contains a substantial chunk of the Amazon rainforest.

    3) Somehow related to a DC comics thread

    Amazons Attack

    An Amazon attack. A deadly bee weapon. Bees. My God.
    - Batman
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    I always thought it was a Ghostbusters reference. I think the point is that it's been done.
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    The Cube in the Wizardlands:

    Reference (I'm pretty sure of this) to this video:
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    I think the Self-Sealing Stem Bolts are from Star Trek.
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    The ridiculously expensive horse armor you can find in shops (which has great stats but you know, it's for horses not you) is a reference to a dlc for The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion which gave you horse armor that didn't actually do anything, angering those who bought it. It mentions those who are willing to "throw their money into Oblivion"
  9. Probably not in the list (hey, I did check like ten of the pages):

    You Have to Name the Expansion Pack is a reference to the game You Have to Burn the Rope. No points for guessing how to get the relevant achievement.
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    I think that one's accidental.
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    I thought the game was just called "Burn the Rope", unless that only applies to the one on iDevices.
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    You're thinking of Cut the Rope. Either way I highly doubt it had anything to do with either of those.
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    Oh. Whoops. So many apps, so much confusion.
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    The Angstblade (or "Angsty Blade of the Anti-Hero") closely resembles the Master Sword.

    Or is this coincidental?
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    It would appear that the first eight seconds of the track Diggle Hell is a Real (Swingin') Place has the same drumbeat that starts off the 1936 Big Band classic "Sing, Sing, Sing". I don't know if that's coincidental, or was a nod to capture the strong vibes of the era or what, but it was cool to hear either way.
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    My memory might be failing me here, but there are references to a Dungeon Dimension in Dredmor, non? If so, that's (another) reference to Sir Terry Pratchett's Discworld series of novels.
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  19. For a second, I almost thought Diggle Hell might be a reference to Android Hell (Portal), but in that case it would be a hell for diggles, not a hell filled with diggles, right?
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    The concept of an Android Hell goes back further than Portal. In the first run Futurama episode "Hell Is Other Robots" Bender is sent to robot Hell for his sins, and, going back even further, I believe that the character Kryten from the cult classic 1980's science fiction series Red Dwarf" believed in "Silicon Hell".

    I imagine a hell for diggles would be filled with mostly diggles