[List] In-Jokes, Third-Party References, etc.

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    I'm English and I've never seen the Shakespeare character's name spelt "Thibault". That would be a plausible rendering of the name in a French translation of the play, though.

    "Trompement" is a fencing term for a kind of attack that tricks the opponent into parrying in the wrong place. Literally, the word means an act of deceiving someone (a bit more specific than 'wronging' I think), although even in French it's only used in fencing.
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    Well, yes. Soylent Green is people. Always was, always is and ever shall be. It's just that in the novel that was the creative basis for the film soylent green doesn't even exist and the soylent that does is made of soyabeans and lentils. Hence, if you render it down to its root sauce (;)) it's actually soy.

    The Tybalt connection is a fun idea, but it's more likely the Princess Bride is making a reference to the Dutch fencing master Gerard Thibault d'Anvers, author of the fencing manual Academie de l'Espée, and responsible for Thibault's Stance and Thibault's Subjection. Especially given that the other things mentioned by Westley and Inigo during their duel (Bonetti's Defence, Capo Ferro and Agrippa) all refer to other actual fencing masters and their styles or 'moves.'
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    I've come across two references,
    First being the My little anvil thing, it is a reference to MLP:FiM
    As quoted from its description, "smithing is magic"

    Second is the copper plating encrust. Its description state that it is better than taking a bolt to the knee and later on saying have you seen what they pay guards these days.
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    Therefore it's a double-reference to Skyrim ;)
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    The missile church in Diggle Hell could be a reference to the sewer mutants from Futurama, who worship an unexploded nuclear bomb, but I get the feeling that they may both be a reference to some other third thing.
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    Fallout 3 has the bomb in Megaton, which is also worshipped.
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    You need to go deeper.

    Edit: Way deeper.
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    Fallout 1, perhaps?
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    Wasteland. :p
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    According to the fallout wiki, the church of the children of atom is itself a reference to the film "Beneath the Planet of the Apes", which had a cult worshiping an atomic bomb. So, I'm guessing that's the base?
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    Blaze of Glory's (buff from Clockwork Knight's ultimate) description is from WH40K Soulstorm game, Boreale's speech.
    Mounted Flashlight's description could refer to Doom 3, which had flashlight only available as a separate (melee and weak) weapon, spawning the trope "There's no duct tape on Mars".
    No, You Are The Demons is from Doom: Repercussions of evil - one of the most unpopular fanfictions on the entire Internet.
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    Pretty sure Blaze of Glory is a BonJovi reference.
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    Pretty sure the phrase "Blaze of Glory" predated the Bon Jovi song, but I can't find the original source

    EDIT: According to this list of phrase origins the first recorded use of the phrase occurs in a poem written in 1686 entitled The Hind and the Panther
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    Yeah, but it came from Ruigi. Have you seen that guy? He looks like a Bon Jovi type. :p
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    Found the original source... I think. it was one of the Planet of the Apes movies.

    EDIT: Damn! Urthdigger beat me to it!
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    Heh I thought Hacking the Gibson was a reference to the 2001 hacking of grc.com (Gibson Research Corporation)

    Steve has apparently rolled his own documentation of the event off his homepage but it's in Goodledocs, and I found a link.

    Looks like Hackers came out before GRC was hacked, and William Gibson is more fun anyway.
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    Wouldn't Siegfried reference the Soul Caliber Siegfried? http://soulcalibur.wikia.com/wiki/Siegfried

    As mentioned before it might reference other things too
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    Paranormal Investigator is Inspector Gadget.
    Siegfried is a name common in vampire stories.
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