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    This little mod adds a dozen new tomes to the game. It's part of a much larger tome adding mod I'm working on, but I needed to feel like I was getting something done. Caution: Largely untested, at least it doesn't crash the game on startup or anything like that.

    Requires: RotDG, YHTNTEP.

    Some of these have triggers for crossbow or throwing, not just melee, and in one case several others, including triggeroncast, which there will be more of in the complere mod. There's a few on kill things in there too.

    0.3 Massive massive bugfix. A lot of stuff that was not working should now work. Extra thanks to Glazed for the XML mod validator!
    0.2 Where Diggles Come From should now properly spawn diggle eggs, and a Pyromaniac's Guide to Barbeque's should now spawn Grilled Steak properly. I had forgotten to add the spell for diggle eggs *shame* and have fixed PGtB by using spawnitemfromlist instead of spawn.
    (not numbered) Lowered coal gains from a Pyromaniac's Guide to Barbeque. Minor adjustments to a couple of others where the triggers weren't working, hopefully they will now.

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  2. Aegho

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    Updated with fixes.
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    I will be testing this out next character. Thank you in advance. (I doubt it would break games to start it in an existing character, but I usually only start a mod with a new character so if anything unexpected happens I can narrow the cause.)
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    Massive bugfix update. It should be a lot more interesting now, when the procs should actually be working!
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    Do you want me to add this to the mod index? It says teaser so I'm not sure.
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    Sure, it'll probably be a bit until I get around to doing the whole thing.