Level 9 Alchemical Toxic Canister & Acid Projector

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    I have to say.

    Anyone who wants to build a perfect Canister on rogue scientist.... go do that! Level 13 and it still can kill most things. It at least takes off 200+ on resistant monsters.

    Toss a Brimstone and a Poison flask after a canister and just see experience points and items drop. I have 41 magic power so brimstones do decent damage.

    The canister is awesome.

    But WAIT! the Acid Projector creates liquid goo. I go toss a canister, use Close Encounter from Paranormal. Hit the space bar a while, go in and acid the front door. Acid kills diggle scientists, archmages, muscle diggles, lots of things, almost everything. It is the strongest build so far I have made.