Let's Talk about Revision 33!

Discussion in 'Clockwork Empires General' started by Nicholas, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. Wolg

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    I just watched a capitalist try to give orders to a worker who was asleep.

    This has potential.
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    I've noticed that on the Mac version, food items don't disappear when consumed (and I'm not sure if they are actually eaten) which plays into the eternal-hauling-of-one-item bug.
  3. Rahbek23

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    More thoughts on 33A

    I tried running with only 2 flax plants. Covers plenty, though a bit slow early on. Probably easier to just take a whole field to harvest and then convert it to a food producing one, and make a new smaller one for future flax production as you just need to get over the initial hurdle of beds.

    Also I'm now several hours unpaused into this and have no had a single game breaking bug. That's pretty good! IT does however seem that the game is a rather sluggish probably due to my 10 buildings and at one point 39 settlers. Have fallen a bit now as I was watching DHW finals at the same time, so didn't pay too much attention. I'm afraid to save though - nvm, it did crash on save.

    I retain my critique of the food system for now listed in my previous post! My kitchen have been essentially useless and was only built out of habit. The steady supply of coconuts with a high rate of non exhaustion makes it pretty much impossible to run out of food with 2 farms.

    Cult activity has been very low, even with my little attention and I have not had a single spree and one altar, so I do think that the 33A changes have weakened cults quite a bit, which is ok if of course something can legitimately make them a dangerous background force again, but not as thickly "pasted on" as that guy phrased it.

    Still have problem with soldiers thinking that hauling stuff is so much more interesting. Not sure when they have picked it up, but when they are on their way to do it, then they won't fight at all it seems.
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  4. Alephred

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    I'm finding that colonists are eating less often, and together with standing orders on kitchen jobs, less cooking is required to satisfy a population, overall. As a result the kitchen crew has more time to help with hauling and farming.

    Aside from changes to the general pace of farming / cooking / eating, colony priorities seem about the same as they were prior to the food changes. A minor effect seems to be that I can maintain a larger number of farming fields, earlier in the session.

    On the face of it, a change that apparently reduces the complexity of food systems might seem like a step back towards Babby's First Sim, but on consideration, I don't have an issue with the effects of those changes. If streamlining food systems means more room for other behaviours for the same amount of processing, I'm cool with that; basic things like eating and sleeping probably don't need complex models.

    I'm still curious as to why the Devs felt the changes necessary, though, maybe reduced processing overhead?
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  5. Keep in mind that simplifying the food system means that players will be focusing on other things which might be in need of testing. Rather than be obsessing over pies and preserves.
  6. Samut

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    Looking over citizen.go, it seems colonists now accrue hunger and tiredness at a fixed rate of 1000 per day/night cycle, regardless of how long that cycle is. The old system was a flat one point per second.

    Perhaps (and this is just a guess) while different lengths are being experimented with, it wasn't worth fiddling with the food values repeatedly.
  7. dbaumgart

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    Samut has half the story there in that yeah, we want to be able to change the length of days & nights without having to tweak fixed values in a million places. (And the hunger/tiredness have further changed to a 1-10 scale for the next version - really easy to balance.)

    There's also a dissatisfaction with the concept of "nutrition value" because it's a fiddly number that isn't linked to anything the player can see. Like: What is 600 "nutrition"? What does a colonist require per day? Does anything affect it? Answer: I really don't want to get bogged down in this minutia.

    The proper answer for our game design goals is "Don't worry about the nutrition number, that's not what's important. Worry about whether you're cooking good and varied food. If you're doing that, then your people will be happy." There's a little more work to be done to flesh this out entirely, and to make cooking *matter* more now that food in general is more forgiving.
  8. Alephred

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    An amusing side effect of the food changes is that it's now possible (and may even more efficient) to ignore the Kitchen entirely, where it used to be a vital part of colony survival.
  9. dbaumgart

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    (We'll see about that.)
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  10. Stuthulhu

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    Fixed: Cabbage, raw meat, and lingonberries now animate and carnivorous when harvested.
  11. mailersmate

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    The early game now seems pretty solid, and although I'm active in the bug forum, none of the issues I've had in this build have been game crashingly bad. I'd really like to see the frozen colonist bug fixed as a priority for the next build - it's really the only thing now that completely breaks my ability to play past the early-mid part of the game on a regular basis.

    I don't recall seeing this mentioned elsewhere, but in terms of polish, it'd be super useful to be able to push something to the top of the job list, to give workcrews a useful hint that maybe having some logs would enable them to finish the construct building job they have.

    All of that said, this is pretty much the first build where I've felt like I'm playing the game for long stretches consistently and not been drowned under bugs, so I am pretty happy right now.
  12. IIzTrollin

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    do saves work at all?
  13. mailersmate

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    Speaking strictly for myself, saving seems to be reliable, but loading is a problem. The game works but with significant bugs I don't otherwise see.
  14. IIzTrollin

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    i meant loading teh save yeah i can save fine but not load them.
  15. Coordinatorx

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    Save files. Dont they work? I think im currently on rev34. Could you also reduce the number of gossiping/culting activities? Oh and anyways to reduce culting intention? I've built chapels but it does not make difference.
  16. Wolg

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    Front line defence against cultistry should be alcohol; get a brewery happening and mass produce the stuff. ;)

    When you build chapels, does an event pop up saying a vicar arrived? (I suspect this feature may currently be broken.)
  17. Coordinatorx

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    Ahh, I see, ill try it on my next chapter. No it doesnt pop up, I usually assign an overseer who then converted to a vicar-ish robe and start preaching.
  18. Coordinatorx

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    The game also crashes after 1-2 hours of playing. Is it a bug or just my laptop? Graphics and the game are smoother though. I cant wait for more updates.