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Discussion in 'Realm of the Diggle Gods' started by Godwin, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Godwin

    Godwin Member

    Meh... it had to happen some time. Always been kinda tempted to do a Let's Play.

    I have a terrible voice.
    I talk really stupidly.
    I am not entertaining at all.
    I have a terrible english accent.

    Or maybe it's okay, I don't know... hard to judge oneself.

    Well anyway... if anyone wants to see the expansion in a Let's Play, it's here.

    Wait what?! My beautiful resolution and 14 hours of uploading result in this terrible resolution?

    Oh well: see it as a very early beta of a Let's Play? :cool:

    PS: the second part I uploaded as well, but I think something has gone wrong.
    EDIT: ah no, more patience worked:
  2. Aldin

    Aldin Member

    There doesn't seem to be any sound.

    edit: sorry, my video player was acting up, there is sound.
  3. blob

    blob Member

    Your voice 's fine ! but you talk a bit too low sometimes.
    I usually dont care for Let's plays, but its pretty cool to see how other plays for this game. Maybe I'll try making one too :)

    Haha nice ending on your second video ! Yay !
  4. Godwin

    Godwin Member

    Thanks brobbeh :)
    I'll make another and try to improve stuff.
  5. Lunarius

    Lunarius Member

    If you don`t mind would I like to show my small (but im working on it ;) ) Let`s Play to the DLC. Hope you like it.
  6. Godwin

    Godwin Member

    I don't mind, it's nice to see I'm not the only foreigner trying an English Let's Play :)

    I have decided to continue myself as well, to try and improve, and more exactly, because someone actually asked me to continue, so that was kind of that person.

    I'll record it tonight, which means it should be up tomorrow at some point.

    Oh and someone asked how I converted the video, and I didn't, just frapsed it and plunged it on youtube. But is there a way to reduce it in size or something? Seeing how a 5GB upload takes 10 hours or so for me, that would be nice.
  7. Lunarius

    Lunarius Member

    @Godwin I personally using camtasia, playing DoD with 128x720 in a Window. The Video was about 500 MB big and after rendering the Video to an MP4 I got a about 50 mb big video for the upload. Also you could try just to render the Video after capturing with a programm like SUPER or similar programms if you want to use free programms
  8. Godwin

    Godwin Member

    Hmmm, SUPER eh? I'll check that out, thanks!
  9. blob

    blob Member

    The best professional tool I know to compress video is the Sorenson codec. It could turn your current video in something of around 20 megas maybe ( to be confirmed, long time not used ), with a pretty fine quality. No free version however, and havent used it in a couple years so im sure there's newer versions.

    edit: i'm wrong. there s a free trial if you want http://www.sorensonmedia.com/
  10. Godwin

    Godwin Member

    I started talking on IRC about this and someone helped me understand how MeGUI works, it's perfect for me, from 4 GB -> 88MB. So expect more LP's (while we still can!).
  11. blob

    blob Member

    Did some tests but got issues with the windows mouse appearing in the recording, did you ever had that ? Also trying not to get my voice erased by the music of the game...
  12. Godwin

    Godwin Member

    I don't mind the mouse, I use it while playing, just for picking up stuff. And yes, my very first tryout I used to try and get my voice loud enough, but it may still be a little louder, especially when talking through "Critical hit!" SFX's.
  13. blob

    blob Member

    Well I mean for me, there's TWO mouse on screen. the DoD one 's fine, but when I watch the camtasia recording there's the windows mouse stuck in the middle of the screen. its kinda weird.

    I should have recorded my current build: vampire , dual wield, pirate is really great to play. Plunder then suck the blood !
  14. Godwin

    Godwin Member

    Ok, my third vid. It's improved, I feel, through Better Quality Graphics among other things, but somehow the video got stretched to a different aspect ratio then I had... Need to find a way to ameliorate that for next time.

    Hope you enjoy it :)

  15. blob

    blob Member

    Cool stuff.
    By the way, maybe you already know but shift+ left click instantly put an item on the ground into your inventory. Saves time.

    Your build's pretty close to the one im playing these days.
  16. Godwin

    Godwin Member

    It's a random skillchoice, so that's pretty funny. And if you look in the video I specifically explain the Shift-clicking at some point (13:30-ish) :)