Let's make new diggles together

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by SkyMuffin, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. FaxCelestis

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    Sure you do. They cast an AoE DoT every turn that only targets taxa="Animal" subtaxa="Giggle Diggle" that gives, say +1 melee, +1 piercing for 1 round.
  2. FaxCelestis

    FaxCelestis Will Mod for Digglebucks

    In fact, here's a mashup of one right now:

    monDB.xml in the Diggle master entry:
        <monster name="Diggle Adventuring Team Member" level="2" >
            <sfx attack="diggle_attack" hit="diggle_damage" die="diggle_die" spell="diggle_cast"/>
            <ai aggressiveness="4" span="10" />
            <stats numFit="6" xpValue="32" />
            <damage piercing="1" slashing="1" />
            <resistances piercing="2" slashing="2" />
            <secondarybuff id="4" amount="-10"/> <!-- crit -->
            <secondarybuff id="6" amount="4"/> <!-- dodge -->
            <secondarybuff id="0" amount="-2"/> <!-- hp -->
            <palette tint="180"/>
            <onhit spell="Radial Diggle Buff" />
            <info latin="(Poingus Browz)" text="Strength in numbers, boys!"/>
    <spell name="Radial Diggle Buff" type="template" templateID="99" icon="skills/core_diggle64.png" >
        <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/fleshy_buff/fleshy_buff" frames="6" firstframe="0" framerate="80" sfx="psycho" />
        <buff useTimer="1" time="10" self="1" stackable="1" resistable="0" stacksize="30" icon="skills/core_diggle64.png" smallicon="skills/core_diggle32.png" taxa="Diggle Adventuring Team Member" >
            <secondarybuff id="2" amount="1" /> <!-- melee power -->
            <secondarybuff id="6" amount="1" /> <!-- dodge -->
        <effect type="heal" amount="1" resistable="0" />
        <ai hint="buff" />
        <description text="We are going to pump *clap* you up."/>
  3. Nicholas

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    Ah, okay, you can do that. I was thinking of a buff that determined its values by proximity to nearby members directly; but that works too (and is, in some ways, more consistent with the general line of Dredmor thinking than a special case.)

    Sad that they're not called Giggle Diggles, though. That's so Dragon Quest-y.
  4. Grim Peeper

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    You know, I very rarely read code because NO BRAINS LOL I am unfamiliar with most of it, however:

    Hans und Franz, man. I nostalgia'd hard. Now I want Muscle Diggles to call me "girlie man" regardless of my character's gender.
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  5. FaxCelestis

    FaxCelestis Will Mod for Digglebucks

    I'll make another one that're giggle diggles on a different floor.
  6. klaymen_sk

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    Fixed to make the reference more obvious :)
    Also you may add something akin to German Cross with description like "Strangely, this symbol invokes the thoughts about knights, swords and.....oaks?" as a reference to higher rank Knight's Cross award (Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords).
    Or even something akin to swastika with description "At least we don't get banned in Germany for this."
  7. Tycho

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    The Nazi Diggle idea just kinda strikes me as being strongly against the flavor of the game. And potentially quite offensive to the thin skinned.
  8. klaymen_sk

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    Flavor of the game is parodying many things, right? Also thin-skinned people may be offended by the mentions of communism in names of items or bosses. Or someone might get offended by *not* including something.
    And while I don't want to sound rude, but if anyone is easily offended, he can not to read (watch, play) things that offend him, or shut the hell up.
  9. Tycho

    Tycho Member

    As someone who has laughed at horrible things on places like 4chan's /b/ (which is guaranteed to have something highly offensive to someone at any given time) I understand this viewpoint fully but I have never ever underestimated the ability of people to become extraordinarily "butthurt" about even the silliest things, and I have never ever underestimated their ability to make others' lives that much more difficult.
  10. FaxCelestis

    FaxCelestis Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Okay, well, I'm not making any Nazi diggles, so they definitely won't be in the thing I'm putting together.
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  11. Tycho

    Tycho Member

    I was gonna suggest "Splitting Diggles" that split (and their stats would be cut in half accordingly) whenever struck by an attack with a physical element, but I think that would be more apropos for a Blobby or gelatinous-cube-type monster.
  12. OmniaNigrum

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    Seeing the way the thread is going, I now regret even jokingly suggesting Nazi Diggles. Sad. So far no-one has declared they were offended, yet a number of people jump at the opportunity to anticipate that someone will. What is with you people?

    It was a joke monster. I laugh at such things as "Dead Baby Jokes" more because of how others react to them than the actual "Humor" of the jokes themselves. Is this wrong of me? Really?

    I suggested Nazi Diggles would burst into flames when they die because "All Nazis should burn to death".

    Can we now move on to real suggestions or must we join together to obsess about how wrong I was to suggest them?

    I admit it was a mistake. I did not anticipate so many strong reactions to what seemed to me a off-color joke. Sorry. Please abstain from crucifying me. Thank you for your understanding.
  13. Tycho

    Tycho Member

    I think you might be overreacting a touch, here. Also - so far no one *HERE* has declared they were offended, that is an important distinction to make. You're not being crucified, the idea is being criticized as being potentially inflammatory/in poor taste. Besides, Diggles aren't that evil.

    Moving on - Baby diggles, hatchable from eggs by placing the egg at the player's (as a Werediggle) feet and waiting ~10 turns, maybe more. Picked up like an item, when held Diggles become neutral. After x more turns, it matures into a diggle that proceeds to attack the player.
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  14. Shadowplay

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    Baby Diggle - Awww those cute eyes and soft pelt. Deals very low existential damage and if you kill it with a mace weapon, it has a 10% chance of dropping Fur Attire (Armor, great for looking good and keeping warm) as well as a 30% chance of summoning a Mother Diggle who will attack you.

    May be a tad on the dark side but hey
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  15. Kazeto

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    I think that while the name should probably be changed, because simply calling them "Nazi Diggles" wouldn't be as amusing as it would be for them to be "Godwin's Diggles" or "Iron Cross Diggles", and it's always better not to be direct when there's the possibility of some stuck-up idiots complaining about a whole bunch of nothing, the idea itself is good. The resulting Diggles would be a parody of something that is rather well-known (and thus less obscure than some other in-game jokes), which is always a plus, and I think I'd start rolling on the floor if I ever saw a Diggle in military boots and an officer's cap (seriously, try imagining it).

    No no, you weren't wrong to suggest that. It's just that we know that there'll always be overreacting idiots, and thus some of us are overreacting with warnings pre-emptively.

    That being said, sorry for the off-the-topic post, guys. I just felt it was necessary for someone to write that for OmniNegro.
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  16. Shadowplay

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    The reason why nazi's are never good to use in games unless you shoot them is because they are so widely seen as the embodiment of evil. Its like making AIDS the goodguy in a story about terminally ill people. It doesnt matter that some will find it funny - most will find it detestable and thus it would be bad business practice to include them.

    I hope this concludes the nazi diggle conversation because it is derailing the entire thread.
  17. Grim Peeper

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    And between hatching and becoming a mature diggle, it talks. "mama?" "mama!" "mama?!" and finally, "YOU'RE NOT MY MAMA" right as they turn full-grown.

    Again, regardless of gender.
  18. Ruigi

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    I had an idea for a diggle pyro

    Looks like a diggle with a gas mask, has a belt around the shoulder with incendiary grenades/masolav cocktails. spawns on level 9 (fire) or level 14 (jungle).

    has a chance to throw a grenade at you.

    high conflag resist and deals bonus piercing+conflagratory damage.
  19. Tycho

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    also, all floaty text above a diggle pyro's head is "mhmhfm mhfmfh mhfhm mmhfm." or something similar.
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  20. FaxCelestis

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