Let's Cover the Lands in Progress: Gold Release Community Colony

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    Righto, good work. @Noratoxin, some notes for you:

    • There's a third oven that needs orders in the kitchen, which might help with the food issues.
    • Please please please keep tabs on the Foreign Office so we can make nice with the Home Counties.
    • You may need to re-staff the militia. Alephred had to soak some losses.
  2. Noratoxin

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    I'm on it. Trying to get it out by tomorrow.
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  3. Noratoxin

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    Something different this time around.

    1.jpg 2.png 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 8.jpg 11.jpg

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    Ooh, poetic logistics and bureaucracy! I like it!
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  5. Alephred

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    I'm amazed @Noratoxin got so much done, it feels like I spent my entire turn putting out fires instead.
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    So I guess this means I'm up....righty-oo then.
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  7. OddProphet

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    We've got food, we've got wheat seeds, we've got tougher dudes. Probably just keep sucking up to the Foreign Office and staff a Naturalist's Office.
  8. Jagwithtude

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    Well, We had a slight mishap while I played, we were up to 121 food supplies and then those %&## selenian slugs showed up and ate or were blown up by our food stock so we went down to 45, when I left on sunrise day 47, we were up to 71 food supplies.

    We lost a labourer to an attack by fishmen and I built a naturalists office so I hope we can hunt some food.

    Here is the save, I checked and rechecked to make sure that this is the correct save (sunrise day 47)

    ETA Will do my write up tomorrow.

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  9. OddProphet

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    I suppose I'll hold off until the write-up. I'd like to map your progress, and seeing the colony grow will help center myself.
  10. Jagwithtude

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    I am finally home once again, my second trip to our little colony was much more eventful then my first but sadly not in a pleasant way. So begins my tale of woe,
    To whom it may concern, I am sorry to say I bring you no glad tidings as my second trip to our colony almost ended in a disaster, I say almost because near the end of my stay things started looking up.

    Day 1 It was great to see the progress of the colony, new quarters had been built, the chapel was now complete but still had no vicar, so I appointed Rooster GoldenCowl to the post as he had shown a keen interest the last time I was here.
    It was wonderful to see some familiar faces such as Carnifex Steelhatch the barber still singing off key although instead of opera, he was now singing merry show tunes, Dorian Iron still had his pet dodo in his shop. It seemed that merriment had infected the whole place.

    Sorry to say, that would not be the case come sunset, I had just sat down in the public house for a cup of tea and a game of Cluedo when the alarm sounded and all rushed out to see what was the matter. It turned out that we had been attacked by those dreaded fishmen once again.

    NCO vs fishman edit.jpg

    Our very own Barston Mudhooke fought a brave fight but in the end we lost one of our labourers a Mr Hobart Surescythe, when I heard of this news I rushed right over to our downed man only to see this horrific sight.

    RIP Hobart edit.jpg

    Not only was Hobart dead but the fishman had completely removed the flesh from his body and left Hobart steaks just to taunt us.

    Just as I thought all might still be well, I received news from the Empire that they don't look kindly on losing colonists to grievous lacerations, so I immediately rushed over to the Foreign Office and asked them to start writing letters of apology as we were at -30 and I did not know if we would get new immigrants due to our low numbers and new immigrants are sorely need.

    Day 2 I was hoping that the remainder of my time would be less hectic then the day before and it started out just so, I busied myself with redecorating the trade office so we would attract more traders which now should receive 12 of them if and when they show up next. All was going well and I finally thought I could breathe a little bit easier when lo and behold we were hit by an unexplained meteor shower, as I had never seen one before I thought it was a beautiful sight and didn't understand the dread surrounding the colony because of it, Sadly, a few hours later I found out why the colony had this feeling of dread as we were attacked by some horrible space slug like things.


    I thought we were beating them back only to discover that they were slowly making their way to our food stocks, at that moment I knew we were surely lost as they ate most of our food before we finally beat them,

    Slugs in food edit.jpg

    Now what were we to do? I was told that the colony was about to celebrate its good fortune with a great November feast, but now we were left with next to nil in food.
    Being quick on my feet and seeing all of the sad faces surrounding me I called upon the Empire to send some help our way, they sent word that they had no food that they could spare but they did send a group of criminals to help us build the naturalists office, forage some food and with the general clean up that was needed after our recent attack.

    Jailbird help edit.jpg

    With the extra hands we were able to finally get the Naturalists office finished and supplied. Our first order of business for our new naturalist Grimly Oressly was to kill Dorian Iron's pet dodo, I was hoping that Dorian would not take it too badly but as it turned out the bird made quite the mess in his shop and was only too happy to see it dead.


    Day 3 Things were starting to turn around for our little colony, the food stocks were slowly building back up and people were happy tidying things up, we had a bird to eat for the feast and all seemed pretty quiet and right with the world again.

    I wish I could have stayed for the feast but alas my ride home showed up and I had to leave, I was happy in the thought that I was leaving the colony in good spirits and hoped that they enjoyed the first November feast together and would have many more to come.

    Before I bid you all farewell, I would like to thank Pathena Robinhooke our scientist for showing me how to add some color to my photos, isn't science wonderful.

    Best regards,
    Lovisa Bengtsdotter
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    What a...fitting name for the Naturalist.
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    Right, so: Thanksgiving weekend was a little more action-packed than I had thought. Will have something up Monday night, unless someone else wants to pick up the torch.
  13. We don't have thanksgiving here, (only a normal weekend) if you don't mind we could switch turn this time. :D:D
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    Sure, have at.
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  15. Working on it! :D
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  16. Ok, I just finished my EXTENDED turn: I cleaned up some things, put some furniture somewhere, got a decent supply of food, found a decent place for a mine, demolished the old one, traded a lot of spores, got metals, a pair of fishy attacks, neutrality with Novorus, built a chemistry workshop and I, of all the other Bureaucrats here, got an Occult Inspector. And that's why I had to take a longer turn (from sunrise 47 to early night 50 instead of sunrise 50). And The last day I practically followed her step by step. It was interesting.

    Anyway, can I ask you a little help? Could you check if the save file is working also on your computer? Because I had two crashes after saving, and I had to re-do the last day. I tried it and it seems to work, but I want to be sure I'm not giving you a corrupted save.

    I will post the story, and the TON screenshots tomorrow. I had an interesting turn :D:eldritch:
    (be patient, it will take to write it down....)

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    Checked out your save and played it for awhile, seems fine.

    Also looked at the history log... yep, interesting turn indeed.;)
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    Bandits (check) Fishy's (check) Food consuming worms (check) all you need now is a large invasion of some overpowered nation
  19. Not during my mandate! :angry: :D
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  20. Ok, It's taking me more than I thought :/ I'm at night 47... :eek: You will have to wait a bit more, I got some things going on at home (involving some glasses of Porto :D) and, at the end, I got less time time than I thought... I'm sorry...
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