Let's Cover the Lands in Progress: Gold Release Community Colony

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    Hoping to get mine out tomorrow.
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    :) cant wait !
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    At last! After days, perhaps even weeks of living like a feral beast in the wilderness, my chance to seize back control came after overhearing a rumor while hiding in my tree canopy tent. There was to be an airship delay. The next rightful bureaucrat would be at least three days late, making the colony leaderless until his or her arrival.

    Some of the colonists objected to my authority when I emerged from the treeline covered in muck, but they were quickly brought back into line after witnessing my newly trained pet giant beetle, Jasper. I would not allow dissent, not with Jasper at my side.

    DAY 33

    I am loathe to admit my predecessors did a fine job keeping the colony progressing, despite all the hardships and opposition. However, there a few places in need of a scientist's touch. Living in the bush, I became acutely aware of the bonds between flora, fauna, mineral and CONSTRUCTOR, and have a much deeper understanding of how to exploit them. I will build a naturalist's office as soon as the cursed workplace cap allows. It must be in the shape of the noble capybara. I built yet another overseer's quarters in the meantime.


    The colony hummed along smoothly, but with little progress today. My hands were tied until I received more immigrants, so I decided to check up on some of the more... perplexing colonists. The very moment I walked up to NCO Mudhooke, he dashed off in a full sprint toward some cries in the distance. Fishpeople again. Do they ever learn?


    NCO Mudhooke wasted no time, taking quick aim with his ceramic revolver. But he was flanked by Fish Fiend with a massive corral bludgeoning weapon!


    He turned in time to face the blue menace, shooting at point blank range while miraculously suffering only glancing blows from the corral staff. Finally, with the help of his unit, the beast fell. If I had any authority, I would bestow a medal to NCO Mudhooke immediately.

    Our scientist concerns me, however. Pathena Robinhooke doesn't have the steely resolve and critical lack of emotion necessary in a proper scientist. She spends much of her time wallowing over the graves of the fallen. I will keep a close eye on her.


    Day 34
    Curses! The next airship arrived early! Jasper and I must flee back into the forest. I pray we'll have another opportunity in the near future.


    Unfortunately I only had time for a single day - but I didn't want to skip another turn. Things are just fine, but we need immigrants!

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    Well that was quick. Hey @Puzzlemaker , it's your show!
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    Very nice with the little video, is that an ingame feature i havent found, or an external program. ?
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    It's an external gif making program. Credit to @Rentahamster for showing me. Really easy to use and free, but for some reason it only works when the game is in windowed mode (for me anyway). If you or anyone else wants the link, feel free to PM me for it (the site seems perfectly safe, but I don't feel entirely comfortable posting links publicly)
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    Thanks - but no, as long as i havent started "story telling" does not matter..
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    He says as he stares at the OP, wondering if he should join.

    (DO IT)
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    Ah, it's my turn again? That was fast. Save up today or tomorrow, unless someone else wants a turn first.
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    On my way back from the latest colonial emergency, I was asked to stI aop by the old colony to do some overseeing. It all seems well. Mostly.


    Why is there a gigantic empty house? This concerns me. I do not know why it concerns me, but it does.

    As the sun rises, I check over the colonists. They seem happy, for the most part. The colony is growing, and all is, ah, well, it's going. Forward. Mostly.

    An interesting fellow shows up, with an interesting offer.


    I believe I will take him up on it, as we could always use better troops.

    I also construct a chapel, so as to see to the needs of the Spiritual Needs of the Colonists.


    Success! Hopefully this will help alleviate some of the... stranger urges the colonists have!


    Luckily, one of our colonists seems to be more spiritually inclined then others, so I move him from the public house to the Chapel.

    And of course we have our friendly neighbors who seems to love getting ventilated. Good job, chaps!


    Oh no
    Not again
    Not here

    Right, get ahold of yourself. I AM THE OVERSEER. There is nothing to worry about.


    Augh, this isn't the time... Barkeep, handle this!


    Chaos erupts! Ravenous herds, glowing worms, horrible horrible sounds!


    Dogs and cats living together!

    Also, our food supply has been completely destroyed. This bodes... badly.

    Time to leave.

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    What does that event actually do (Rogue Stahlmarkian)? I've never been quite sure.
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    It trains your military more.
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    Well, yeah, but what exactly does that mean? Speeds up the change from brownshirt to Redcoat, or does it increase the NCO's Art of War skill?
    Or both?
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    @Alephred must once again save us all. You're facing starvation, buddy.
  16. Alephred

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    I'm on it!
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    Sorry Alephred, good luck!
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    Dont forget, also eat and drink a LOT, say no unless you got pleanty to share.
  19. Well, it's not like starvation is all that easy :D
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  20. Alephred

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    I have submitted my report in video form, live now!

    Short notes, it was a pretty unexciting session:
    • I've established another maize field in the middle of town
    • I've begun demolishing spice racks to make room for more ovens
    • I've begun construction on a glorious new kitchen on the outskirts of town
    Here's the save file!

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