Let's Cover the Lands in Progress: Gold Release Community Colony

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  1. Meat stew is always meat stew. Who cares what creature is the raw material for it?
    stew is a good solution.jpg

    The Hellish Jam of Cogs!! My airship still hasn't showed up, and those vicious creatures organize a night raid?!?! Soldiers, fend them off, and cover my escape ...COUGH... strategic retreat .... COUGH... bureaucratic reassignment! In any case, more food for the colony...
    more food.jpg

    Vicious creatures! One of our brave soldiers was left on the ground while protecting the Empire's pride and most audacious people from danger. He shall be rembered as a hero of the Frontier. Just why did he have to die during my mandate? This will leave a bad note on my files... Now I need to assing a Graveyard space! Better place it near the forest, so that maybe we can avoid the miasma from our rotting brave soldiers. Maybe a chapel should be built near them, so that we can be sure that they wil remain dead... you never know...
    brave soldier.jpg

    It seems like that my troops got cornered inside the mine... A coward attack on my fearless militia force! They fought to the last soldier standing!

    Evil creatures, what will they do with the bodies? The noise I hear from my barricaded office is dreadful and horrifying...
    evil creatures.jpg

    They butchered our people! The only thought of this makes me sick! Such poor fellows.... But I notice a persistent gaze on those flesh chuncks from some of the colonists...
    horrifing scene.jpg

    A night of blood and battle.

    Day 7
    the aftermath.jpg the aftermath 2.jpg
    The sun rises on a bloody battlefield. But progress is just ahead of us! This will be a proof of our determination, and will of iron! Nothing shall be of hindrance to us!

    Now if you excuse me, my airship has come, finally. I'll leave the funeral ceremonies to my honorable collague who will be in charge from now.

    Best Regards

    BronzeSteamingPistonWhistilingonProgress van Coglitthon Alexander III

    Bureaucrat of the Almighty Clockwork Empire

    I had a problem with the last screenshots, so I replaced them in an edited way. The bottom part is lost, unfortunately -.-' I have to be careful next time, it also happend in my other big post, and I had to retake most of the screeshots... -.-'

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    This is amazing so far. :fishperson::eldritch::skull:

    Trying to get mine up by tonight. Will still be three game days, but probably on the short side in terms of story.
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  3. OddProphet

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    Wait, how many people did we lose already?
  4. uhhhh.... mmm..... uhhhh.... mmmm.... SOME people? :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    EDIT: from the screenshots we lost 5 people, a full militia squad. (so 1 NCO + 4 soldiers)
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  5. Unforked

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    Day Seven

    I am called Henrick Crimsontooth, and I am not meant to be in this airship. In fact, I'm not meant for this world at all, I should be quite dead as of approximately forty-eight hours ago - executed by chopping block for the crime of scientific malpractice. A failure of justice, I assure you, as those twenty-two citizens gave their lives almost willingly to discover the cure for The Purple Plague. But the winds of bureaucracy blow in my favor now... somebody mixed up the paperwork and I'm now a Colonial Grade Junior Bureaucrat.

    As a gentleman of science, I'm not shocked easily. However, upon arriving at this colony I let out an audible gasp at the sheer chaotic ghastliness of what lay before me: The bodies of human-shaped fish being carried into the wilderness. Slabs of finely-chopped human flesh strewn about the floor.

    Strangest of all, though, and something my eyes couldn't reconcile with my brain: Carpentry workbenches with an unearthly luminescence! My studies had not prepared me for this.


    I wouldn't let this affect me! I am a Crimsontooth, and I do not kneel to the unexplained, I conquer it! My first project would of course be a laboratory. But first, I was in desperate need of immigrants. I'll build some proper housing for overseers.

    Our cook, Zora Steelgrass, had gone quite mad, and decided it prudent to turn all the human flesh around the colony into sausages. I must say I don't entirely disaprove. Cooked at the right temperature, human flesh is safe, and far more rich in nutrients than all this ridiculous fungus stew.


    Our NCO Nellie Crimbleelm was also functioning erratically - obsessed with mushrooms it appears.


    I felt a bit helpless and impatient as there wasn't a whole lot left I could do today until I received more overseers. So I took a somewhat drastic measure and unassigned both the mine and ceramics shop in order to speed up production on the overseer house and begin construction on my lab. To my dismay, even that wasn't enough to cut through the red tape. The day ended with a whimper.

    Day Eight
    At last, a new Overseer! Pansy would fit in quite well as an admirer of corporeal extractions.


    At last, I could begin work on the single most important part of any colony, the laboratory. Or at least I thought so. The bureaucracy is strong, I needed even more overseers. As if to mock me, the very trees and grass began a chanting chorus that unsettled an already quite disturbed group of colonists.


    Our first overseer house only sleeps two and will need some amenities, but it's a fine structure indeed. And now, oddly enough, I've been given the go-ahead to finally construct my lab. Most assuredly this time. Without any doubt. It would be shaped as the first creature to inspire me into the noble field of science - the noble Arachnid!


    Bandits! Why is it that every moment of triumph and reflection must be countered by chaos? I refuse to allow these scofflaws to interrupt my great project. They will be shot on sight and their bodies will be used for Science! Of course it may be prudent to assign more laborers to the Barracks now... NCO Crimbleelm is not an army by herself.


    Day Nine
    During the night we managed to beat back a single bandit and send the rest cowering into the forest. I was unable to capture this event with photography because it happened quickly, and while I was distracted with the menial task of constructing beds. Nonetheless, this should boost morale. It's certainly nice to be the victor for a change. But we remain shortstaffed overall, so I ordered the construction of a new bunkhouse.

    This day has been very uneventful, which is refreshing, but it also means I dont have much left to report. Much of my day has been spent attempting to please the overseers with something less gruesome than fungus stew. The rest involved freeing up men and women from their workshop duties for much needed construction and resource gathering jobs. Here is how the colony stands:

    Day 9.jpg

    I can hear whispers from some of the recently arrived laborers that I am not who I say I am. They heard someone was falsely executed back on the mainland, and that I took his place. I could have them shot, but I'm afraid it would only delay the inevitable. For now I must flee into the wilderness and plan my next move.


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  6. Nicholas

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    (what on Cog's green earth happened to your carpentry workbenches?! Seriously. I wrote the renderer code and I don't know what happened to your workbenches.)
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    No idea, it was like that when I loaded the save. I'm away from my PC right now so I can't post a console I'm afraid.
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    Well, send me that when you've got a chance. Dear lord.
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  9. OddProphet

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    We are going to need a public house, stat. Tea and comfort does wonders to calm nerves.
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    I guess I am next right? I'll try to have something up tonight.
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  11. Unforked

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    Here you go, hope this helps!

    Edit: I just loaded my save again, and they no longer glow.

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    I guess that's what happens when you build things from the innards of glowing spores.
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    I should point out that it isn't too late to sign on to the community colony! If you're new to the game, then this will be instructive. If you have some experience, you can HELP US.
  14. Puzzlemaker

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    Right, temporary overlord here.

    Sent me in to deal with a problem colony, and...

    oh by the cog
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    Sunrise, day 10.

    First thing I noticed is the spice racks.

    Why do we have five spice racks. I mean, I like spices, but we don't need five of them. I don't think.


    Second thing I noticed.


    So, I have work to do.

    First things first: We need booze. Lots of booze. I don't know how these people have survived without BOOZE for so long.

    Second, we need to BRING CIVILIZATION to this land.



    Alright, I think that's good for now.

    DAY 11

    Up and at em! First, we get some new immigrants, two new overseers. Excellent. Not much to report, everything is running somewhat smoothly.

    Added a trading post, which will be helpful. Hopefully I can get it up and running soon.


    DAY 12

    Work little worker bees, work!


    So far, this has been an uneventful trip! Very uneventful. Literally no events. I have booze production up and running, we have a trade post, and one of these lazy gits has gotten around to building the pub! I also assigned someone to man the laboratory, which will hopefully lead the colony into a new era of SCIENCE! Except we don't have laboratory supplies.

    Unfortunately, my time is up, and I must pass the buck as it were. Things are happening, stuff is getting done, etc. Most orders are in place, right now the bottleneck is wood, get more people on that chop chop (See what I did there? I crack myself up.)


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  16. Alephred

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    I've got the save file, and I'll take my turn tomorrow!
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  17. OddProphet

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    I suppose housing would be our chief concern - more peons = more lumber/coal/whatever.
  18. Alephred

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    Hey @OddProphet , I got quite a lot busier than I was expecting, I'm going to have to forfeit my turn this round (I hope to be available next round), sorry! On to you @Noratoxin !
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  19. OddProphet

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    So if @Noratoxin doesn't post by tonight I'll take over.
  20. Noratoxin

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    Ah, sorry, I can't play either, since I didn't expect the turns to go so fast. I had a busy week, but I'd gladly play next time around.
    So go on ahead and take over.
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