Let's Cover the Lands in Progress: Gold Release Community Colony

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    It was okay. I expected it to be more intricate, rather than a straightforward discovery > reaction > result, but I guess it ended kind of abruptly.

    As for what you should know. Keep an eye on the laboratory and make use out of the metalworks. I've got a lot of constructions requiring wood set up, so you need to either disable them or take them into account when creating additional orders. Also, maybe check what the workshops have queued up. I tend to avoid the automated orders, so some of them might have run out.
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    Yes, they can be a bit "easy" to handle it mostly depends on the out come, I have had both the Vicar and science lab study them with differnt outcomes, sometimes they fail and things "awaken" or tons of fishmen arrive which can be either good or bad depending on if you have been hostile to them or not.

    Good to know about the lumber situation, I play like you in that I disable the auto orders when I get into the game, I rather like knowing what and how much of a item I am producing.
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    Good news: The minions of Quag'garoth have been dealt a debilitating blow, and our industry advanced to the point where we can harness steam power!

    Bad news: Our barber is afflicted with piscine diseases. The location of sulfur and the production of Healthful Tonics should be prioritized, in my opinion. Best of luck, @Jagwithtude.
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    It was very quiet this time around, thank goodness, food production is up to 248 thanks to the iron ovens provided by @Noratoxin :) also chopped down trees because we needed the wood and mine is digging at level 3 so we should be getting much more iron and coal. Good luck @OddProphet

    ETA write up coming soon

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    I am home once again from the not so wild frontier and ready to write of my adventures in our colony.

    To whom it may concern, at last I am able to bring you glad tidinings, as my third trip to our wonderful colony was rather quiet with only a few minor distubances.

    Day 1 There was some kind of commotion going on near the public house with regards to a fishy idol that was found by our sweet barber Figaro Carnifex, I had barely arrived when much to his dismay, but to everyone else's delight it had been destroyed by our barkeep Phoebe Pendlehewer, when I asked her what this all meant? she told me there had been an incident involving said fishy idol bringing upon them some sort of Eldritch corruption and it needed to be destroyed to save our poor barber's soul. I was very glad to hear this as I have grown quite fond of our dear Figaro Carnifex.
    The rest of the day was a breeze so I began to order some decor and beds for some of the living quarters, a new booze vat for the public house and having them install the dewatering pump to the mine. This last item made our miner Prunella Rivethead very excited indeed, now she could dig even deeper in search of iron ore

    2 mine shafts.jpg

    Day 2 I was so excited to see all of the changes that had taken place while I was away, Zora Steelgrass couldn't stop talking about her 2 new iron ovens and how they are making cooking so much easier and faster, she told me that now they had fewer food production worries, this made me very happy as I know on my last trip everyone here was worried about their up coming November feast and there not being enough food to feed all of them.

    New kitchen.jpg

    I was glad to see that the new booze vat I ordered was installed just before dinner and noticed Cecil Pinne enjoying a beer while on break from his work shift.

    new keg.jpg

    The rest of the evening was calm and I was looking forward to the new morning and all it would bring.

    Day 3 Today started off well, our naturalist Grimly Oressly had already bagged a deer earlier this morning,


    Professor Plumb was busy in the lab and was no longer despaired, she was telling me of all the wonderful things they had been doing in the lab and that she was excited about the new barometer and windows she had ordered so that the lab would now be able to do research twice as fast.


    The colony was in full swing, chopping trees for the much needed lumber, both kitchen were busy making as much food as they could but we still had so much work to do that I walked over to our foreign office to have a word with Mr. Chainbreaker about trying to get some extra help, I remembered that on my last visit we had a very nice prison crew come and help the colony out with various bits and bobs that needed to be done. He was very happy to oblige me with this and sent for one, when they arrived I met the work crew's leader a seemly nice man by the name of Archibald Slabb and was told they would be here for the next 3 days.

    work crew.jpg

    I was about to thank the stars that my time here had been rather uneventful when bandits had invaded and tried to plunder some of our food and goods, I should not have worried as no sooner had they arrived Colonel Mustard and his brave fighting crew killed evey last one of them, although I do not like killing I was glad that these rouges were dealt with in this manner.

    fight bandits jpg.jpg

    My time here in the colony has come to an end but before I go, I was just informed by Mr. Chainbreaker
    that a letter had just arrived and it stated that the Empire was very pleased that the fishy idol was destroyed and our standing with them was up by 10 points.

    I bid all of you a fond fairwell until next time,

    Lovisa Bengtsdotter

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    My three days were completed. Steam ate my screenshots, so my writeup is sort of sitting on my hard drive looking unfulfilled. Generally speaking, here's what happened:

    1. A Brutish sort was conscripted as our second NCO, with a squad of browncoats drafted from lower-priority workshops and crews.
    2. A second Blunderbuss cabinet was constructed, and the Ceramics Workshop provided enough Ball Cartridge ammunition to supply both squads.
    3. Fishmen attacked and were driven back without casualties.
    4. Ore extraction techniques and Advanced Science have been researched. It is now possible to begin construction of a Macroscope.
    5. We collected a goodly amount of chalk from some Novorus traders. They were good enough to take the rest of our dormant spores, and even put down the one that woke up on their way out.
    I have the file here. If my screenshots appear, I'll post the writeup.

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    Often, when people imagine success, they think of material goods. A fine house at a respectable address, a wardrobe filled with the latest fashions, good whisky and better laudanum all bubble to the surface of Middle-Class minds when they imagine success. I've enjoyed all this and more, to be sure. But in the weeks following the success and continued growth of our colony, I have discovered that the true measure of success in the Empire is impunity. Despite the consistent influx of lower-class citizens in my home, the odd smells and distressing sounds from therein, and the deliveries made to and from the property every night, the constabulary have only arrived six times.

    Bobby number seven appeared on my doorstep at the unconscionable hour of two o'clock in the afternoon, and I only barely took in what he said as I drifted in and out of standing sleep. There was something about the colony, something about lumber agreements, and something about morale issues. The officer, to his credit, looked only mildly perturbed when I fished in his coat pockets for the inevitable crimson letter. Closing the door on his bristling moustache, I took in the contents of the missive. There was quite a lot of distressing hyperbole, but the crux of the problem appeared to be vestiges of some sort of stone-worshiping ur-faith present in the colony. After locking up the cellars and sending a wire to a few trusted friends, I arranged for overnight transport to the colony.


    Landing at the outskirts of the colony, I sensed the beginnings of urban congestion. Over 50 souls wandered the grounds. As I passed through the semi-regular housing into the center of the colony, I noted colonists from all walks of life: a melange of Laborers and Overseers, Scientists and Farmers, Soldiers and...wait, what?


    Prisoners? In MY colony? What possible use could there be in bringing these snarling wolves into the fold? Surely we have enough problems with banditry, Foreign Influences, and threats more esoteric? My thoughts turned immediately to the militia. Surely Mudhooke, or his inevitable replacement, would have an explanation – or failing that, five rounds rapid for these scoundrels!


    Mudhooke's bright red coat and dark gray frown stood out easily enough, but on approach a few things were off. I returned the man's salute and quietly regarded him as I tried to place what had gone wrong. After several seconds of contemplation, a quiet cough from Mudhooke prompted me to address my concerns. The NCO had explained that, as an experiment in improving morale, himself and several other colonists had been renamed after characters in Parker & Milton's recent murder mystery novella, Cluedo. This also explains the crude insignia tied to his arm. “Colonel” Mustard, as he was called, began his report at my prompting.

    First, the prisoners were all accounted for by a portly sort named Slabbe. A different sort of Overseer, his only purpose seemed to be to follow around and occasionally cuff the ears of the striped scoundrels that were apparently on loan from the Home Countries.

    Second, we have finally applied Modern Industry to certain sections of the colony. Steam-powered ovens allowed for tremendous gains in productivity, and our science program (led by the ominously-named Professor “Plumb” [sic]) have made serious advances in agriculture. Wheat, that cornerstone of the Clockworkian Larder, has been successfully transplanted in the colonies.

    Third, the constant increase in population and property has complicated the lives of the militia in unprecedented ways. The length of patrols have more than doubled, and the lights of the colony are attracting constantly-growing numbers of bandits, fishmen, and (if I remember his words correctly) "floating, malevolent stones with tendrils that throttle men." The unspoken complaint was a lack of sleep, of course: Mudhooke looked like he hadn't slept in days. This last problem was what I decided to tackle: this colony must be made safe!


    As my agenda comes in to focus, the sky darkens. The colony seems to breathe easier under the cloud cover, myself included. I find myself hoping it will rain.


    As I head into the local branch of the Foreign Office to work, I am flooded with reports from completed work orders. Apparently the last overseer was something of a micromanager. This is a healthy habit in struggling colonies, to be certain, but I believe some standing production orders will serve just fine.


    That prison Overseer, Slabbe, set to work constructing the new Milita's quarters. I suppose this is as close to ideal as it would be: surely a man that works with prisoners knows how to make a secure building.


    The chapel bell sounded in the regular intervals of the Mechanist call to reflection. As a right-thinking Ecumenist, I had a few choice words for the vicar. It took the threat of exile, but I had the sermons quietly changed to the proper doctrine.

    As night fell on the colony, I began to consider the question of staffing and arming the new militia squad. My eye fell on Henry Wilwright – a swarthy looking brute occupied in “Whatever Needs Doing, Gov'.” He is a simple creature: one that needs only good food, a strong arm, and stronger drink. Seeing as how we have good solid Clockworkian beer and Modern Industry humming along in our kitchens, he should be simple enough to control. I have also put in an order for Blunderbusses to be installed for Mudhooke's squad. Wilwright's men can train themselves with tripistols until they learn trigger discipline.

    Day 2 in the next post.
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    Dawn broke with gunfire, as it so often does this far from civilization. As I ran from the Office to monitor the battle, I saw Wilwright attempting to direct his people into a firing line. To his credit, he kept his people from breaking. Brown-shirted recruits from across the colony converged on the fishy menace, engaging the piscene invaders in vicious melee!


    Mudhooke (The “Mustard” moniker left behind in the brutal arithmetic in combat) rallied his own squad to bolster Wilwright's recruits: experienced redcoats mixed with the recruits' lines in Republique fashion. Distasteful culturally, certainly, but its effectiveness cannot be denied. In a few short minutes, half a dozen fishy bodies lay still on the ground. I suppose the barber will have work to do...


    Before I could inspect the facilities at the Barbershop, I heard the droning baritone of Novorus marching songs. A look at Mudhooke's fatigued face showed no real concern, and he informed me that the incoming foreigners were here to trade.


    The prison Overseer, Slabbe, dropped by my office to bid a farewell. His term had apparently come to an end and he was due to return to the Home Counties. I looked askance at the man: he was not a particularly impressive figure for someone charged with transporting murderers, traitors, and Science Criminals. He had little muscle and much flab, and was in possession of a weak chin and a weaker moustache. I offered the man a military escort to his airship. He smiled, and winked, and tapped his nose. He laid a small red envelope across my desk and left for parts unknown.


    I had neither the time nor the inclination to manage whatever issue the Foreign Office had for me at the moment, as I was too busy trying to parse the Novorus accent the traders insisted on, despite the several minutes I spent coaching them. I passed out some dormant spores of unknown origin, and they seemed pleased enough with it to allow me to relieve them of some useful goods.


    Developments in the Spider-Lab came to a head as the day began to close. Less wild-eyed and tear stained then normal, Robinhooke (sorry, “Plumb”) came to my office. She began to speak at length about plans for a device that can examine extremely large objects – scientists using this “macroscope” could examine forests, oceans, tectonic shifts, planetary movements, cyclopean rumblings in the deep places, the endlessly churning chaos in the unseen seas the lightless crushing black of space

    the guilt

    is immense

    day three


    so much loss (so much more to lose)


    earth bleeds suck the wounds (feed the maw)


    Laudanum. The bitter taste leads me back to lucidity like breadcrumbs through a forest. My vision comes back to see Mudhooke placing one of those darling bottles back into his coat. He helps me to my feet and stalks off. I bring myself to my feet and examine my surroundings. Robinhooke is sobbing into her chalkboard again. The barometer was apparently built and installed. How long was I out? I walk out into the dark and see my airship. I feel in my coat: the crimson letter Slabbe left was still there, seal unbroken. I will have to pay the Foreign Office a visit, I think.


    The ship passes by another, in the night. Seven hopeful souls stand by the railing, appraising the bustling colony below. I wave at them, and smile as best I can. I cannot help but feel that the laboratory is a tinderbox. I hope it is the only thing that burns.
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    Damn those bandits and their Republican face-art! (Rouge is make-up, and its a joke I love to make).

    Huzzah the Colony!
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    Holy shit, I thought I had somehow made a typo. You scared me terribly. Now sign up for the colony already!
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    Hahaha, no it was my typo :D but those rogue bandits do tend to cover their ghastly faces with fair amounts of rouge and a slight hint of mascara while doing all sorts of dastardly deeds.
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  13. Sorry to disappoint all of you, but I have to skip my turn, unless you can cope with a long delay for both the save file and the write up. I have a big assignment to finish these days, so I don't know how will I ever find the time to live, let alone to play :(. (I'll still peek the forum a little during my train trips :D)
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    I'm afraid that I must pass this round as well. :(
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    Alright, sorry I missed the last one, I'll try to get it up tomorrow.
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    I arrived at the colony alongside some other migrants, ready to start overseeing this fine... place.


    As if to welcome me, the sun peeked through the clouds! Wonderful!


    A good omen! Surely this means my time here will be pleasant and uneventful.

    I watch as the colony busies itself. Ah, the vim and vigor of the frontier! I never get tired of it! I do however get tired of the poor quality of the... well, everything. Ah well.

    It takes me awhile to notice that we have two kitchens, one with state of the art equipment, and the other... without that.


    I am not sure if this is optimal, but I will assume that the previous overseers had a good reason for it!


    I sleep soundly, knowing everything in the colony is going quite smoothly. Quite smoothly indeed.

    I awoke to the sound of a Professor Plumb (?) having a nice chat with a rather bloated blue corpse. Ahh, the frontier!


    Also, something about odd behavior? I didn't pay attention. Let the vicar handle it!


    The vicar (Named Vicar, conveniently enough) roused me from my afternoon nap, disturbing several regrettably empty bottles. Evidently, someone cut up a plum, and needs exercise? I sigh and tell the vicar to just deal with it.


    The Vicar comes back, informs me that they are "Preparing for the wurst", which sounded delicious. I told him the best of luck, and may the coals cook it evenly. He gave me a blank stare then headed out. Good chap, I wonder if they'll save any for me?

    20161213181018_1.jpg 20161213181239_1.jpg

    I hear a few firecrackers go off, and someone shouting about how the plum has turned into a horrifying monstrosity. Obviously someone left it in the cupboard for too long! I remember the time I forgot about a piece of bread for over three months, it looked like a miniature city afterwards! The vicar comes running in to inform me that the "Wurst is over", which is somewhat upsetting since I was hoping to have a bite.

    Unfortunately, I have been recalled, and so I leave the peaceful colony behind. A rather uneventful trip, to say the least.

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    Figured Robinhooke would go rocky one day. Best of luck finding an alternate Scientist.
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    Interestingly, the cult seemed to be a cult of just one, and there were no other casualties. I already assigned another colonist to the position as well.
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    It had to be that book we dug up early in the colony's lifespan. Some genius decided that it would be a good idea to use it for Science.