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Discussion in 'Realm of the Diggle Gods' started by Haldurson, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Haldurson

    Haldurson Member

    I've been playing around with the new skill sets, and am trying to figure out how some of the new skills work, and how they interact with each other and existing skills.

    Wereform+Vampirism: does wereform cancel out vampirism while active (I'm not sure if I can trust my experience since I've heard that Vampirism also has changed). If so, can I eat food while in werediggle form?

    Vegan+??Butcher??: I tried taking all of the new skills at once, and kept getting this vegan curse thingy -- is it because of an interaction with the hunter skill or is it just a feature of being a vegan?

    Love will Keep us apart: I haven't been able to get this to work, so I'm not even sure what its supposed to do. I tried casting it on a critter, but somehow noticed that I only had 5 mana total at the time which was too little (and I died shortly after), so my test failed. Is it supposed to (as I'm guessing) teleport an adjacent critter away?

    That's it for now. I'm sure I'll have more questions eventually.
  2. Luke00016

    Luke00016 Member

    Vegan debuffs happen whenever you hit an animal or eat meat/cheese. It does not synthesize with Big Game Hunter at all.

    Love will keep us apart is a teleport spell for use when an enemy is next to you, it will push you and the enemy away from each other.
  3. Blue

    Blue Member

    You still drain life while shapeshifted and you cannot eat, even in diggle form. Also, you probably only had 5 mana because of the vegan debuff.
  4. Orion

    Orion Member

    Vegans do not seem to have a problem killing animals with ranged attacks...ironically this means that Vegans with a throwing and/or crossbow skill are the best at animal-killing, since the animals never seem to turn hostile so you can slaughter to your heart's content. Yay!
  5. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    This is probably related to the problem wherein the new Berzerker +100 Critical skill doesn't ever pop on ranged attacks, making "barbarian sniper" an awesome new archetype.
  6. woland

    woland Member

    Are summoned diggles supposed to give you exp when you kill them? Because i thought it was an issue which had been fixed with previous summoned creatures, but maybe i'm wrong
  7. Run Now

    Run Now Member

    I was surprised at how resilient they are for a 4xsummon. I may be missing something.
  8. vacantskies

    vacantskies Member

    Does anyone know what Plunder does? I thought it would give you zorkmids, but it doesn't appear to.
  9. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    It's currently borked. It's on the to-do list. For the moment, just be happy that Swashbuckling only requires you to take one empty skill pre-Godhood. :)
  10. BadBeat

    BadBeat Member

    Yeah, I was slightly surprised that the "I become immortal and kill absolutely everything for 5 turns, AAAAAHAHAHAA!" ability wasn't the end skill.
  11. Unibrow

    Unibrow Member

    I had a few questions about the big game hunter tree. Does butcher do any damage or am I just getting lots of free fodder for the lutfisk cube? Also is there any hidden bonus to the lure skill? It doesn't seem to be very useful, it doesn't work on monsters with chicken AI, and most other monsters will follow you anyway.

    I'm loving the were-diggle skills though. It's so much fun to run around a wreak havoc as an unassuming little diggle. Although I found the Arch diggle skill to be a bit underwhelming - it did less damage than my basic attack so there was no reason for me to ever use it. Also one gripe I had with diggleform is that it doesn't seem to synergise with unarmed combat. If you have a weapon equipped your damage from the weapon is used in diggleform, however your unarmed bonuses are not available in diggleform.
  12. IanExMachina

    IanExMachina Member

    An issue with Veganism is the fact that animals will repeatedly get in your way, all the damn time.
  13. woland

    woland Member

    i just died for it. it was a critical hit to kill me, but i have the impression that also some normal blows weren't countered earlier
  14. IanExMachina

    IanExMachina Member

    Veganism + Emomancy

    The Cure skill removes the Vegan debuffs which are crippling and only give the mild Curse of Emo in return.
    Perfect for if you accidentally hit that diggle, several times, till it died.
  15. Leaf

    Leaf Member

    Anyone know what Vegan Level 5 is supposed to do?
  16. blob

    blob Member

    I agree that vegan feels really annoying to play right now. Hard to get around all the animals. I kept teleporting them away with my emo skill.
    Also diggles are kinda the mascot ennemies of the game. Making them peaceful is a bit... I dunno, disappointing.
  17. Luke00016

    Luke00016 Member

    It's a self purify with a 120 turn cooldown.

    Great for when you want to break your veganism and go on a rampage, then instantly remove all the debuffs.
  18. This also happens with one of the mushrooms. I think it's a system flaw/exploit.
  19. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Haven't had much problem with Vegan. Both my Mushroom Golem and my Blade Beings can kill animals just fine with no penalty on me, so...yeah. Not really caring. :)
  20. blob

    blob Member

    Yeah but its boring gameplay. They dont even fight back in that case, right ?