Laser Surgery: For The Wizard Attending AA

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    Would you rather die of alcohol poisoning, or SHOOT LASERS?!

    For the wizard whose liver needs a break. Laser Surgery is a wizard skill tree with a number of cooldown abilities that drain mana and decrease the available mana pool... but, you know, lasers. If you're a wizard who keeps finding yourself out of mana at crucial junctions, consider Laser Surgery!


    Also adds "The Laser Fleece" and "Laserpedia" to the game as items - one is an artifact chest cribbed heavily from the Cloak of Sagan, and the other is a tome all about lasers.

    Laser Shears:
    Slash up your enemies as they march at you in long, single file lines! Be wowed and amazed at the range of this thing! Lasers have come a long way.

    Some People Spell It 'Lazor':
    Burninate an unlucky foe with lasers! You may notice this seems to be a running theme.

    Your laser eye surgery hurts vision and diggles. Poor guys.

    Maser Beam:
    Medical science, what is your deal with this? Where do these maces come from? And where does the other kind of mace come from? I thought this was a laser!

    Surgical Strike:
    Justify calling yourself a laser surgeon, and also have a health-draining laser! That deals toxic damage, just like how (some) real laser surgery works!

    Last Defense Against Felis Catus:
    A support-type laser for a bad situation. Perhaps you'll scare, confuse, or even charm your way out of the hole! Or perhaps it won't work. Those accursed felines are catching on to our weapon...

    Lasers Lasers Lasers Lasers Lasers:
    SO MANY LASERS. OH MY GOSH. They don't look like lasers because you, the player, needs to distinguish what kind of random damage they'll do BUT SO MANY LASERS.

    Total stats: +21 magic power, +1 aethereal resist

    I have the +magic power so high (+3 / skill) because this is, ostensibly, a wizard support skill. When the wizard's feeling confident, they probably won't use it very often, and this means that it'd be dead weight otherwise.

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    ...Is the first skill supposed to debuff you with six stacks of -3 :mana:, thereby sending it into the negatives?

    Because I get the feeling maybe it's only supposed to debuff you once.
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    Seems generally pretty unbalanced. Could use a general makeover or rework?