LambdaRogue: The Book of Stars

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    Alongside the excellent of the good ship Dredmor here and the protracted battle of the semi-democratic ages being waged in a sporting manner over on the ASCII Dreams poll versus Tales of Maj'Eyal (ToME 4), there is another rather nice free graphical/ASCII Roguelike project in general in the mix, though out of the spotlight generally thus far, that I suspect many folk here might fancy to keep an eye on in 2012 as it hopefully ramps up ever so nicely and grows the fanbase. I'd like to think it stands an excellent chance of a stronger showing versus, I should hope, yet more excellent Dredmor/ToME 4/etc action in the new year...

    "...a single-player roguelike role playing game with a strong emphasis on story." It gained a spiffy new site, with yet more spiffy content to come.

    You can get at some Source action, and run it on Win/Lion/Linux, with It being a good sized 100something MB download on account of the nice art and music and such.

    Latest big update that prompted my seeing fit to get the word out being, in the shortest form as the actual changelog is up there in length with some of the meatier Dredmor ones:
    "Finally, I'm able to release the next significant update for LambdaRogue: LR 1.6.1 "The Morning Star Conspiracy":
    • More Gameplay: Besides a more clever AI, rebalanced magic, and numerous small additions, bug fixes and tweaks, the update introduces a significantly enhanced profession and religion system, with unique powers depending on profession rank.
    • New Graphics: Amazing Brasilian artist Cecilia Favo de Mel created an exclusive new tileset, new effect icons, new GUI elements, and new character portraits. Enjoy a breath of fresh visual air blowing through LambdaRogue's dungeons.
    • New Questline: Ever wondered why Thanan betrayed the Temple of Enoa? Ever wanted to know what the real story behind the Crystal of Redemption is? And ever asked yourself which role Eris really plays in the ongoing events? The Morning Star Conspiracy has all the answers.
    Within the next days, the website will be updated with new screenshots, the new quickstart guide, and a complete spoilers file (guidebook) in full-color PDF format -- but the game itself can be enjoyed today!"
    If you peruse the devblog, you can see some of the reasoning that has went into the last update and the gist of the fairly novel approach to the heavily updated religion/profession system these past many weeks.
    Hope some newfound enjoyment can be had by folks with it! I'd also imagine the dev would be pretty keen on feedback and notions, so no need to be shy.
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    I tried this a while ago but it felt kind of confusing (and I didn't enjoy the graphics.) Since they updated a lot I'll have to check it out soon! Thanks.
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    Yeah, the old graphical style was a bit of an acquired taste from a mishmash of doings----now that it is all unified in design from a rather competent seeming artist is should flow much better alongside the UI improvements.

    The general plan as I've seen it mentioned is to go on a bit of a dev/release streak from about here unto about March or so and see what happens---feedback hopefully pouring in from all corners so he has a better idea of what to attack and add to on the todo list.
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    The game now has the manual online with lots of pictures and whatnot, yet no spoilers per se, to better come to grips with it for newcomers as well as the many changes since the older days of the game.