"Killed by losing all her health"

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  1. Darkmere

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    I just lost my Rogue Scientist, Tandi the Mad, to the 2nd floor zoo. My other character is an Emomancer, so out of habit I clicked the green icon and cast it right at a monster near the front.

    Gas Canisters do not work that way.

    It "rebounded" right at Tandi's feet, and she instantly died, with full health (NOT from full to zero. Dead with 45/45 hp). The title is what's listed on her gravestone. Poor Tandi.

    I haven't done anything with modding, but I'm guessing throwing a canister spawns an entity and a script to auto-kill that tile to make the canister's shattered "corpse" and that it "bounces" off occupied targets to keep this script from being exploited to 1-shot Dredmor or some such?
  2. Daynab

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    As far as I understand, the canister is a monster that dies, after being "thrown". What actually kills it I do not know but you're probably right that it affects that tile and thus you died.
  3. Ruigi

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    The kill entity trigger will never affect an enemy monster, however, the player is not immune from this trigger, if the gas canister tile somehow spawns on the player, they will die instantly. the "ricochet" text was put there because i couldn't figure out how to prevent the gas canister effect from spawning on some place other than where the character threw it.
  4. Wootah

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    Hahaha... I better not use that so much. I love that. I have had it ricochet into closed rooms before that I haven't even mapped out (at least the cloud graphics were coming out of there).
  5. banjo2E

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    ...Is that why the last time I tried to die by drinking from an acid fountain, I got "killed by losing all health" and didn't get the achievement?
  6. Ruigi

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    killed by losing all health just means that a debuff lowered your hp to 0 or lower.
  7. banjo2E

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    So, what, if you want the "died from drinking fountain acid" achievement, you need to have *just* the right amount of health that you die from the DOT instead of the initial hit?

    ...wow, that's even worse than the "died from kicking a door" achievement.
  8. Null

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    Actually this will give you killed from a buff running out instead I believe even though it's just from the debuff starting.
  9. Smoogly

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    This just happened to my werediggle/RogueScientist playthrough
    At floor 12 no less

    Not mad about it but i want to take a look at the xml and find a way to prevent this, im sure the devs cane too the conclusion it cant be fixed or the cure is worse than the illness