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  1. Its a city-stomping game that I backed last year. It is due out before the end of April- I got to play a pre-press build, and found the layouts of the cities and defender spawns presented you with lots of decisions to make.

    Oh, and there are 99 abilities to train up overall (only 33 are likely on a standard runthrough, and the later abilities are concealed until you train the earlier node, so....). I think Nickolas played a pre-alpha at a indie meet up in Van, but I could have mistaken his picture.

    Steam Store Page and Release Trailer.
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  2. It is out! I'm still surprised at how much I like this little game. I haven't got to play with all the features that went into the final build (each region has a unique Kaiju they build if you don't defeat them quickly enough, base defense, and so on), but the challenge of minimizing time expenditure/damage while gathering needed resources/causing cities to surrender is quite fun.

    As of this writing, the game has 17 (out of 17) positive reviews.
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    Seconded on KaGG. Lots of fun - brings back fond memories of Crush, Crumble & Chomp.

    Not much documentation, though, and my Steam achievement for forcing the capitulation of Anchorage hasn't shown up yet. Hopefully that will get resolved soon.
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    The lack of documentation (and the fact that the one Let's Play I saw had a player who's exactly as clueless as I am, so it wasn't enough of a help). I'm not sure if the game is simply buggy, or if I'm completely missing something.
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    i haven't encountered anything that really seems like a bug besides the missing Steam achievement. It just isn't clear how a lot of the mechanics work, what's needed to unlock new abilities, etc.
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    1: When I click on the map to move my Kaiju, 80% of the time, it doesn't work. I assume that that's a bug.
    2: Even when an attack's cool-down is done, those attacks don't always seem to register (similar to the problem with movement)
    3: I can train the three tiear one skills. I can't do anything beyond that.
    4: In a LEt's Play I watched, I saw that the player could contact a city and ask them to surrender or pay money even after only attacking them once. I NEVER see that option even after multiple attacks. Instead the defenses just get harder and harder.
    5: I can't seem to build anything even if I have resources. Nothing happens
    6: I read that the strategy suggests that you keep attacking a city until it yields. The problem is that with increasing defenses, and declining returns, the second and subsequent times I attack a city, I get almost nothing out of it. Eventually, I end up not being able to get to the edge of the map fast enough because of how fast the city gets to defcon 4.
    7: Once the UI element for building is on the screen, there doesn't seem to be any way to remove it other than going to the world map or the training screens.
    8: The range of the default ranged attack (plasmoid?) seems to be random. Most of the time, the attack doesn't seem to reach anything other than an adjacent square. Aiming it is fruitless.
    9: The control for passing time disappears and reappears depending on which screen I'm on. I wish it wouldn't do that. (more of an annoyance than a bug).
    10: Not a bug, but another annoyance. Having played "The Creature that Ate Sheboygan", the most fun of a fire-igniting kaiju is to start raging fires. In this game, fires seem to just burn out in seconds. One of my favorite things to do in that game would be to shoot webs, knowing that fires could spread to them and cross streets more easily if there were webs connecting them (also, fires could spread, and if the winds were right, they could even spread to buildings across the street from one another).
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    Yeah, documentation for all of that would be nice.

    Regarding cities, I too alternated attacks between tier 1 cities (green flags) for a while, then stumbled onto attacking houses to generate Civilian units, then blasting them with my laser eyes. Big city morale penalties ensued until the city finally surrended (probably took destroying 10-12 civvie units to do so).
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  8. If true, yes. I sometimes have to click twice at most, so it doesnt' really bother me. It isn't flawless, that is true.

    That is odd. I recommend the pause function! (Spacebar by default.) It also helps with precision targeting. Bear in mind that right-click gives you a blue targeting ring you can use for most aircraft and all land-based targets. The Kaiju will then target that enemy unit if it is in range when you activate a targeted ability like eye lasers or death beams.

    A lot of people are having this conceptual issue, so the explanation really needs to be better in game. Basically, build a tier 2 training facility (you know you can scroll through buildings, right?), and assuming you have the resources you can train the next set of abilities.

    The LP'er was playing a pre-release build. The function is either hidden away through some later building or disabled currently.

    Well this explains why you can't train higher abilities! You need a tier 2 training building for that. Are you dragging and clicking to place the selected building? Click the build button, drag the building to free space on the island, and click confirm.

    That advice is rubbish, imo. Cities are resource generators. You can stockpile 3 resources without limit at your base (Money, Knowledge, and Purpletonium). You can stockpile 2 within your current capacity (Energy and Organics). Hit as powerful a city as you can and destroy high-value targets (like Central banks, Universities, Colleges, unique buildings) then get the hell out once you are at storage max. I don't try and flip/conquer a city until I have at least some tier 2 abilities trained.

    Press the build button again. ;)

    Aiming is not fruitless- you just need to consider LoS. If things are in the way, the projectile gets caught on them.

    A lot of the above reflects that this was a project under severe financial constraints, I think. They just didn't have the luxury before release of going back and padding the options for doing basic things. The building thing took me a bit to figure out before release, for example. :)
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  9. There is reference material out now- not sure if there was at release. Because steam is special, you can view the reference link (just a single pdf page last I looked) from the STORE page, but not your LIBRARY page.

    Because owners would never want to check a manual or reference, clearly. :rolleyes:
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