"Ka-POW!" Dredmor Will Die.

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  1. Hey, it's not time for him to make his entrance on that floor yet! Put away the violins!


    1. I take no responsibility for anything. I didn't make this; just thinking of Batman caused this mod to spontaneously create itself.
    2. You MUST load Essential DoD Skills 2, by Essence, which contains the Ninjitsu skill, otherwise several parts of this mod will not work. No, I will not move everything from his mod over to this one, because it's not my work. Download and use the source mod, mine merely hooks into it and would prefer to commit the crime of homage rather than piracy. This will work fine even if you make a "Mac pack" out of the two.
    3. Then again, this might not work at all even if you do everything right. I didn't rigorously test anything. The only guarantee I can make is this: "So far, Batmannery hasn't erased my Bat-hard-drive, nor have I found myself to be Bat-pregnant... yet."
    4. I'm also running Jay's Phoneme mod and Megacrafts. I'm pretty sure you don't NEED them in order to use Batmannery; that said, those are 2 great mods.
    5. If you turn into a bat, I still take no responsibility for it, or your Bat-babies.
    6. No really.
    7. I might add a 6th skill to it just to give me (and, I guess, you, even though I hate you) an opportunity to go more balls-deep into Batman. I might make my own, I might take it from Ninjitsu/Burglary.
    8. I might also borrow a skill from SwiftStriker... just imagine being able to Jump Jump. It would be crazy, and a pretty fun reward for maxing both skill trees.
    9. Hi! I'm Bubbles!
    10. Anything that happens to you is your own fault. Downloading this mod was a bad idea. The Dark Knight will be on your computer, watching everything you do, disapproving, and getting angrier by the day.
    11. Good luck!

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  2. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Essential DoD Skills II. Has Ninjitsu. That's all. And I'm so downloading this. :)
  3. Touching up the Batmannery skill tree so that it would be safe-ish for public consumption broke my save file. :( If I can retrace my steps and restore the mod to its original, half-assed state, I MIGHT be able to continue.