"Ka-POW!" Dredmor Will Die.

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  1. It's something he might do, given good odds of winning the engagement. He initially did brawl with the President of Torrents, but stopped fighting fair as soon as he lost ~1/4 of his HP in one go. But he'll always be willing to trade punches with an Inconsequentia spawn on at least a trial basis. I've not yet decided what to do about Evil Chests... maybe they're what he's been saving all these unused mushrooms for.

    Does anyone have any opinions on the jacket / skills questions? I suspect that RBD advocates taking Swift Striker stuff all de way. ;) Do named monsters have a higher than normal crit chance? I'm sure I'll want tunnel vision at deeper levels, but I was under the impression that early floors weren't very critty.
    EDIT: You ninja! Noted.
  2. Well yeah, kinda, depends really. I recommend at least getting quickstep ASAP, unless Batmannery also has a teleportation skill. You're going to need to have at least one at some point, I'm sure of it. If batmannery has one though, Go for that first, more in character.

    SwiftStriker's Jump skill is highly dependent on your physical attack power, so you should probably wait until you've maxed your other warrior trees before you worry about Jump.

    Also, did you change batmannery to a warrior skill, or did it not work?
  3. Warrioring it totally worked!

    Can I use quickstep to get to islands, i.e., in situations where there isn't a monster target? SwiftStriker and Artful Dodger are my teleport-capable trees, Batmannery is for vanishing, batarangs, and stunning. Tho regardless, I'll go with the popular option if there is one.
  4. Oh yeah, forgot you had knightly leap. Yeah, quickstep can teleport ANYWHERE as long as you can see it and it's in a rook movement formation. No monster target needed :)
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    Named monsters get bonuses to base stats (which ups crit rate) and secondary stats (one of which is crit chance.) So yes, they have a higher crit rate than normal.
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    OK, first a Burning Tome isn't really an upgrade from a Little Black Book, is it?

    Second, my votes go to SwiftStriker because Jump is just so Goddamn Batman that you should acquire it immediately, and the Studded Leather because seriously, that's just way better than denim for a superhero. :)
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  7. INTERLUDE: The Bat-o-porter
    "Clever friggin' Alfred sent me a message - an experimental teleportation device owned by Wayne Enterprises in the future fell into our mansion via time travel and our goddamn new bay windows. Somehow that old geezer always comes up with good ideas. An inscription on the base indicates that I willed the item to some loser named 'Terry McGinnis' with the words, 'God help us, but you're the future now, kid.' "​
    "What was I smoking? With any luck, these events will never come to pass. Continuity can get a little strange anyways, when you're a superhero... I'm never sure whether I'm alive or dead."​
    "At any rate, I told Alfred to use the damn thing, and bring me a set of more loose-fitting pants. My ass-kicking foot has been hard at work, and leather was starting to chafe. He arrived, but the damn thing malfunctioned again. Now Alfred's hands and feet have swapped places, and he insists on being referred to as KRONG. He brought me probably the loosest-fitting pants I've ever seen, but they get the job done. All exaltations unto Krong.... skilled butler, addled nutjob, tailor extraordinaire."​

    "If we know what's good for us, we'll leave the Bat-o-porter down here, and never mention it again. Alfred, though, we keep... probably. If he stops singing Disney tunes."
  8. He ended up finding an artifact spellbook that was slightly better than either burning tome or little black book. If I'm doing my math correctly, I'm Batman blocks, dodges, or counters 71.78% of all theoretical attacks against him. If we assume they have 15 EDR and 10 crit, that's still 57.8% attack avoidance before armor and resists. Not bad for DL3 going on 4 (I'm a bit behind on posting screenshots, they're coming) - now what I really need is magic resistance.

    Unfortunately equipping the Trapper's Toolbelt destroyed our existing bullet belt rather than replace it, and I accidentally sold the studded leather, but we're doing fine. I've stopped summoning ninja weapons because the game is already easy enough - I just run around trying to manage I'm Batman's overflowing inventory while he kicks the crap out of anything that approaches.
  9. CHAPTER THREE: Zoofisting
    The Goddamn Batman delved on, despite darkness dim and dreary, finding tomb, tome and trousers aplenty... but no sign of Dredmor.​
    "I say!" exclaimed Alfred/Krong, in his insufferably ever-cheerful butler accent. "I do hope that stylish jacket of yours will keep too much of you from leaking out. We've stumbled upon a veritable ZOO of beasties!"​
    "Well! I'm not the diplomatic type, so I shall just have to knit you something nice for your efforts - over here behind this statue. I do hope your fist doesn't get TOO tired, Master Wayne. Good luck, and all glory to ME! Krong!"​
    Batman heaved a sigh, turned, and growled menacingly at them.Undeterred, they surged forward to break their faces on his fist.​
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    "Rational criminal scum from Gotham normally flee when I give them The Look, but these creatures of Dredmor's are driven with a single, suicidal purpose: to stop me from dispatching their master. No amount of determination can prepare you for the ire of The Goddamn Batman, though."​
    "Whenever nothing was in fisting range, and they left me a gap large enough to throw through, I gave them a taste of exploding Batarang - but by and large they were eager to die by my personal touch."​
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    "To their credit, they managed to give me a bloody nose - which none had yet managed to do down here - but it didn't last. I grabbed some bread & grilled steak, then gobbled it up like a hot dog. (editor's note: youtube link) They desperately tried to make me back down, but with one mighty Bat-Burp, they started dying en masse."​
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    "Their ringleader, a squid blessed by Dredmor with minor energy bolts as well as googly eyes from a crafts store, cowered behind the slain and endeavored to blast me away. This, too, was futile. I Bat-Booted him so hard through the door, he left behind a pair of hardy leather gloves."​
    "I kicked my way into the following room just to make sure he wasn't moving."​
    "That situation in hand, I took a refreshing nap. Alfred kept watch - for whatever good that did - and we proceeded downward. More goddamn theme music hailed our arrival, along with an ambush."​
    "This ambush was like the other one, except smaller and more quickly crushed. Goddamn right it was awkward... FOR THEM!"​
    Would things continue to be this easy for The Batman? Would his deranged butler die suddenly and ignominiously by tripping over a trap?​
    To find out all these things and more, stay tuned to this Bat-Channel!​
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    Yes it is, if you don't need the resistance it's a big bonus, it sets enemies on fire. In fact, the Black Book is the only tome afaik that doesn't have such an effect.
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    I look forward to it :). Nice writing, funny puns and an interesting build :).
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    You've made it pretty far without dieing

    Did I just Jinx you, in any way? :D
  14. Right, I'm pretty sure the new swiftstriker version is stable, as in not likely to change soon. It adds some stat bonuses, like you wanted, to the early levels, before you get into the non-situational abilities.

    Also... this series IS awesome, but it strikes me as odd that you've kinda thrown batman's "no killing" code out the window :)
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    The monsters run into his fist, he can't help it.
    Great story, keep it up !
  16. I accidentally deleted Photoshop, so today's screenshots will be clumsily cropped in imgur's native editor. I don't feel like reinstalling and setting up my prefs right at this moment.​
    I ALSO accidentally closed the tab wherein I was explaining why this works rather well for the format... just one of those days. Stay tuned! For now:​
    INTERLUDE: Dredmor the Litterbug

    "It's getting hard to enforce the rule which states that everything the Bat-fist touches becomes my property. This basement is turning out to be more of a catacomb, or a sunken city! And throughout it, I see discarded materials from Dredmor's attempted inventions, which I can easily put to better use. There also seems to be a ton of crummy medieval weaponry. Maybe he's a collector? At least I found a crossbow to match all the bolts that I left upstairs."​
    "Sometimes, people forget that I’m a world-class inventor. Sometimes, that's because I've just given them a concussion.​
    I found another one of Dredmor's obvious traps (with haiku) and rigged it to explode."​
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    "Alfred has been complaining that even 'Almighty Krong' has limits as to how much he can carry, so I've changed up his orders a bit. Rather than making him collect everything that looks useful or interesting, I've got him affixing tiny little flags emblazoned with the Wayne Enterprises logo to things. I've told him it's for the glory of Krong, which makes him disgustingly happy."​
    "I'll make something badass out of all this junk later; for now, there's plenty of usable floor space and a shortage of useful Alfred space in which to store everything."​
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    "I accidentally deleted Photoshop"

    Beautiful haiku too ! : D
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  18. Some stuff:
    • Finally cleared out my backlog of screenshots. Now I can play the game again, yay!
    • I took one level of perception to increase my defenses for the zoo fight, and now I'm taking SwiftStriker to get the Jump skill that everyone loves so much. If I start seeing traps that are beyond my skill level, I'll make a brief detour for some trap skill in perception, tinkering, or whatever
    • Re-reading The Killing Joke is always fun. If you don't have the patience to read it, someone voice acted it on YouTube
    The total and complete kind of delete, too, no mamby-pamby recycle binnage.

    Did you notice the particular freeze-frame I got in the third of the "trap room" screenshots? :D
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    Just curious, HOW did you do that ? select your hard drive, shift + delete ?

    Ohhh I was wondering about that screenshot. Ball kicking action !
  20. Please Please Please Please PLEASE post a download link for the batmannery skill tree!