"Ka-POW!" Dredmor Will Die.

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  1. INTRODUCTION: Who is this guy?

    "Most people wouldn't appreciate being trapped in a dark cave with nothing but the tools on their belt. They'd be too busy fearing their own demise to realize the opportunity they've been given."
    "Now that I'm down here, there are no distractions. And this 'Dredmor' guy I've been pursuing, who lured me down here?

    Well, now I'm standing in between him and the only exit. Whatever thrill he gets from killing normal people... I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint him."
  2. INTRODUCTION: What makes The Batman?

    • Unarmed - duh
    • Shields - he blocks a great deal of attacks with those bladed gauntlets of his
    • Dodger - duh
    • Perception - people don't surprise the Batman; he surprises them
    • Tinkering - a tool for every situation, especially things to throw
    • Batmannery - Burglary and Ninjitsu both have a few Batman-esque skills, along with a few common criminal skills. Ditching the common criminal stuff, I have a hybrid skillset
    • Swift Striker - because Batman doesn't walk up to you, he's ALREADY IN YOUR FACE, PUNCHING IT
  3. INTRODUCTION: Where are we going?

    "Exploring the first floor. Expansive but not unmanageable. A gang of "gnomes" were waiting for me behind a door. I weakened them with Batarangs, then kicked their beards off their chins. Think I'll take a moment to study all these traps. They're not dangerous to me, but I'd like to repurpose them against the locals."


    Batman is level 2 and we're on the start of a long journey to actually kill Dredmor this time - no more side trips to get killed by brax, mysterious portals, etc. In homage to the Dark Knight, I'm actually going to play carefully and craftily for a change. Woe betide the monster zoo that Batman comes across, for he is always ready.
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    This sounds amazing, keep going.
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    I like these kind of threads. This one more so because its themed. I look forward to the next post.
  6. INTERLUDE: Asleep on the Job

    "Stumbled across one of Dredmor's creatures sleeping peacefully, accompanied by friends. They should have woken him up... or fled. I ate baked flying potato with a dash of acid for spice tonight."
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  7. CHAPTER ONE: Batman, Dark Gods, Diggles
    "Some talking statue told me she'd misplaced something important to her. Did I accidentally walk in here wearing my Errand Boy hat? No. I'm Batman. If you're so deific, divine your own damn doodad."​
    "Another statue claiming to be a god. He demanded my lutefisk. The stuff was disgusting anyways, so I tossed it on the ground... just out of his reach. His roaring, petulant demands echoed through the halls as I left."​
    "Finally, one of the talking statues decided to be useful. She gave me a tip about a roaming 'platoon' of monsters nearby. 'They'll be dispatched,' I assured her. 'But not for you, and not even for me.... for justice.' "​
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  8. *gasp*! Somebody using my mod in a "let's play"! Yay! This is awesome, I look forward to seeing the next installments!
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    Are you RaustBD on Youtube? If so I watched a bit of your Meritous LP. Awesome awesome game.

    Just so this post isn't ENTIRELY offtopic, Batman deserves Going Rogue difficulty, IMO. >.>
  10. higher difficulty = less ass kicking. Batman being forced to run away repeatedly = a big nono. And yes, that is indeed me on youtube.
  11. This thread is intended to go all the way to floor 15, culminating in Dredmor's death. On GR, a random death could stop me in my tracks. On Dwarvish Moderation, despite not having beaten it yet with my for-fun playthroughs, I believe that I can never die as long as I think like The Goddamn Batman. On which note...

    INTERLUDE: My goddamn fridge!
    "Found another napping... thing. I think it's supposed to be a bat, or at least a funny joke at my expense. Its wings grow right where its ears are supposed to be, and it has no body. The world will be a better place when all of Dredmor's freaky beasts, bots, and perambulating cadavers are wiped out. This one was snoring on my fridge."​
    "I guess they didn't get the memo. Anything I've kicked is mine; NO TOUCH! At least he died in his sleep."​
  12. If only batmannery were a warrior skill tree; as it stands, your batman build is primarily rogue, which would make it a teensy bit fragile, which isn't the first thing that comes to mind when I think of batman, y'know? Something tells me you're going to become VERY reliant on throwing weapons and crossbow bolts.
  13. ...damn, for Batman it WOULD make sense to make it a warrior skill (while otherwise leaving it unchanged). I worry that switching it will break the save or something else catastrophic, though. Any idea whether that's true?

    On the plus side, I will be dual-wielding shields and using Unarmed to knock back anyone dangerous if I need a bit of space to eat something or throw something. That's pretty good survivability.
  14. it shouldn't damage the save file, but to be safe you could backup the save to test it.
  15. CHAPTER TWO: Trapped!
    "Walked into a tiny room with torches. Dredmor left me a little haiku:​
    "I decided, what the hell, I'll oblige."

    "On cue, several creatures of Dredmor's questionable creation sprung into action. Two died instantly."

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    "Later, I received another tip from the local lunatic limestone lady - a squad by the unlikely name of The Sons of Bookshelves was out for my blood. I was so excited to meet them, I bought new shoes for the occasion. I needed them, too; these weren't just toxic ooze monsters, but were led by a 'Djinn' whom Dredmor summoned from god knows where."​
    "The guy had a killer left hook, so I kicked him across the room, then put a couple exploding Batarangs into his vital organs."​

    Having fully scouted out this floor, Batman proceeded to the one below it. He sighed and rolled his eyes when some sort of theme music started to play, but grinned in anticipation when he saw the welcoming committee: several skeletons dressed up as Death and advancing toward him. He shoulder checked his way out of the cluster of them in order to clobber from a more advantageous, less surrounded spot in the room. They were better opponents than Diggles, but nonetheless it was soon over.​
  16. For the next part, I'd like to get a little bit of community input. I don't feel I can afford to pass up Kronging; in fact, I've already begun Kronging up some epic pantaloons. How should I work that into the story - what's the Goddamn Batman way to be okay with Krong? Or should I just not talk about it, much like I've been not mentioning the loot and items so far?
    I've picked what I feel are the basic essential survival skills so far - good Trap Sense, a knockback attack, and Aikido. Going forward, what skill do you folks think I should take next?

    All of them increase my Dodge chance. Perception is not crappy like you'd usually expect, because I'm using the Core Rebalance, which also affects Unarmed and Dodger though not as greatly. Batmannery level 3 is the same as Ninjitsu 3 from Essential Skills - on successful dodges, I disappear for 1 round. I'm not terribly excited about the first three skills from SwiftStriker, but I'm willing to take them in order to get Bolt Proof and Jump later down the line, which are powerful, extremely appropriate skills for this character.

    Lastly, I'm torn on a couple of equipment decisions.​
    Should I keep going forward with the lightweight, stylish Coat of Denim? Or should I take the hit to nimbleness/existential resist and switch to the Studded Leather?​
    Should I upgrade to a Burning Tome now, or hoard up my zorkmids to buy the amazing Ensigiled Shield from a shop upstairs? I'm currently holding a Little Black Book and a Rusty Metal Buckler that has a couple decent enchantments on it.​
    I'll choose the skills / items that are mentioned favorably by the greatest number of people. Any criticism or suggestions for the style so far will also be taken into consideration. Thanks for reading! Hit me up with your thoughts!​
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  17. Why WOULDN'T he be okay with krong? Didn' he always have somebody willing to trick out his gadgets?
  18. Also, Target Locked is a lifesaver when engaging named monsters in 1 on 1 combat.

    ...Which doesn't seem to be something your character is likely to do.

    On the other hand, it IS a warrior skill, and it's good to build up warrior skill points early on to avoid getting slaughtered.
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    "Even the most dedicated butler must take vacations. Still, I wish Alfred had times his a little better, as he has subcontracted a total incompetent to take his place for the duration. This "Krong" fellow not only can't drive the Batmobile, he sometimes brings me the wrong set of pants!"
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    I vote for Perception and Coat of Denim. Because you're Batman, so you should be a skilled ranged character, and for that damage bonus and additional sight range are good.
    Also, if you can do it now, get the burning tome. Quite a better choice than the dark book when you hit a zoo.