Job prioritisation balance

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    I'm just going to throw this out there and see what people think. I think that when deciding which job to do next, workcrews need to weigh construction / module resource needs better / at all.

    I frequently have situations where I have construction projects for critical structures like the ceramics workshop delayed while the mining crews mess about performing every other task available, absolutely refusing to mine stone, even if those other resources are not in use anywhere. It doesn't help to produce interesting situations, it's just irritating. I know I can simply cancel the other jobs and force the crew to do the important one, but that feels like pointless micro management.

    Basically the workcrews need some crude idea of supply and demand.
  2. I think that's working as intended. You should be trying to make use of the labour controls to get different work crews to prioritise different jobs.
    The problem, I believe, is that at the moment the work crew UI can get so cluttered and laggy that you don't know what every crew is doing, and you have to disable/enable labours for each new work crew that comes in.