"I've played this game ____ many hours, and I'm still a noob!" moments

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    Now days I rarely take more than one basic DoD or RotDG skill. All my skills save one or at most two are from mods. Some may ask why? I do this because the mods are a way to expand the game. Every release of even a seemingly simple mod changes things a bit, so nothing is ever quite exactly the same. The replay value of DoD+RotDG with a boatload of lovingly crafted mods is immense. Far more than most any game ever attains. And at this rate I have no doubt there will be years more fun for myself and many many others.

    I alternate between mostly magical skillsets and mostly melee skillsets. Ranged is always possible, even if I take no ranged skills like Archery or Ninjitsu. (Ninjitsu is not exclusively ranged, but more than half the appeal is in the cheap spamable "Secret Sword" skill that generates a few cheap throwing weapons, and the frankly Uber procs on throwing attacks that it gives.)

    Even if you have not beaten Dredmor yet, I suggest trying at least these few Mods. They are very well polished and in my never humble opinion, they should be part of the base game since they are just that good. (Listed in no particular order.)

    Compleat Essentials Pack by Essence
    Clockwork Knights by Ruigi
    FAXPAX: A Thing What Fax Made
    Interior Dredmorating by r_b_bergstrom
    Roguish Renovation by lccorp2
    Wind Magic by Null (This one replaces Mathemagics for me, since it has teleports and a few better spells for crowd control and specific situations. Bear in mind that my last hundred characters *ALL* had Wind Magic.)

    Those above are the best of the best in my never humble opinion. I use each of them in every character I make. They are amazing and well made. Lots of hard work went into each of them, and it really shows. (I do not always take the skills they offer, but those mods are always used.)

    If you will be crafting at all, use ID, RR, and CK. Period. You will thank yourself for doing so. (Drop by and thank the people that made and helped out in making those too once you learn how nice they are.)
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  2. And there's my newb moment: "There are destructable walls?"
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    More facepalming noobness.

    Never thought of using Astrology (and hence, Radiant Aura) to get enough Necromantic Resist to actually be able to cast more than one Deathly Hex without it killing me, instead. Also, come RotDG, Little Black Books + Necronomiconomicses + Radiant Aura = SPAM THAT HEX LIKE YOU MEAN IT.

    First time I'd ever gotten a Necronomicomancer (?) to Floor 2. >.<
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    I didn't even know you could grind up cheese and meat to convert into Lutefisk for quite some time. I ignored crafting skill trees/items for the first 20-30 hours. Once I figured out they gave stat increasements and can be useful to certain game settings I was like:
  5. Also: I'm serious. Where do I learn more about destroyable walls? /laugh
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    Dungeons of Dredmor. Alternatively, any text editor and the file called "rooms.xml".
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    There are certain rooms which always have destructable sections in them. Try around, you will find some eventually. Ever seen that room which goes roughly like this?
    Here be destructable walls.jpg

    The light grey dots are a secret area you can enter from the buttom if you use an AOE spell so it hits the wall down by the pink circle. (Also, the brown rectangles are doors in case you were wondering.)

    And yes, it is a horribly badly drawn map. Deal with it.
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    I've actually been prepping a bug report about the whole thrown weapons thing. I think it's new with 1.0.10, as I'd never noticed it till my current character. Had to scour through Dredmorpedia to make sure it wasn't some effect of Australian Technique, the throwing buff levels of Ninjitsu or Poisoneer, or Pyromancer's Gauntlets, as I had all of those before I realized it was working this way. It's allowing for some very devastating surgical strikes and sometimes stealthy sniping. I've been shooting through walls, blockers, other monsters, etc. I've found I can also throw at monsters who are outside my sight radius, if I get lucky and click on them.

    Here's screen shots of me shooting a footy through a wall:

    thrown1.gif thrown2.gif

    With all my bonus effects, it's stupid good. Shoot the guy in the middle of the pack, and kuji kuri brrr's everything around him.

    With various exploding weaponry, it sure seems to me that the explosions are still happening at the first guy (the one that should be blocking or intercepting your shot) but the normal damage (and the bonus triggers from Poisoneer, Ninjutsu, and the Guantlets) are happening on whichever monster I clicked on. I've been trying to capture a screen shot that proves that, but just haven't quite got the timing or situation right for it. Since I've got ninjutsu but not tinkering, I've got infinite throwing knives, but very few bombs (and no motivation to buy bombs what with all the free knives). I do have puffballs, but they behave a little wierd.
  9. r_b_bergstrom

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    With 23 Armour, a muscle diggle does just 2 post-armor damage per hit, but still about 25 post-armor damage on a crit, if I'm reading the numbers right. With 1.0.9 (and earlier)'s counter-crit-crit dynamic, that's the potential for 50 damage incoming per adjacent muscle diggle per turn. In 1.0.10 they probably aren't quite as nasty since counter-crit-crit is rarer, but I'm still a floor away so I don't really know for certain.

    Of course the real difference is because you play Elvish. A Going Rogue character takes about 2.5 times as long to heal that 50 damage, and has about 40% fewer food drops to augment their healing. Plus you only get about 75% of the wandering monster re-spawns, so you can afford to walk around a little injuried and take your time healing naturally. All your monsters have 4 fewer character levels and 6 fewer hit points per level, and another 10% of hit points below that, so they frequently take fewer attacks (and thus fewer rounds of melee) to kill. Those bonus 4 character levels on GR are probably +8 burliness to a Muscle Diggle, and so +2 or 3 more damage due to Melee Power (doubled on a crit, and he's got more points of crit, too) than what you're used to. If you encounter a named Muscle Diggle on EE, he gets just +10 bonus damage over a normal one, whereas on Going Rogue the named one has +30 bonus damage. Per the wiki. So, yeah, your experience on Elvish Easy is very different from the Going Rogue version. If I were playing on EE, I wouldn't worry about skipping floors, but on 1.0.9 GR, doing floors 9 to 12 out of numeric sequence was a huge boost to warrior (and even rogue) survivability.
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    You know, not to sidetrack this thread, but I have played a lot and am still uncertain about a few things. Some of them were changing often in the RCs while I played them, so it makes perfect sense to not know. But 1.0.10 is stable and I am not going anywhere, so I would like to ask here since I would otherwise make a thread that really ties into this.

    When I make a crafting character, I am loath to ever go upstairs since at least with one or two RCs that royally messed up things on the level I was playing at the time. As a consequence, I could only take what would fit in my inventory and then I would have to finish the entire level before going back upstairs and grabbing the stuff I had sorted and left by a stair for easy retrieval.

    Is this currently safe to do? Can I go down a level, drop the crafting stuff, go back upstairs, and go back down until I have all my junk down without ruining the level? As I said, there were problems in the RCs that implied that this broke Uberchests and even sometimes broke quests. (I think there were other issues it caused too.)

    I actually ran into several of these problems myself, but I do not recall exactly what the cause was. I know that it stopped happening altogether when I stopped going back upstairs to grab stuff though. So the habit stuck.

    A very similar issue was reported and I encountered it by going down stairs while having not finished the current level. Is this fixed? I have wasted potentially dozens of hours of gameplay just to avoid going down stairs before finishing a level as I remember the problems it had caused at one point.

    Also, please do not hesitate to call me a moron if I am doing this without any good reason. (Likely meaning I misunderstood something entirely.) Thank you all for reading this wall of text. And thank you for any replies other than simply calling me a moron. :)
  11. Null

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    I posted that thrown weapons bug ages ago. It's not new with 1.0.10 it's quite old actually. And not only can you hit monsters through walls, obstacles and monsters, you can hit them when you can't even see them. You can just click into the fog of war until you throw something. Apparently you had that in your post but I didn't notice it at the time. Anyway I could go find the thread, it's quite old.
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    I only just found out that some of the fungi can actually stack up to three times...
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    Ah. THank you, R.B. Bergstrom, Usually when I run into them I also far more than enough piercing resist to deal with their piercing damage. They still deal damage, but it's a lot less than 25 on a critical. Unless I run into one in a mysterious portal, in which case, ow my face, especially if I haven't gotten anywhere close to enough piercing resistance.
    And most of my experience is with the newer 1.10.
    Yet, I know once I get imperial boilerplate helmet and armor, they usually cease being amazingly dangerous. By that time, I also have over 100 heath, so, yeah, that probably helps.
    Also, I've never actually run into a named Muscle Diggle. But if I did, I'd make sure to nuke it from orbit before it gets close to me.
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    I did once, from a random task given by Inconsequentia. Never before had I blessed Moving in Mysterious Ways like I did then.
    But once I got out of its range of muscle flexing, it was pretty easy to spam it to death with an assortment of thrown junk.
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    I have around 343 hours of play. :cool:

    I just in the past 20 to 30 hours of play realized that I could equip 2 shields. LOL

    In the past 20 or so hours found out that the unarmed skill makes crossbows and thrown weapons so much better. :D

    I did not know about the regular thrown weapons going through other monsters to their targets. :D

    And in all of this play, I still haven't gone past dungeon level 8 or 9. :rolleyes: I started testing RC7 or RC8 and just kept starting up new characters. It took me a while to figure out how to test the RCs because I don't have RotDG expansion. Lately, I have been adding a few things to a mod for myself and just recently uploaded it to the board. :) I just keep playing around. LOL
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    Unarmed Dual Shield Monk: Non-stop laughs even after you die. That was the only time I killed dredmor XD

    Also, there are a lot of things I didn't know until I read this thread. So much time spent, so much yet to learn. I'm loving this game even more :-P
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    Time to Necro this thread with, appropriately enough, a "WTF I'm such a n00b" moment in regards to a...

    ...wait for it...

    ...Necronomecinomics spell.

    WHY DID NO ONE EVER TELL ME THAT TENEBROUS RIFT IS A SQUID BOLT IN A CAN!? Good LORD this spell is ridiculous, as long as you remember to not cast it anywhere within a square kilometer of where you're standing.

    See three monsters in a room? Tenebrous Rift, rake in XP, and giggle.
    Casters lurking in a corner and being a nuisance? Tenebrous Rift, rake in XP, and giggle.
    Monster Zoo? Tenebrous Rift(s), rake in arseloads of XP, and guffaw.

    P.S. Combine with The Cure so you can laugh away all the debuffs the Rifts are trying to stick you with.
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    This topic is great!

    After beating Dredmor on GR, I didn't think I could possibly die on EE ...
    Well, I just learned a new survival rule ...

    You shall not strip nude and step into a thaumite nest!

    I went for the Kleptomania achievement :oops:
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    70 hours in and I still haven't tried tinkering, I think I've also only ever fired 3 bolts. Holding out due to exams, but when I get the time I need to fix that.

    I also didn't realise how incredible the alchemy skill tree was until the 60 hour mark. Holy hell, I feel like I'm missing out if I don't take it on most of my builds now.
  20. FaxCelestis

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