"I've played this game ____ many hours, and I'm still a noob!" moments

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  1. SkyMuffin

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    Because Dredmor has such huge gobloads of content, I bet lots of people still have moments like this-- when you realize that even though you've played forever and ever, you're still kind of a noob.

    For me (total 205 hours):
    • Playing 70 hours before I finally started trying Tinkering and Crossbows. Yes, I spent 70 hours not doing ranged weapons at all haha. How I survived I have no idea.
    • Taking 100 hours to beat Dredmor for the first time (Dwarven Moderation, no Permadeath, at least 50 deaths).
    • After playing 130 hours, discovering that Mud Wrens are used for a brewing recipe, and are not just there to troll you with a debuff.
    • After playing 160 hours, discovering that wands can be sold for the same price no matter how many charges.
    • I have still not even touched Mathemagic.
    • I never played Going Rogue seriously until 150 hours. Newfound respect for this game now.
    • Always: getting Wizard's Sleeves with awesome stats and still getting mad about it. :(
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  2. Stryke

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    With about 200 hours logged I`ve never got below level 9 on medium and level 5 on hard then I do insist on always playing on permadeath and usually random skills to.

    Only yesterday did I realise how distructable walls work, so much loot missed...

    Also only worked out very recently how unbelievably useful a pair of Tinkerers goggles can be to a character with no crafting skills.
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  3. Marak

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    Is it scary that if I made a list like this, it would be almost identical to yours? I mean seriously, after each bullet point I'm thinking, "Oh, you too?"
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  4. HowlingLotus

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    I'm with you on the Going Rogue point. 105 hours and the farthest I've gotten on Going Rogue is maybe floor 3 before rage quitting or perma-death kicking in. I would asses my first 100 hours as learning the game and trying every skill tree to see how they differ/advantages/etc. Now I'm strictly business; trying to beat all difficulties. But things such as selling Wands is always the same price are things that still make me wonder how much I'm truly missing in the game :confused:.
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  5. OmniaNigrum

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    I would not even try to determine how many hours I have spent in game. I think of it in months now.

    Going Rogue is optional?!?! What the hell are you saying? I never knew those other modes worked... I always figured they were the game's self destruct button. DM would delete the game and all your saves, EE would also turn your CPU fan off and attempt to resolve Pi out to the five billionth decimal place. :)

    I jest, but I never even touched anything but Going Rogue.
  6. Shadowplay

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    95 hours in, still havent bothered touching tinkering and only barely glanced at blacksmithing, wand making, tinkering and alchemy

    I was about 70 hours in before I realised that >any< aoe skill, regardless of damage, can kill destructable walls. This included the Demon Repellant first skill in demonology despite it not doing damage to walls. Boy did I feel silly once I figured that out.

    And also, I am only now trying the Killer Vegan skill. Its pretty fun but also very frustrating and time wasting imo since you have to wait around forever for your pets to kill the animals unless your Vegan Level 5 skill is up so you can just purge your debuffs after going on an animal-slaughtering-rampage.

    Feels good though
  7. SkyMuffin

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    If you have a ranged attack (bow, throwing) or spell, you can use it to kill animals without any penalties. Melee-range abilities and spells usually count as attacks.
  8. Marak

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    200 Hours in (according to Steam, which doesn't take into account the many, many hours of "the game is open but minimized" time), and I still can't make a Glass Cannon Caster that can survive past the 1st Floor on Going Rogue.

    Although I did get the Normandy "achievement" as a consolation prize on my last attempt(s).
  9. Shadowplay

    Shadowplay Member

    Heh thats how I got my GRPD run. Full Promethan, Blood Mage, Archeology, Mushroom Farmer, Flesh Smith and a few other irrelevant caster spells I never used. Just used the fungal summon until I could get the Promethean summon instead and then went Thermites/walls so I had a way, other than Gorks Pyre, to deal with zoos.

    Also, loads and loads of mushrooms. I farmed every single zoo for all the corpses. I think I had around 400 mushrooms left after killing dredmor
  10. r_b_bergstrom

    r_b_bergstrom Will Mod for Digglebucks

    It took me several hundred hours of play before I realized the correct way to use a Deep Omelette. Hint: It's not "wait until you've taken 60+ damage". Not by a long shot.

    Just how stupidly good Necronmiconemoiconimconimeconmicses is when backed up by even just level 1 astrology likewise never occurred to me till I read it on the forums.

    Learning that Floor 11 (Muscle Diggles) should just be skipped by melee characters came only after the PD end of three or four characters that probably had a shot at Dredmor if I'd just learned that lesson faster.
  11. Marak

    Marak Member

    I vote that
    be made the new official name of the Skill Tree. It must be said in Gollum's voice from the LotR movies. "Necronmiconemoiconimconimeconmicses it is, precious."
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  12. Glazed

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    175 hours of play before I realized that thrown weapons go through just about every obstacle, including other monsters. This is really handy for killing a corrupting monster which is standing behind another monster which is in melee with you. If you just kill the other monster first then the corrupting one will be in melee with you. You're often better off letting the other monster get free hits on you while throw weapons at the corrupting one.
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  13. SkyMuffin

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  14. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    *I* didn't know that. Fffffff.
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  15. Lorrelian

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    o_0 Really? I have trouble with thrown weapons clipping other targets all the time. At least, the grenade types. I've never tried it with normal damage dealing thrown stuff...

    EDIT: Holy crap, he's right! Normal thrown stuff doesn't collide like grenades do. Given the way Nicholas reacted to that I give that bug a two day lifespan....
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  16. Glazed

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    Nooooo! My secret tech is a bug! :(
  17. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    I told you. This is why we can't have nice things :p

    edit: Nick, I didn't know until today either, don't stare at me!
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  18. OmniaNigrum

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    I noticed this playing with Ninjitsu. But I usually just teleported away when I get into a bad situation where I would be stuck meleeing a corrupter.
  19. DavidB1111

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    I never really had that much trouble with them. Then again, I usually have nearly 23 AA and a good deal of piercing resist by that time.
    Going Rogue doesn't increase normal monster damage according to the wiki, and they're only slightly more stronger than an arch diggle.
    Most of the time I end up countering them or blocking them.
    I know Going Rogue gives monsters more health, but again, I've never had that much trouble with them on Elvish Easy, unless I'm not prepared for those fights. And honestly, Embossed Serpentine Platemail is your friend. Or the Imperial Boilerplate if you're lucky.
  20. madcow

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    After playing 76 hours I still haven't actually beaten Dredmor yet.

    I've only even made it to him once (using totally the OPed promethean magic, blood magic, and golemancy for walls - which isn't a build I'll do again because its just too easy)