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  1. Are whips the best weapon to be using? I always liked to dual wield thunder hammers
  2. blob

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    Whips are great if you have high agility.
    Uniques are great, especially the halberd.
  3. The mace one is pretty hilarious, but it kills me more often than not. I also REALLY like the spear. I loved teleporting enemies to completely random locations and finishing them off later when they're already bruised up.
  4. blob

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    Yeah all the uniques have fun effects. The mace is most funny but haha yeah, I havent survived either.
    A great feat would be to turn your body to octiron and dual wield Turox ( that's its name i think) :B
  5. That would be hilarious. I bet it would work too.
  6. blob

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    I think someone did something close to that on the Ivan forum and I think it worked. Pretty easy to test with wizard mode.
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    I had a lot of masochistic fun with Ivan a year ago. The Enner Beast is as far as I ever made it, but considering the name, I don't feel as bad for not being able to beat this one as other roguelikes I suck at. ;)
  8. Masochistic is a good way to describe it. I couldn't even tell you how many times I died to that god damn venus flytrap boss.
  9. Psiweapon

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    Oh man I love this game as much as I suck at it.

    You forgot the stupidest of deaths: While in the overworld, travelling to the big city, of starvation.
  10. blob

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    Yeah, always happens at least once to everybody :)
  11. That happened to me the first time I made it out of the first cave. After that experience though I always remembered to hold on to cans of banana flesh for if I needed them and to eat anything that might right asap
  12. blob

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    Well the boss always gives you some pineapples. You might reach the city quite hungry but its probably enough to survive.
  13. Those three pineapples usually keep me full enough for a while. For the journey to the next town to the first level of the second cave.