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  1. Good to know! Downloading it tonight, then.
  2. Daynab

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    Well apparently I was too quick to say such a thing as there are a couple odd crashes tha twill be cleaned up. But you probably won't run into them.
  3. Catbread

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    Bug: I don't want to hit the bumblebeepeople because they are pretty
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    ValveTestApp98822 refuses to cooperate with me. :(

    Oddly enough, my laptop, which I logged into many hours after the purchase, was able to download the expansion successfully.

    Edit- I lied, there's nothing wrong except for the fact that it's called ValveTestApp98822
    When it installed on my laptop though, it changed the title screen to the Wizardlands one automatically.
  5. Aegho

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    I haven't had any problems beyond flawed xml spell coding... but the title screen is still the old YHTNTEP one.
  6. Catbread

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    Have you tried the magic button at the bottom of the start menu?
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    That did it. I did notice a problem now though... my save wasn't there when I started it up again. (Ran it outside of steam both times, haven't started steam in between).
  8. Insert Eddie Izzard joke here:

    I like my coffee like I like my women! Covered in bees!
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    I should encrust my log that I stole with the iron ingots that I stole.
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    Just bought it on Desura! I don't know if it was a temporary problem or if getting snarky with the mandatory trailer put them in their place, but I'm glad I didn't have to wait half a year to get crusty.

    I haven't actually had a chance to play it yet, but I did notice that when I renamed the expansion pack (again) nothing told me I had gotten an achievement; I had to go looking for it in the achievements list. I think a little pop-up when you get an achievement would be nice. Half the fun is having something unexpected happen and then suddenly, "BLOOP! DUBIOUS ACCOMPLISHMENT!"

    Also, the standalone installers on Desura are still two patches behind and therefore incompatible with anything past Diggle Gods. I'm not using those so it's not a huge deal for me, but I know a few people who would like this game but don't use any digital distribution platforms.
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    He's not kidding, folks. Desura standalone users get the added bonus of waiting months (and counting) for an update and we're already two patches in the hole, plus two expansions now. Should we book an appointment for 2017 to update our game or keep checking back every month?

  12. banjo2E

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    That said, Desura has thoroughly dropped the ball on this one, but Nick and everyone else at Gaslamp have pretty much done everything they can.
  13. Daynab

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    As far as I understand, the Desura build is up to date, just not the standalone which they didn't mirror for some reason this time around.
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    Today is a bit of a change, but now I'm left completely confused. The Linux standalone version updated while the Windows and Mac binaries stay at the stagnant 1.010 version again.I braved the Desura installer on this machine finally and it really made a mess of the core game last night - it took three installs of everything to get it right...but now I wonder if Diggle Gods is supposed to be at 1.010 or 1.1.1? I would attempt to contact support at Desura if I could actually find it - I uninstalled the client right after I got what I wanted. I guess this rigorous process will be required for each and every time. o_0

  15. iamcreasy

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    Is there any more expension coming out after this?
  16. Nicholas updated the Roadmap post recently, and among those posts is confirmation that no other expansions are currently planned. GL could still produce more, but it doesn't look to be on the agenda at the moment. Bugfixing and re balancing to accommodate the recent content is.
  17. Reaction to Egyptian Magic Line: The way the different glyphs can interact with each other is great fun. I have no idea if I've found them all yet, but it still makes the tree more interesting.Sandstorm is great for clearing low level zoos- no idea if it is better than Promethean for later zoos or not.

    However, the Ra Glyph's pushback comes across as a penalty to melee gish types. Since it triggers every time I attack, stuff is being flung all about the place. Things like scenery, levers, items on the ground, etc. Twice now it has blocked exits, and several times it has sent items careening into corners or across water.

    If the intent was for the Ra glyph pushback to disincentivize running it, it works! But if the intent was to benefit the player... What am I missing? Anyway, curious what other players think about it as well!
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    Quote: "Feel free to call me App. It's shorter." Answer: There's an App for that. Celebrity Apprentice App I mean.

    So, is the new 1.1.2 Patch almost ready? I can taste the working Skill Achievements and 4 new daggers already.
  19. kino5

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    Got it the day it came out, and I love it!
  20. JaC381

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    Wait, what? kino, you got the patch? Or do you mean the game as a whole?