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    Discuss reactions here.
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  3. Dear Gaslamp Games, thanks for making another thing so I can give you more money.

    EDIT: First game. Second room is Brax's shop.
    "Smile for the camera, Brax!"
    "I'll give you 92 zorkmids for that."
    "W-What? It's not for sale! Why won't this darn thing work... *FLASH*"
    "Congratulations! You have died."
    Great start.
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  4. DJ999

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    I don't believe it, I can't buy it since my card is STILL locked from overuse during the steam sale. Guess no wizardlands for me. :(
  5. Loerwyn

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    Reaction: Yay Communism
    Reaction 2: Load it load it load it.
    Reaction 3: On second thoughts, it's late and I'm bored and ill and tired and everything. It can wait.
    Reaction 4: I can't wait for a list of abilities and their effects.
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    At first glance Confiscate Evidence (Magical Law) and Close Encounter (Paranormal Sci) look like they'll be a lot of fun-- both make things happen at a distance.

    Do y'all want to put feedback for this and the patch in the same place? The two are sort of linked. (To start with you ought to cut a skill somewhere, because with forty-one skills to choose from you have to scroll down just to see Tourist, and that looks funny.)
  7. Blue

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    Everyone: USE LOTS OF SKILLS IN THE POCKET DIMENSION! They work great!
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  9. Saharan

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    Level 5 Vegan only removes a single stack of one vegan-related Debuff, instead of every stack of every vegan-related debuff. Intentional? If so, that's one hell of a nerf.
  10. Stryke

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    Banking is both effective, reasonably complex and completely hilarious, bravo!

    Alas also took Egyptian magic and killed myself walking into my own sandstorm...
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    I can encrust my armour with cheese. I love the expansion already.

    My first death was in what I am guessing is Diggle Hell. Experimenting in the pocket dimension proved to be fatal.
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    Yikes. I never used Vegan much anyway. I hated being boxed in somewhere because some stinking diggle keeps rubbing all over me blocking my escape.
  14. Kazeto

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    I know I'm being an ass now, but it's "bankster" and "banksting" instead of "banker" and "banking", people.

    Now let us talk about encrusting the wizard sleeve with cheese. Because yes.
  15. Germz

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    Is it me, or is the Magical Law tree based on the Star Lawyer mod?
  16. jadkni

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    If by that you mean it heavily references Phoenix Wright. Which has really carved out its' own place in nerd culture at this point, so I wouldn't say it's based on Star Lawyer really.
  17. Germz

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    I figured they were both based on Phoenix Wright, just thought Gaslamp added another community mod.
    Going to play the heck out of this expansion.
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    I have it!
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    Grabbed my copy. Thanks a lot Sky. Will play ASAP once I get home.


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    You can also encrust it with meat. It's called Gaga's Glaze. :D

    Also, I'm really liking the Communist skill tree so far. Finally a healing skill for warriors.