Items you leave inside crafting items (anvils, presses, etc) seem to disappear when you reload game

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Danswan, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Danswan

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    Strangest thing is, when i did this, the items just "teleport" into other crafting items, like my lutefisk cube moving the lutefisk in it to the press. One time i left iron ingots inside the press and found it inside my lutefisk cube upon reloading, not converted into lutefisk.

    EDIT: Upon finding more crafting items, i located my lost items. this is strange.
  2. Solstice

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    So to be clear, you're not actually losing (as in gone forever) anything, you're just finding stuff inside the wrong containers?
  3. Snicker

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    This bug has been around for a bit - it's just odd, but not damaging.
  4. Snicker

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    On the other hand - if you leave items in a crafting item, then sell that last crafting item (or leave it somewhere), then you find another identical crafting item, everything that was in it is still there.

    Example: I had a couple of wands stashed in an alchemy box and accidentally sold the box to Brax. A few levels later, I found another alchemy box, opened it up and there were my wands!!
  5. Anacone

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    Found "the cause" just for fun, it's the lutefisk :D

    This one is true test "case".

    1. Have all tools, not sure if number of them matters.
    2. Sort them, open all of them from left to right, leave them how they are though you can move horadric cube where you want.
    3. Move 4 different items to Smithing Kit, so it's smithing side is full.
    4.Make Lutefisk.

    Save & Quit, quit whole game (Needed). Restart & load game. You should find it inside Tinkerer Tool.

    Different tool filled full teleports Lutefisk to differen't tool, if full it moves to next one on list and so on.

    I'm playing on windowed mode with 1280x1024. Screen Resolution is 1920x1080.
  6. DuckAndCower

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    I've also noticed that sometimes an item that I've left in a crafting tool ends up in the Cube. For example, I use my non-smithing tools to hold my smithing gear. When I load the game, I'll discover that all my brass bars or whatever are in the Cube.

    The most interesting part is that, when this occurs, the Cube will create copies of whatever is in there instead of Lutefisk when used. So, if loading the game moves your brass bars into the Cube, all the junk you put in there turns into brass bars instead of Lutefisk (until, of course, you take the bars out of the cube).
  7. Anacone

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    Easy to check with second client.

    Maybe this is why they haven't prevented multiple clients & saves open.
  8. Neliahawk

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    why not simply let the game dump all items you leave in a crafting device into the inventory(on the ground when inventory full) when you close a crafting screen?
  9. Anacone

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    No need to remove all items just free one slot to every tool, one random item doesn't matter if it just moves em around, not sure if even one free slot helps. Even one just on inventory (?), Edit... Now I think one slot has been having all fisks when I haven't cleaned it out.

    Some people are lazy and I got this bug after last patch, before it just moved item to ready slot time to time if it was free, hmm not sure how they moved if everything was full not as annoying though. Not sure everyone knew that.
  10. DuckAndCower

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    Neliahawk, a lot of us use the crafting tools as containers, because inventory space is so cramped, especially when playing as a crafter. Your solution would just make things worse, since every time you loaded, you'd have to reorganize all your stuff.
  11. Anacone

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    Yep it copies anything weapons, armors, potions I could have made invisibility potions when needed.