Items on "islands"

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  1. tintagel

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    How do I access items that are on little "islands"? There are occasionally small platforms surrounded by water with items on them, but I can't reach them. Anyone know?
  2. Rikkard

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    There are a few abilities. Psionics has a pushing ability that will knock it away (I think it is the same as Hand Wand), Golemancy has a stone wall it can raise to push it out (same as Stone Wand), Mathemagic has a teleport (although the first rank of it is random and you'd have to be really lucky to land in there), Acrobatics/Dodger/Whatever has a jump you can probably use to land in there...
  3. tintagel

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    Ahhhhh, ok. Thanks!!
  4. tintagel

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    Well the jump didn't work. It keeps shunting to the side and failing.
  5. tintagel

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    LOL, nevermind. I just realized that it's called Knightly Leap for a reason.... :confused:
  6. curious nu

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    Oh wait, the Psionics push can move those? Fantastic! I've taken Psi for every character so far and never even thought to try that. -.-
  7. Animation

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    Does the knightly leap require a chess pattern then? ;)
  8. tintagel

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    Yes it does.