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Discussion in 'Modding' started by rmuk, Jul 27, 2011.

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    Actually, sometimes some items (even before 3.0) would always cause the game to crash. In that case, restore the itemDB.xml and create the item a second time. It appears to be a random error, and the workaround is fairly simple.
  2. Hmmmm. I didn't think about that because none of the items I added or created for 2.2 caused any crashes for me. I suppose I'll try making some things one at a time, testing to see if the game launches, and redoing the ones that cause crashes to see if I can manually work around the issue.

    Has anyone had any issues with something causing any crashes in-game, once you pass the loading section where it usually craps out?
  3. I had hoped to glean some more useful data from that experiment, but alas, only 1 out of 10 separate (but identical in creation/stats) test axes (3.0) made it to the load. When I added another new axe that also caused a crash, the working test axe also started generating crashes after being inserted by itself. I'll defer to the pros and wait for an update.

    Perhaps the issue is lesser with a pre-3.0 build, but I want me weapons! ;)
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    Where is the download link??? I'd like to try this app but no link available...

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    still under update check 1 post
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    <img src="">
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    hope we hear some news soon
  8. Yeah, starting to get a little curious about whether or not anything is happening. I'm all for waiting, but we haven't heard a peep in almost a week.

    If rmuk comes back and says "It 's way more work than I thought and will take until the end of the month" that's obviously fine, but some kind of update would be nice to hear. If just to let us know he's coming back. He hasn't posted or even logged in since the broken update.
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    Hey guys, sorry to keep you waiting on this update! I picked up a fairly sizeable gig on Elance and its been eating up a TON of time, and will probably continue to do so for the next 4-5 days - not to mention I'm still getting all the crap in my house prepared / destroyed / sold in preparation for moving out... *waves goodbye to free time* :(

    But - I will try to get the update done & posted over the weekend(!) :)
  10. ^ Atleast we know you're still alive :)
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    Are you dead now?

    EDIT: one week with no response, I sadly assume you are :(
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    at chpoit: rmuk last time he posted on here Aug 11, 2011 & its Oct 10 2011 that's more then a week. hey mod devlopers where the mod tools we where promised? one would think there would be mods tools already but sadly there are none!
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    I can't make a clear-cut promise, but I think that clean and user-friendly mod support is the next big item on our Dredmor schedule now that a Linux version is done and the work for other distributors is mostly off our plate.
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    Where do I download (I know it is 2013) why cant I find it...?
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    ... did this ever happen? I don't remember.
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    I think technically this is what the Steam Workshop and related stuff, the mod browser, mod launcher, mod folders, and so on are intended to fulfill. "Clean" might be a relative term here, though it is definitely cleaner than the original modding which involved right out editing the core files.
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    Never did. One of the modders (Aquaman) released something of this sort a long time ago, but there is nothing official like that. Not that I mind it, though, but that's just a bias caused by the fact that I wouldn't need it.