"It infects your enemies with ravenous thaumites"

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    All the powers:
    <power name="Boot" description="boots your enemies away from you." spell="Boot to the Head" />
    <power name="Electrical Strike" description="shocks your enemies with bolts of electrical energy." spell="Electrical Strike" />
    <power name="Arctic Cold" description="freezes the flesh of your enemies." spell="Arctic Cold" />
    <power name="Ignition Bolt" description="sets your enemies on fire." spell="Ignition Bolt" />
    <power name="Pyrokinesis" description="sets your enemies aflame." spell="Pyrokinesis" />
    <power name="Fleshbore" description="bores into the flesh of your enemies." spell="Fleshbore" />
    <power name="Thaumite Infection" description="infects your enemies with ravenous thaumites." spell="Thaumite Infection" />
    <power name="Midas" description="transforms the flesh of your enemies into gold." spell="Midas" />
    <power name="Mini Curse" description="curses your enemies with weakness." spell="Mini Recursive Curse" />
    <power name="Sleep" description="puts your enemies to sleep." spell="Narcosomatic Induction" />
    <power name="Nightmare" description="sends your enemies into a terrible nightmare." spell="Nightmare" />
    <power name="Force Blast" description="blasts away everything in front of you." spell="Psychokinetic Shove" />
    <power name="Blinding Flash" description="blinds everyone around you with burning light." spell="Blinding Flash" />
    <power name="Rockburst" description="pounds your enemies with rocks." spell="Rockburst" />
    <power name="Dragon's Breath" description="shoots of burst of flame toward your enemies." spell="Dragon's Breath" />
    <power name="Root" description="roots your enemies to the ground." spell="Bolas Root" />
    <power name="Blast Effect" description="gives you mighty powers of blasting." spell="Blast Effect A" />
    <power name="Fire" description="starts a fire under your enemies." spell="Fire 1" />
    <power name="Acid Burn" description="burns your enemies with acid." spell="Acid Burn" />
    <power name="Vampirism Attack" description="allows you to sap the life of your enemies." spell="Vampirism" />
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    Ive gotten the touch of midas enchant and exploding one