"It infects your enemies with ravenous thaumites"

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  1. Sunhawk

    Sunhawk Member

    Got a Krong enchantment on a freshly-forged weapon that has the above - what the heck?
  2. Rikkard

    Rikkard Member

    Thaumite infection.
    That is a dangerous enchant to have... you are going to step in it by accident so many times.

    Best enchant casts blinding flash ~25% of the time.
  3. Tacroy

    Tacroy Member

    Wait, how did you get that? Does forging things at smith level 5 occasionally grant special bonuses? I've been abusing anvils and rerolls with Archaeology (getting it while the getting is good :)), and never seen anything like that.
  4. Sunhawk

    Sunhawk Member

    Well, the character does have smith 5, so that could be a factor. It also came along with 2 existential damage, so I'm not touching any reroll :-p
  5. Patchumz

    Patchumz Member

    It's simply a random chance of happening when forging an item on the Anvil of Krong. I've had my weapon imbued with electricity on hit without smithing at all.
  6. Rikkard

    Rikkard Member

    I've seen blinding flash, dragon's breath, and "life drain" which I never noticed happen.
  7. mellow

    mellow Member

    I've had "put enemies on fire" with 0 smithing
  8. Serith

    Serith Member

    I've had "Roots enemy to the ground" on a crossbow with 0 smithing (which is possibly my favorite enchant on a crossbow ever). It's pretty much random as Patch said though.
  9. Ganonfro

    Ganonfro Member

    I had my sword imbued with Midas's touch. Then it got corrupted somehow. Was awesome while it lasted!
  10. Joke

    Joke Member

    How do you forge an item on an Anvil of Krong? I can't seem to find out how
  11. Rikkard

    Rikkard Member

    Drop the item on to it?
  12. Joke

    Joke Member

    Oh, I knew that then. The way it sounded was that you needed to actually use one of the crafting skills on it and the item you made had some new buff.
  13. Kagemaru

    Kagemaru Member

    Random enchants on Krong are awesome when it gives special attacks, I've had the dragon's breath at least 3 times and it was hilarious cause it would either proc so it would hit like 3 enemies at once, or it would proc on the killing blow for the last one.

    Fun stuff, Krong anvils.
  14. Kablooie

    Kablooie Member

    I got "Puts enemies to sleep" but never saw it working.
  15. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    @Kablooie I got that once, it works. You have bad luck. Or you kill them in one hit. :)
    Maybe it was on a crossbow? Because it only works in melee.
  16. Vykk Draygo

    Vykk Draygo Member

    Thaumite infection is my favorite enchantment. It's brutal. It's really great if you can funnel mobs through to one point, so they will all pick up the mites. Helps to take some pressure off, since they sort of self-replicate after one casting. Fun, fun, fun.
  17. Darthcaboose

    Darthcaboose Member

    Just to be clear (and, in all honesty, as far as I've personally heard), Anvils of Krong have nothing to do with your crafting abilities (Smithing, Alchemy or Tinkering). The only thing you can do with Anvils comes from Archaeology, and it doesn't improve the odds, just the number of times you can try your luck!
  18. Kablooie

    Kablooie Member

    What, being one of the "Chosen of Krong" doesn't get me any perks with the Anvil? Boo!

    @DavidB1111: It was on an axe. I guess it was just bad luck, although I used it for 3-4 levels and never saw it work. On the other hand, I got "Light enemies on fire" and that worked all the time.
  19. 1wolffan

    1wolffan Member

    Someone Should make a wikia page on all the different special enchantments you can get, to help straighten some things out.

    I had a "blasts everything in front of you" that I really disliked, because it kept moving around warp tiles, and chests too.
    The other one I was wondering about was "it gives you mighty powers of blasting". I get it quite often on my items, and I've heard it activate (there's a distinct sound when a magic ability kicks in) but I've never see any results from it. What does it do?
  20. competentfake

    competentfake Member

    Damn but keeping a Thaumite-spawning xbow is playing it fast and loose, especially on gr/pm, but holy sweet jeezus onna pogo stick, what an enchant!

    It's really not so bad with the Dwarven Handshake, cause the body with the thaumites gets knocked back half the time.
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